Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Illegal aliens: the new gay marriage

Nebraska town OKs ordinance against illegal immigrants
Residents of the small Nebraska town of Fremont have passed a controversial law aimed at ridding the town of illegal immigrants despite warnings that it could mean higher taxes and cuts in city services, the Omaha World-Herald reports.

The ordinance, which passed by a 57% to 43% margin, would fine landlords and employers in Fremont who house or hire illegal immigrants.

con·tro·ver·sial –adjective

1. Anything that the establishment hates but a majority of Americans support

It seems that illegal aliens are the new gay marriage. All polls show that a majority of Americans oppose having illegal aliens stealing jobs and committing their crimes.

And the only real poll, an actual vote, passes overwhelmingly. This so distresses the establishment that they spend every waking moment waging a vicious smear campaign against the majority opinion.

In 2004 we had endless fluff stories about gay families and now in 2010 it's illegal aliens and their anchor babies that get fawning coverage. We were called bigots then and we are called bigots now.

The amnesty crowd can't win in the court of public opinion so they sue.

Stay active. Keep your opinion known. The elites don't know what's best for us.


Anonymous said...

Liberals really hate average Americans. I say this because liberals are going to sue average Americans for enforcing laws.


DAVE01 said...

You are correct Pinkie. I love it when foreign countries such as mexico don't like our laws. They will soon have to take care of their own citizens.

Anonymous said...

We were called bigots then and we are called bigots now.

Here's (one reason) why:


Anonymous said...

anon 8:56 get off it already !
The people spoke and you didn't like it , so sorry . Get a life and move on ! Better yet move to Mexico and join them in suing Arizona . Good luck with that !

Anonymous said...

They spoke, without saying anything.

Scottiebill said...

Anon 9:07: Everybody is allowed to be stupid once in a while, but Anonymouse 8:56 is really abusing the privilege.

The majority of Americans have spoken out for the Arizona law and people like Anonymouse 8:56 can't stand for that. But then neither can The Komrade Incompetent, aka The Peter Principle President, and his Ambulance Chaser General, Eric Holder. They are losers all. And damn sure will be on November 2 this year as well as in November of 2012.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:56
are you the same dipstick that used to copy and paste Daniel's police record ? That tactic didn't work then and won't work now !

Brittanicus said...


ON MONDAY, a number of Senators led by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) Sen. Hatch (R-Utah), Vitter (R-La.), Bunning (R-Ky.), Chambliss (R-Ga.), Isaakson (R-Ga.), Inhofe (R-Okla.), Cochran (R-Miss.) demanded answers of a possible plan by the White House to provide an Amnesty to the nation's estimated 11-18 million illegal aliens through an executive order. The move would take immigration enforcement out of the hands of Congress and place it in the hands of the Executive Branch. Call, Fax, Email or see your Members of Congress at (202) 224-3121 to express your outrage at Pres. Obama's plan to provide Amnesty through Executive Order. READ THE LETTER SENT TO PRESIDENT OBAMA BY THESE LAWMAKERS AT NumbersUSA. Already over 112.000 faxes have been sent by irate Citizens-legal residents to legislators throughout the country. IF SUCH A TRAVESTY HAPPENED, WITHOUT THE PEOPLES VOICE AND VOTE, THE CONGRESS IMPEACHMENT COULD BE IMPOSED ON ALL INVOLVED?

Every citizen-resident must realize this also influences--YOU--and your children's future, wages, culture, language and the deterioration of our most sacred document--the US Constitution. by Leftist extremists. THROW OUT ALL PRO-ILLEGAL ALIEN POLITICIANS? Since when did--MEXICO--or any other foreign country have a right to interfere with the "Rule of Law" in the this United States? How can they even reason of an--AMNESTY, when 15 million Americans and permanent residents are jobless?

If you want to stop 20 to 30 illegal immigrant invasion, it's overpopulation potential and reduce the amount of money stolen from your pay check to pay for their welfare, education, health treatment join the growing numbers of NUMBERSUSA. There are billions of dollars going overseas, across the border from those illegally working here--there feeding off us like parasites. Over a million people now realize we must unite to stop this epidemic--JOIN NUMBERSUSA--as a silent activist and remain anonymous, where radical open border zealots cannot torment you with racist slurs.

