Monday, June 07, 2010

Due to extreme budget shortfalls they are now including snack time

Salem-Keizer Public Schools Free meals for children during the summer
Any child 18 and younger will be able to eat during the summer at no charge taxpayer expense. All meals are served Monday through Friday unless otherwise noted on the list of sites (see below). Many locations offer both breakfast and lunch. The meal program starts June 16 and goes through the end of summer. This is part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture program to provide meals to children.

The most exciting development is that this year the taxpayers are not just providing breakfast and lunch but also MERIENDA!! That means snack for those of you who don't speak enough Spanish to qualify for a government job.

In case you miss my yearly post on this subject the summer lunch program is where parents are absolved of any responsibility to feed their children because helpful government workers will actually show up at your apartment complex and feed your noisy little tax deductions for you!

Say you live in Salem at taxpayer subsidized Colonia Libertad.

Imagine how hard it would be to find time to cook and feed your children when you are so busy going to the other on-site taxpayer subsidized events like:
Monthly consultations with attorneys
Mi Salud en Mis Manos Program (My Health in My Hands)
ESL tutoring classes
Food pantry
Latinos Unidos Siempre (LUS)- Youth leadership development.


Anonymous said...

Just another painful reminder to the 4 Million + that are in Foreclosure on their home and to the 15 Million + who have no Job and to our Military who are coming back from Iraq & Afhan...

Not only do these these Illegal Aliens have a JOB (they stole it from you) but you're also paying for their Housing/Food/health care via OHP and more too!

and their open border support groups, like salem keizer coalition for un-equality, that pounds OUR school board every month for more and more wasted tax $'s for failed ESL, Live here too at YOUR expense!

Stupid f-ing SHEEPLE!

Now make sure to support Democrats in Nov. so this doesn't go away ever.

There are over 1,200 homes/apt.s now for ONLY "Migrant farmworkers" here in Oregon.

Suckers, Yes their IS such a thing as a Free lunch/b-fast/dinner but ONLY for Illegal aliens.

You get what you vote for - HA HA HA HA Dummies

Anonymous said...

So you want them to learn to speak English, but you bitch about ESL programs.

Miglavs, you are one terribly confused sonofabitch. Not to mention a flaming bigot.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 9:12 AM
Here's a fact for you. ESL is a dismal failure that does not teach English. Where have you been the last few years? Immersion works and is a whole lot cheaper. My tax dollars should not be used to feed children in the summer. Parents can take care of their own children. When parents take care of their own children, it will teach personal RESPONSIBILITY.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you . The only problem is that most people don't want to take any kind of responsibility , they would rather set back and let someone else take it for them ( big government) . What more do we expect from third world beggars !

Anonymous said...

Do any of you Democrats/Liberals care about an 11 yr. old Child denied Heart treatment because an illegal Alien was using this kids S.S.#? Do YOU CARE? Then support E-Verify so this crap stops!

Utah’s identity theft protection law comes too late for 11 month old child

June 5, 11:49 PM • Ronald Mortensen - Salt Lake City Immigration Examiner

In March 2010, the Utah state legislature passed SB251 which requires all employers with 15 or more employees to protect children from illegal alien driven, job-related identity theft by using a status verification system such as E-Verify.

SB251 enters into effect on July 1, 2010 which is too late to protect an 11 month old Utah child who is the victim of identity theft.

Monica Zamora Vazquez, 28, an illegal alien, was arrested for using the identity of the child to get a job. She faces charges of identity fraud, theft by deception and possession of a forged writing device. These are felonies.

The 11 month old victim of the crime had been denied taxpayer funded medical assistance to help pay for treatment for heart problems because Ms. Vazquez was earning income under the victim's Social Security number.

Like millions of other illegal aliens, Vazquez had obtained a Social Security card in her name with another person’s number on it.

According to a senior official of the Social Security Administration, approximately seventy-five percent of all illegal aliens have a fraudulently obtained Social Security number

Anonymous said...

And you weak pathetic sissies do not have YOUR kids covered for Medical care but YOU are paying for all of these "migrant" childrens health care, not the Farmers.

Silence is consent.

The American Dream, vanishing via the Mexican invasion, as americans just watch and do nothing.

Anonymous said...

What do you people have against Latinos, anyway?

Anonymous said...




DAVE01 said...

ANON 2:25 PM
I have to ask what latinos have against the US? Why do they come here illegally (I'm talking about the illegal ones, I'm happy to have the legal ones)? Why can't the illegal latinos do things the legal way? Why do they have to steal the educations of American children? Why do they have to rape, murder and kill by drunk driving in the US? Why can't they do things the legal way and contribute to this great country instead of taking?