Many Americans and legal residents stay in the shadows because of the chance of being verbally or even physically attacked. Have a voice in this travesty of our immigration laws.Learn who your enemies are--the ACLU, US Chamber of Commerce, Council of Foreign Relations. THIS IS CORPORATE WELFARE--WHAT YOU THE TAXPAYER PAYS FOR? Learn the poor immigration grades of pro-amnesty politicians and eject them from office.Throw Harry Reid of Nevada and Madame Clinton, Morton, Holder, Pelosi. out on their backsides. They are anti-sovereignty as many Liberal Democrats, Republicans are? Numbersusa is building an army of anti-illegal immigration advocates and we need your vote, to stop this violations of our freedoms, our right. ONE FLAG, ONE LANGUAGE, AND THE US CONSTITUTION. California--A SANCTUARY STATE- Liberal-Democratic corrupt lawmakers have already sold their state to the illegal immigration occupation, that is why they are 20 billions of dollars in the red and fighting off insolvency?

Fight for the Arizona policing law and mandate similar for every state, city, town and community in our Union. Ask why only 1200 troops on our border to defend innocent Americans in fighting the drug cartels and other criminals, but will send 17000 national guard for oil cleanup? Ask why only a single border fence and uncompleted. Ask why not the two as planned, complete with razor wire. Fight back against the Instant Citizenship "Anchor Baby" law which has been misinterpreted, from the 19th Century slave emancipation post Civil War law. If they keep to the 14th Amendment as it is, then the child remains a citizen--but the Mother isn't (nor the Father) One parent--MUST--be a citizen?. If not--They must be deported.

Copy and paste and distribute freely. No copyright for any of my comments or articles.

Anonymous said...

Whether I agree or disagree with the Arizona law is irrelevant. It is unconstitutional, and it will be thrown out.

Plan your response carefully; I'm going to copy them, and on the day that the Supreme Court throws the law out, I'm going to paste them back for you to read.

Robin said...

Anon 3:39 -- okay, consider this... let's say that the Supreme Court considers the Arizona law unconstitutional... now what?

so we just make it a free-for-all as far as our borders are concerned? That's just like leaving the front door of your house unlocked and wide open.

The federal government is arguing that it is THEIR job to enforce the federal law, not the states... okay fine, start enforcing! If anybody is suing anybody, it should be the states suing the federal government for not doing their constitutional job in protecting our borders.

so what about other federal laws? The EEOC is a federal regulation... why bother with that one?

What about commercial drivers license? That's federal. In fact, when a State trooper pulls over a truck... aren't they enforcing federal law?

However, if you use enforcement of illegal immigration (or lack of) as an example, federal law doesn't really count for anything anymore... so why should anybody be concerned about it?

So instead of trying to duty "I told you so thing", if you have a better idea... then let's see it.

Bobkatt said...

The Arizona law may indeed be declared unconstitutional but it's not a done deal. Much of that opinion hinges on the preemption doctrine.

Even though Congress may enact naturalization legislation, however, and even if this power is exclusively federal, states are not necessarily barred from regulating illegal immigration.

In the Supreme Court's only decision addressing the preemption doctrine in the context of legislation involving illegal aliens, De Canas v. Bica (1976), the Court unanimously upheld the constitutionality of a California statute prohibiting employers from knowingly employing "an alien who is not entitled to lawful residence in the United States if such employment would have an adverse effect on lawful resident workers." In his opinion for the Court, Justice William J. Brennan, usually a strong proponent of federal power, rejected the argument that the statute was preempted by the Supremacy Clause because Congress has the exclusive power to regulate immigration. Brennan explained that the Immigration and Naturalization Act was principally concerned "with the terms and conditions of admission of the INA and the subsequent treatment of aliens lawfully in the country" and that it therefore did not necessarily prohibit restrictions on the hiring of illegal aliens. The Court remanded for a determination of whether the statute was being enforced consistently with federal law.

Six years later, Brennan in his opinion for the Court in Plyler v. Doe (1982) acknowledged that "the States do have some authority to act with respect to illegal aliens, at least where such action mirrors federal objectives and furthers a legitimate state goal."

I have a couple of questions for anon-3:39. Do you back the California's attempt to legalize Marijuana even though I believe it is the FDA that controls what drugs are legal or not?

Did you agree with George W. Bush's attempt to interfere with Oregon's Death With Dignity Law.

Just for the record I don't really like the Arizona law because I believe if left in place will facilitate more and more government control and oppression that we don't need. It's not my idea of America to have to carry around ID cards. But unless we get cooperation from businesses, banks, local authorities and even legal immigrants we will not solve this problem. Amnesty is not the solution. It didn't work in 1986 and it won't work now.
Like almost every problem we have today if the government did their job correctly we wouldn't need new laws. If you are upset about the federal government's inaction and ineptitude during Katrina and in the Gulf now maybe you can imagine how we feel about their lack of enforcement and action on the illegal invasion front. Enforce the laws we have or get out of the way.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Liberals hate America.

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Scottiebill said...

Bobkatt: Your arguments all are valid, until the last paragraph where you say you don't like the idea of having to carry ID with you all the time. Your drivers license is an ID card. Banks and merchants use it to determine whether you are who you say you are. Try leaving your drivers license at home, then telling the cop, city, county, or state, if and when you get pulled over for any traffic violation you may have committed, that you don't like carrying any sort of ID. That cop is not going to be all that thrilled with you. The same thing applies to going hunting and/or fishing without a hunting and/or fishing license. Those are both IDs and you damn sure better have one or both if you are out hunting or fishing. Because the game warden will not be happy if you don't have one if he asks for it.

The law requiring legal aliens to carry green cards with them at all times has been on the Federal books since 1940 when FDR signed it into law. Legal aliens usually have no problem with that. They have entered the country legally and most of them are studying to get legal citizenship. Not so with all the illegals that are here. If, and that is a big "if", they have a green card, you can bet that it is either stolen or counterfeit. For if they went to the proper authorities to get one, they would very likely get arrested and deported. So their only alternative is to get one by illegal means, if they get one at all.

And since when is it OK to enforce only laws that we like and ignore those we don't like? I don't like, and I'm quite sure you don't either, like filing all the various and sundry tax forms to the IRS every April. But it is not advisable to ignore that law because we don't like it.

It has been posited to us that the U.S. is a nation of laws. If that is the case, then those laws should be followed, whether we like an/or agree with them or not. We as citizens all carry drivers licenses as a matter of course and don't bitch and whine about it. So why should the legal aliens who are here be exempted from carrying a green card just because they, and you, don't like it?

Anonymous said...

I like the way you guys prattle on about us being a "nation of laws," yet I never hear any of your angst about laws being broken directed toward those who do the most damage. One single insurance industry executive defrauding customers can fuck up far more lives than an entire town of "illegal aliens." I don't see anyone urging justice for the people of the Gulf, for BP to be held accountable.

Nope, it's all: IllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliensIllegalaliensillegalaliensillegaliensillegalaliens.

BITEME said...

ANON 7:30 AM
The environmentalists drove the oil industry into the deep water. This proves the folly of driving oil drilling into mile deep water. If we could drill on land and in shallow water, the disaster would already have been take care of. Blame the Sierra Club and those types of groups.

You must still have a job or benefit off the cheap labor from the criminal aliens. You also have no compassion for Americans who have lost their jobs, their houses and can't put food on the table for their children. I'm sure you can afford to house, clothe, educate, feed and generally take care of several criminal aliens. I want you to put your money where your mouth is.

See for yourself said...

The racist people spoke and we should like it. I am sure New Nation's Oregonians for Immigration Reform likes it.

Anonymous said...

idiot liberal. it is not racist to want controlled immigration.

DAVE01 said...

See For Yourself.

Now if you are against criminal aliens sneaking into our country (first time a misdemeanor, second a FELONY), stealing jobs (using a fake SSN is a FELONY, or not paying taxes is a FELONY), stealing education money from American children, stealing social services from American children and veterans, committing massive crimes (check the 30% criminal alien population in the federal prisons and 20% criminal aliens in marion country jail) against Americans, you are a racist.

How is that even logical. Actually are the racist since you only want hispanics and not africans, asians and europeans to be allowed the same opportunity.

These are the groups of people we want to reward with amnesty and a path to US citizenship. How much do you value American citizenship? I think it is the most valuable citizenship in the world. We are picking from the bottom of the barrel not the top as America deserves. Hitler, mao tse tung and stalin would have loved you. You must be a public educated person. I was and I understand how wrong it is.

What is your excuse for being a racist and bigot?

Are you going to give the same opportunities of amnesty from felonies for American criminals or only for the foreign criminals? Are other Americans going to get the same amnesty or only foreigners get that special treatment? Again your racism and bigotry is showing.

I can't believe you want to amnesty some dirtbag who rapes some young child.

Bobkatt said...