Is it a culture thing?

Anonymous said...

"I'm talking about the illegal ones, I'm happy to have the legal ones."

[Dave, lying his ass off]

You're happy? Hmmm. Let's see what OFIR has to say about all this:

" ... our aims include reducing legal immigration...."

[OFIR home page]

"Views immigration as an attack on American sovereignty."

[Google listing for OFIR]

Dave, are you a member of OFIR?

Do you give them money?

Anonymous said...

OFIR - reducing legal immigration...hmmm...with over 15 Million officially on unemployment...and tens of millions more working part time or out of benefits...and avg. wages suppressed for over 10 years now...and with Teen unemployment over 60%...why in the hell would we keep importing over 1 million workers a year for us to compete for a job with?

Do any of you Democrats/Liberals have any f-ing brains? nevermind

Anonymous said...

How many jobs washing dishes, picking cherries or flipping burgers at McDonalds have you applied for in the last couple years pal?

That's what I thought.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:17, so every entry level Job worker is an illegal alien now?

OR is every American 18-24 yr.s old to lazy and fat to work?

My Teens and all of my friends Teens would love to have a job and make their own money.

And yes when the economy collpased in the 80's (Thanks to that last Socialist Pres. Jimmy Carter years previously) I worker at Burger King in my late 20's.

Why do you Hate America's youth so much? Why do you want them to spend their summer on the couch or at the mall, bored and broke?

Democrats/Liberals not only Hate American adult workers but just proved that they Hate America's Kids too. Thanks for the reminder for all too see Anon 9:17!

Same people that want our kids too sit in a classroom filled with people that Dumb down the entire class and bore our kids too death with not knowing English after 5yr.s in school via our $3,000 extra p/yr. in a "Bilingual" program.

Meanwhile american Dad and Mom have to afford to feed their own kids while maybe working at 1970's wages because of the massive Ilegal job competition. and the non american parents have Big Brother just hand it all too them.

And this is OK with you?

DAVE01 said...

ANON 4:43 PM
Legal well educated immigrants add to a society. Illegal, uneducated and unskilled immigrants take from a society. We have enough of our own uneducated and unskilled who can pick the lettuce. Yes, I picked vegetables when I was a kid. So did my mother and sister. A lot of the construction jobs are held by illegals now. My father was a contractor. Don't tell me white Americans won't do the work. My family has done the work. In fact, Americans are the best workers. In fact, illegal defenders like you are destroying a whole generation of children who won't know how to work because there are not jobs for the children. You must hate American children.

Yes, we need to reduce the legal immigrants too. A lot of the new ones are not given time to assimilate to being an American. This is dividing our country. I would think with the high unemployment that we could easily have an immigration moratorium. We allow over a million a year legal immigrants. With 15 million Americans unemployed, we are importing more unemployment which means the new ones will use up the scarce resources that should be used on Americans. This is all common sense. If you don't have any, it is also sound economic sense.

Yes the current immigration is an attack on our country. My first language is English since I'm an American. I don't know if you have been out of your mother's basement in years, but you hear spanish all over. My language is being pushed aside for a third world language. You can't be successful in this country if all you speak is spanish. Again, that is common sense and proven since English is pretty much the standard around the planet for things like math and science.

Who do you give money to? La Raza, the racist mexican group, La Mecha, the racist mexican group. Maybe you give to the terrorist supporters who sent that aid boat from the racist country of turkey. Don't forget turkey butchered 1.5 million Armenians. I would guess that you are a terrorist supporter.

ANON 9:17 PM
Our children can't apply for the jobs at McDonalds, there are a lot of hispanic who have stolen the jobs from our children. What a wonder culture from south of our border where Family Values Don't Stop At The Border as the idiot Bush said. They have such lovely family values. Rape (I mean date) our young girls, murder, get drunk and drive and splatter our families on the roads. They do other wonderful things like steal jobs from our children, steal the education dollars from our children, steal social services from our children, elderly and veterans. This must be a cultural thing that we don't need in this country.

If you want your children raped, murdered or their heads cut off, move to mexico. I don't want that mexican culture here.

Anonymous said...

Dave, you're a bundle of lies, evasions and contradictions. On the one hand, you are "happy" to have legal immigrants here, but on the other hand, you say that "immigration is an attack on our country," (does this mean that you are "happy" about the "attack" on our country?)that "we need to reduce the legal immigrants too," and finally, as your half-assed facade of fairness and decency falls to the ground, declare that perhaps it would be common sense to have a moratorium.