Scottiebill- Point taken. I meant to say that I am against the National ID card concept. The main impetus of my post was to point out that if the current laws were enforced then we wouldn't need the more Draconian measure that Congress comes up with to deal with the problem. We don't need RFID cards for U.S. citizens to be tracked like they have already proposed for every animal in the country.
I don't think that I suggested that we should enforce only laws that I agree with I only said that if we support the laws that are already on the books then we wouldn't need new ones. I'm sure you remember the DMV employee in Southern Oregon that was fired for even suggesting that an applicant for a driver's license was not here legally. There is also the incident of the ring of private drivers license issuers in Portland that may be responsible for almost 80,000 licenses issued to illegals a couple of years ago. Why are private companies allowed to issue licenses? Where is the oversight? Who was fired over this issue? Most of the 9/11 hijackers were here on expired visas and many had multiple driver's licenses. Who was held accountable for this fiasco?

Scottiebill said...

Bobkatt: I hadn't even thought about the idea of a national ID card when I read your post and wrote my reply. As for my reference to following some laws and ignoring others, I was again referring to drivers licenses, etc. And I do remember the private issuing of licenses in southern Oregon a few years back but had completely forgotten about it. I would not surprise me at all if we eventually found out that Teddy the Clueless and Guillermo Bradbury were all for the idea of the illegals getting drivers licenses via this method. And very likely Kate Brown probably is too.

Now Anonymouse 907 is all for following a few, very few laws, and ignoring all the others, especially when it comes to the illegal aliens among us. I have to wonder if he might be an illegal alien, though not necessarily Latino, judging by his use of the English language, our language. But whether he is or not, he is really abusing his privilege of being stupid every once in a while. If brains were dynamite Anonymouse 907 couldn't blow his nose.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should ask New Nation's Oregonians for Immigration Reform what they think. After all they brought Bruce Benkle as a shining example.

Bobkatt said...

Scottiebill: I distictly remember listening to Bradbury on an OPB station that carried Jefferson Public Radio interviews say that he was unaware of any bogus licenses issued in Oregon months after this court case was announced. This driver's license incident happened in Portland. I'm not aware of any other city that allows private companies to issue drivers licenses. Isn't this what all the Mexican consulates were all about, setting up illegals with I.D. (Matricula card) so they could take advantage of local services and driver's licenses? I remember at one rally I went to in Eugene that a legal immigrant was turned away because he didn't need their help as he was legal.

Anonymous said...

Scottie, Bob, LARGEST ID FRAUD case in history of Oregon was actually in Wash. Co. via the Robleto family and their private DME for persons that only spoke spanish.

The FBI said over 80,000 License's were issued to illegal's brought in via planes and busses from all over.

Most of the 12 involved were sentenced for fraud, to be Deported, after time served.

Head Mexican Mafia guy -Robleto, was caught with $400,000.00 CASH, in his home and another $500,000.00in the bank. He was given a court appointed Attorney AND Translator.

Judge said "Clearly crimes have been committed here but there is not evidence to charge him"!!!! (Exactly how the Mafia works)

Trial witness - Ruth Bendel, said they were staying in a Motel and mailing themselves a VOTER Registration form, they got from DME, and used that as proof of residency. Kate Brown and S.O.S. office DO allow anyone to VOTE locally, it is in every voters pamphlet, every year.

Years later we finally got Secure Licenses' in Feb. '08 and internal reports via DMV of possible Fraud dropped by 90% in the next month, also applications for Spanish only license dropped by 90%, Hello?

Arizona has had SECURE LIC. and Voting for many years and so thier LIC. is proof enough to Police of valid citizen or legal immigrant.

Don't break the Law...Don't get pulled over...Won't get deported.

Anonymous said...

Dave, have you even bothered looking at the New Nation web site? LOOK at it. Read the motherfucking thing already! Are you prepared to argue that New Nation isn't racist? And if it is, then it is totally appropriate to ask: Why was New Nation hosting OFIR's archives for years? More importantly: Why was Oregonians for Immigration Reform allowing them to in the first place? What does it say about OFIR, and by extension, its membership and supporters, that the state's flagship anti-immigration (oh, pardon me, anti-illegal immigration) group was willingly aligning itself with a group that is openly and proudly racist?

"See for Yourself" is not the issue. I am not the issue. You're playing "blame the messenger," pal. La Raza is not the issue. The issue, outlined above, has been spelled out so plainly that a fucking 10-year-old could understand it. So I guess the question that comes to my mind is:

Why don't you?

Bobkatt said...