So to sum up: You're happy to have legal immigrants here ... just so long as they're not here! I, meanwhile, hate children, support terrorists, and harbor secret desires to see our children beheaded.

I don't know whether to laugh at you or pity you. I do wonder how you manage to actually get through your life, being as outlandishly stupid as you are. You make Fred Flintsone look like a Rhodes scholar.

I give money to a couple of local, non-political non-profits that benefit children and youth, and to a public radio station in Portland. And while I'm still waiting for you to answer my direct question, I don't imagine you've got the balls, integrity or intelligence to give me an honest answer ... although let's cut the shit: We both know what the answer is.

La Raza? You need to lay off the kool-aid. I've never even visited their web site (I am assuming, of course, that they have one) and the only place I've ever even seen the word is here. You're clearly more in tune with what they're up to then I am, so go fuck your fool self.

Anonymous said...

10:15 AM

Hey, Where do you live? You wont mind if I just stop by your house and clean it out like you are having a free yard sale and all ..right? After all, it would not be theft, since you believe in NOTHING being illegal. Post up and put your money where your mouth is. I expect a good address with plenty of goodies for me to load up by noon today. Other wise you nothing more then the hypocrite I know you to be.

Anonymous said...

Don't presume to know what I do or do not believe. You don't have a clue.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 10:15 AM
I guess I forgot to mention it's the amount of immigration. I thought anyone would understand that these days. I guess I should spell things out more clearly. One is okay, a few hundred thousand are okay during low unemployment times. More than a million now is insane.

When you allow massive immigrants from third world countries as we currently do, they also bring in their culture and will not assimilate to our culture. Do I have to spell out every little statement for you. I feel like I'm talking to my girlfriends 12 yr old daughter.

If you have missed a lot of the news lately from the mexican border, they like to behead people down there. Here is a link for you:

Americans are dying because of the open border. They die everyday. Why do you not care about Americans dying? Yes our children are being raped and murdered because the border is open. If you are not trying to protect the children, you are part of the problem. You don't give a shit if American children are raped and murdered because you try to attack an organization like OFIR who wants to stop our insane immigration policy. If they had their way, illegals would be gone and more children would be alive. You can laugh at me or pity me because I don't give a shit. People like you would just want cheap lettuce and don't care about who get hurt.

So, fuck you and your commie ass.

Anonymous said...

...and you still haven't answered my question. I figured as much. So long coward.

Anonymous said...

Man, the desparate hatred of the racist faction of the Republican Party. What is most telling is the cowardice of the people that lobe hatefilled shit bombs but don't have the guts to use their real names. Why? Your mamas and papas (and employers) would be ashamed of you maybe???

Jeff Wright

Bobkatt said...

Jeff Wright, if that is your real name. There is enough hatred on these blog posts to go around. About the only people that can be identified personally are Daniel and Rick from OFIR. Even your name gives us no clue as to who you are.

Anonymous said...

Um, thanks for clearing that up, "Bobkatt." LOL!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I'm not really a gambling man, but I think the odds of finding "Jeff Wright" in the phone book are quite a bit better than finding "Bobkatt."

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the cowards like Bobkatt, Dave01, Maxredline and others will not post by their real names? If "they" really have such strong convictions against immigrants, wouldn't they want the world to know that they are real people and not just one lonely angry white man in dirty boxers sitting in his mom's basement posting on the internet?

Anonymous said...

Yep just like you there anon 11:15
Fred flinstone !

DAVE01 said...

Jeff Wright, my father is dead and my mother may not know all that I write but she knows how I feel. I impart some of the facts to her. She can see the deterioration of our community and our country. Only a blind fool could not see it. I have always like Dave as a handle because that's my name.

I would not give my full name because you can see how tolerant the liberals are. We can see how they like to assault Americans who are simply exercising their duty to do things like vote and practice their first amendment rights. I'm talking about the SEIU attacking people and the Black Panthers who blocked people from voting two years ago.

You said, "the desparate hatred of the racist faction of the Republican Party". Where is the racism? I keep asking people to point it out and nobody will.

I am white and experienced racism in the US Army. I normally call myself an American. I don't believe in dividing Americans by race or labels. Only liberals or progressives do that. People like you want to divide this country instead of people coming together. That is why you want so many foreigners in this country who will not assimilate. You hate the success of this country and want us to be like everyone else.

I had a black squad leader and platoon sergeant in the US Army. Are you telling me only white (and that includes hispanics, latinos or whatever you want to call them) can be racist? You are a fool if you believe that. In fact, mexicans are one of the most racist people in the western hemisphere. You need to check out their constitution.

Here is the link for you:

They have sections for mexicans and foreigners.
I find it funny that liberals or progressives (I call both commies who would love to murder like past commies did in the USSR, China and Cuba) only pick on American and not other countries. American has done the most amount of good in the history of man. You say we are racist and evil yet you neglect to look at any other country.

Anon 11:15, what is your name? Typical liberal, call somebody a coward for not using their real name while he/she hides behind anonymous.
Can you say ILLEGAL? You forgot that word before immigrant. Typical liberal who just can't say that word.

Anonymous said...

So what you are saying Dave is that you are a coward? Not a good argument. Most people who have something real to say aren't affraid to use their real names. I know like anon, I agree that you must be one guy with many handles posting from your basement.

George Stephane

Anonymous said...

Why won't you answer the question, Dave? You've had 3 long posts since the anon asked you, and you refuse to answer, and he even answered you when you asked him (sort of) the same question.

What's the problem?

Anonymous said...

Pinkie French is a real breathing human. And she is hot!

DAVE01 said...

I will answer your question if it's the one I think it is. However, I want answers to my questions in my posts.

Am I a member of OFIR? What is a member? I don't know. I have attended functions of OFIR before. I have not donated any money to anyone in the past two or three years. I would have to check back records to see if I have donated money to them and I will not do it. It is too time consuming. I moved several years ago (from my mother's basement, <= this is sarcasm).

Now answer my questions.=!
1. Where is the racism from OFIR or the republican party? The only racism I see is from the liberals/dems/progressives/commies.
2. Since you liberals/dems/progressives/commies throw the term around, do you think only whites which includes hispanics can be racist? Can other races be racist?
3. Why can't you liberals/dems/progressives/commies use the word ILLEGAL?
4. Why do you not show the same concern for American children who are being raped and murdered which could be prevented by booting the illegals out?
5. Why would any sane American want the mexican culture of crime, drugs, drunk driving, raping young girls and many other crimes here? Don't we have enough of our own without the need to import more?
6.Why do you hate American so much you want it to change to a third world country?

Now, who has the balls to answer my question truthfully? I don't want to hear, I don't want children to be raped. That's bullshit because you are encouraging it by talking about these poor disadvantage people and we can't send them home, their children came here when they were very young, blah, blah, blah. I don't see the same consideration given to Americans who commit crimes. The bad will come with the good. In my opinion, there are no good illegal aliens, they are all felons and we don't need more. Look deep down and answer the question truthfully.

DAVE01 said...

shit mistake, when I said question, most of them should be plural.

Scottiebill said...

Anyone posting here, as well as on any of the their blogs, would be foolish to give their actual name. If they did, one of the leftie wackos that post here regularly would likely find the right address and pay the blogger an unwelcome visit, probably in the middle of the night.

Scottiebill said...

Oops. That first line should read "__as well as the other blogs."

DAVE01 said...

Hey all you iberals/dems/progressives/commies here is more evidence of the wonderful traits of the mexican culture:

DAVE01 said...

All you commies sure love to give me hell when I don't answer a question. Where in the hell are the answers to my questions? Love they liberal hypocrisy.

ANON 11:18 AM
Pinkie French is a real breathing human. And she is hot!

I would be the judge of that. Pinkie French is a woman? I want to see a picture.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! You think you're entitled to a laundry list of responses to your bullshit questions (which have been responded to repeatedly by various folks on this blog for years) after stonewalling an Anon for days on just one? I can't speak for him, but speaking entirely for myself: Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

DAVE01 said...

Fuck you and your horse and your camel. I'm still waiting for the answer on racism. I'll take just that answer. Where is the racism?????????????????????????????????????????????????

You can't answer it because there is not any. And if there was so what. I've been the victim of racism and I didn't whine. People are such whiney pussies these days.

Oh the world is ending, somebody called me a name. mama mama mama. hahahahahaha.

That is all you commies can do is call names. You have lost the argument based on facts so you start calling names. The emotion is not working anymore either. My brother is bigger than yours. You racist. You racist. hahahahaha.

Have your mother change your diapers, they stink.

Anonymous said...

I don't need to answer it, you answered it yourself: Your ludicrous statement about "Mexican culture" in #5 basically answers #1.

Anonymous said...

You can't answer it because there is not any.

Dream on.

Anonymous said...