Thanks for the clarification anon 5:50. I remember it but didn't bother to look it up and link to it because it seems that few people are concerned about an obvious dereliction of duty and the rampant corruption in the government. For some people it seems that buildings have to fall down and thousands of people die. Or maybe their wife and kids need to be slaughtered on the highway by an illegal that has no respect for our laws and can't read roadsigns and then scampers back to Mexico before he's caught only to return later with a new fake ID before they see the need in a bit of accountability. Or maybe you are the family of Jamiel Shaw the young high school honor student that was gunned down by an illegal alien gang member because Jamiel didn't answer what gang he belonged to. Jamiel wasn't a gang member. The proud Shaw family had to be confused when the local officials actually banned the family from gathering signatures in their local park to propose an initiative to make it a law that known illegal gang members may be deported. I can't imagine the feeling of betrayal and rage they must endure. The murdering piece of scum was one day out of jail and should have been deported before this tragedy occurred.

Once again, if the public employees responsible for these travesties were held accountable and the current laws enforced we wouldn't have nearly the problem we have now.

P.S. for those who object to the Arizona law because they believe that states play no role in immigration laws, please tell me how you justify Sanctuary Cities? Where do they derive this power from?

Anonymous said...

Standard operating procedure, 9:13. The miglavians always demand "proof" of their bigotry, and so when proof is handed to them on a golden platter, they:

1) Ignore you.
2) Evade the issue
3) Continue to deny
4) Blame the messenger
5) Say, "so-and-so is the real racist!"
6) Accuse you of a) hating America, b) hating children, c) supporting terrorists.

And it goes on ...

DAVE01 said...

ANON 9:13 PM
That was over ten years ago. I have spent maybe four to five years with them. I have attended their rallies and their meetings. Have you? I have not seen one sign of racism. Have you?

As I mentioned previously, I only looked briefly at the site. Since then I spent a few more minutes looking and noticed people or articles were using the n word.

I condemned them and also condemned La Raza, La mecha and the black panthers. I wanted the socialists to condemn La Raza, La Mecha and the black panthers. I have also condemned the racism of mexico, have you? I guess you won't. You socialists can cry racism but you are the ones who are racist and bigoted. I also wanted Obama condemned because of his racism. We all know he is racist. I guess that won't happen.

Liberals, democrats and socialists are mostly hypocrites, racists, bigots and will sell out their country for a dollar or a vote. I forgot, they are also terrorists supporters.

DAVE01 said...

You socialists or democrats are the ones always bringing race into the issue. This country did not become great because of that. We became great because of our freedoms and the opportunities that are allowed here.

You people want to divide people by classes or race or what ever which will destroy our country. You want to stay in power no matter what the cost. You probably want to haul me off and put me in a concentration camp if you could. You have no room for dissent in your world. You are just like the nazis and communists. Look at how obama got into power. If I remember correctly, he got his opponents SEALED COURT divorce records released. That is what the nazis or communists or democrats would do. Win at all costs. Lie, cheat or steal or whatever. This is the current group that we have in power.

The rest of us have to suffer for your actions. Our children and grand children will pay the price for your actions.

Anonymous said...

And for what feels like the 567th time, you AGAIN ignore this question:

Why was New Nation hosting OFIR's archives for years? More importantly: Why was Oregonians for Immigration Reform allowing them to? What does it say about OFIR, and by extension, its membership and supporters, that the state's flagship anti-immigration group was willingly aligning itself with a group whose racism and bigotry is so evident that even you denounced them?

And I guess the question I'm asking myself is: Which of the 6 strategies listed by Anon 8:34 are you going to use this time?

Dave should have said...

You socialists or democrats are the ones always bringing race into the issue. This country did not become great because of that. We became great because of our freedoms and the opportunities that are allowed here, like the freedom and the opportunity to kill off nearly all the indigenous population, import Africans to use as slaves, and the freedom to draw a line on the map and to tell people who had been living here (in Texas, in Arizona, in California, etc.) for hundreds of years to keep out of "our" side, so we can keep enjoying our beautiful freedoms and awesome opportunities, like the freedom to cover ourselves with badass tattoos, eat hamburgers and pork rinds until our arteries burst, watch Nascar, pledge allegience to Jesus, drink beer, have office pools over who'll win American Idol and make fun of the president's middle name. Ain't America fucking awesome? :-)

Anonymous said...

"freedom to cover ourselves with badass tattoos, eat hamburgers and pork rinds until our arteries burst, watch Nascar, pledge allegience to Jesus, drink beer, have office pools over who'll win American Idol and make fun of the president's middle name. Ain't America fucking awesome? :-)

If you are going to use these descriptions to belittle the Mexican culture of gang tattoos, eating fattening food, auto racing, devotion to Christianity, beer drinking, etc. Why not include cock fighting, dating 13 year olds and loud obnoxious music?

DAVE01 said...

ANON 12:44 PM
I don't know and I don't give a fuck. I have seen NO EVIDENCE of racist activity. Have you any in the last five years? I have seen it at democrats and liberals groups. It is not important. Are they getting public money? fuck no. Is the racist la raza, la mecha nd black panthers getting public money? fuck yes. OFIR was there OVER TEN YEARS AGO.

Again why do you liberals, democrats, socialists, commies try to divide America? Will you be rounding up black people next to stick them into ovens? Who is next, the jews, the asians? If so, I have black friends who I want to notify so they can protect their families from you.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 3:33 PM
Slavery was and is wrong.

I love this statement, "he freedom to draw a line on the map and to tell people who had been living here (in Texas, in Arizona, in California, etc.) for hundreds of years to keep out of "our" side".

I think you forgot a war fought to draw that line and you forgot who won that war. It was called the mexican American war. Of course you liberals forget history. You might want to read the Treaty of Hidalgo. The mexicans were not kept out of "our" side. Again I see a liberal who can't deal with the fact.

Why do you hate NASCAR so much? You have a lot of issues. I think you need to start taking your meds again.

I still see no condemnation of La Raza, La Mecha, the black panther and Obama for all their racism. I also want to see the condemnation of mexico for their racism. I guess I will never see it from liberals. You dems still want the blacks as slaves and you want to round up the the japanese-americans and stick them into internment camps like FDR did. Gotta love the democrats these day, push the racist card when they committed the greatest racist crimes in our history.

Anonymous said...

I have seen NO EVIDENCE of racist activity.

Written acknowledgement of a friendly and clearly mutual working relationship between the two groups, plus your laughable refusal to acknowledge the significance of that FACT, is really all the evidence any sensible person ought to need.

And yeah, if you so desperately need to hear me say it: Fuck La Raza. I denounce them. They're as racist as you are. You guys deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

Lost cause, guys. The Miglavians don't consider you racist unless you personally wear white sheets and burn a cross in the yard of a Mexican. And then, it's only a possibility that you might be a bigot. It doesn't necessarily prove anything. ;-)

I learned this years ago. Give it up guys, nice try. Dave in particular is hardcore. If you show him a melting glacier, he tells you it's because it's getting colder.

(Or, he tells you it's not really melting.)

DAVE01 said...

ANON 7:30 AM
Yes I'm hardcore about the illegal alien situation. Even you will benefit if they go home. Local, state and federal expenses for those people will decrease. This will save hundreds of billions of dollars a year. My grand children will get the education they are supposed to have. They will be safer. Family, friends and fellow Americans will return to work. Crimes will decrease. Our medical costs will decrease. We will only have positive benefits by getting rid of the illegals. Name one negative aspect of getting rid of the illegals.

I told you I have not seen any racism around OFIR for the past four or five years. Have you?

Anonymous said...

Yes. This blog.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 1:30 PM
You could be the one posting racist stuff. I'm sure you are the one doing it. Go to an OFIR meeting and check it out.

1:30 said...

I'm sure you are the one doing it....

You are? Really?

Well, since in fact it wasn't me, and since I have never, ever posted ANY material on this or any other blog or web site that anyone, even an idiot such as yourself, could construe as the least bit racist, I really have to wonder how many other things in your pathetic life you're "sure" of that are, in fact, a total fabrication of your obviously very fertile imagination.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 8:22 PM
The anonymity of the internet can make anyone a liar who will never get caught. There is also a lot of truth to be found on the internet. I don't believer you. I would have to have proof before I believed you. You keep posting under different names or anonymous. You could be one person or multiple people. Hell, you could be Obama for all I know.

I typically see racism in liberals and most left wing nut groups. That is why I can believe you said the racist things. Associate with racists and you will become racist. A prime example is Obama. Associate with socialists or communists and you will become one. Obama is again a prime example. Your parents may have raised you to be a commie racist. I don't know and I don't care. Communism is evil and being a racist is just wrong on so many levels. You are simply continuing the evil racist policies of the democrat party, hitler, palestinians, mexico and all the nut jobs throughout history.