ANON 5:15 PM
When did mexicans become a race?
If I say bad things about the drunk Irish am I also racist?

ANON 9:43 PM
Where is the racism? Just because you say there is racism does not make it true.

No evidence so no racism.

Typical lying liberals. You gotta throw the racism label around because you lost the factual argument. hahahahahahaha

You learned from obama, the liar in chief.

Anonymous said...

You are a member of OFIR? Maybe you can answer why they are attached to an overtly racist website?

Rick Hickey said...

I think a RALLY at this housing for illegals that have a job and cheap living via our taxes would WAKE UP those that do not have a job, and those that are losing their home and our returning War Vet's, that need a job and are more deserving by far than illegal's.

We woke up American's/Oregonian's on the Mex. Matricula card sales to illegals at our Schools on saurdays and on ID via Licenses for illegals and that all STOPPED!

Who will stand up for justice and less government spending and be at this Rally?

Wouldn't it be great if the Vets, those on food stamps with kids, those running out of unemployment beneftis, the elderly, disabled or terminally ill could instead get help with thier situation!!!

Anonymous said...

What they should hold a race rally against people who work harder than those who don't have a work ethic or those too lazy to go get a job? Why don't they go get those jobs picking in the fields? I know why, because they are too filled with pride to go work with their hands. I always love listening to the clowns who scapegoat immigrants with misinformation?

The jig is up on the anti-immigrant groups and their members which is why they are on permanent fundraising campaign mode. How is Bruce Benkle and the other racist members doing by the way? Seems they aren't too ashamed to admit it as they tell the news media on camera.

Anonymous said...

BTW--How about that New Nation website? Why was OFIR sharing space with them? Someone should ask the news media why OFIR was hosted by a site that likes to use the 'N-word', "Sp--", and "wet----' regulary. Maybe cause their own members aren't ashamed to admit they are racist.

Anonymous said...

So for those who didn't read between the lines of Rick Hickey's post, here are the two issues he conspicuously didn't address:

1) Why do you assume that housing intended for farmworkers is "housing for illegals"? Is that because many farmworkers are Latino? Are you assuming that all Latinos are "illegal"? How is this not racist?

2)The alleged connection with the web site. Is this true? What do you think of the New Nation web site, Hickey? Would you call that web site racist, or do you need someone to explain where the bigotry is there? Do you need someone to prove it? Is OFIR in solidarity with New Nation?

#2's a softball question for you, Hickey. If there's absolutely no relationship with them and you renounce the obvious bigotry on their site, just say so. Get it on the record. I may not agree with you on immigration, but even I don't believe that OFIR should be smeared with allegations of a connection with them if there really is none.

But if there is a connection, no need to answer. Your silence is answer enough.

Anonymous said...

not to worry Dave, Pinkie has got it goin on.

Rick Hickey said...

#2-I checked the OFIR website (which I do not manage) and found NO links or any references to New

OFIR does have this Notice on thier links page though...Oregonians For Immigration Reform (OFIR) does not advocate preferential treatment for, nor the innate superiority of any ethnic or racial group. OFIR is dedicated to the advocacy of lower aggregate immigration numbers to the United States, regardless of the ethnic composition of the mass immigration. The views of the organizations listed on this page may, or may not reflect OFIR's core values to varying degrees, as OFIR is not responsible for the material presented on these URL's. The links are provided 'as is,' a service to viewers who wish to peruse other websites which claim to advocate for reduced immigration to the United States of America. Feel free to submit any comments, and requests for additions or subtractions concerning the list to the OFIR Webmaster for consideration. Thank you.

Yes I am not a bigot, Racist or Zenophobe and I know founder and Pres. of OFIR-Jim Ludwick is not either. And I have never talked to or e-mailed or had anything ever to do with anyone with the New Nation group and yes they are Racist.
Having a Black Brother-in-law for over 17 years now AND 2 black nephews who I love, I cringe at the N word and as well as many of our friends are Hispanic, I cringe at the WET... or SP.. word as well.
Disgusting language makes me sick and does not solve anything and hurts people, even ME when you call me horrible names.

Since you have NO logic in defending this invasion of our nation, I do understand your lies of calling us racists as your only dumb and hurtful defense, it does get some people to be quiet.

#1-Mostly illegals in Migrant farmworker housing? Yes, per your Congressman/woman, as they claim over 80% of AG workers are here illegally every time they push for the AG Amnesty bill, sitting in congress for years now because Americans do not want another foolish Amnesty. and becuase the Farmer/AG leaders always whine about the paperwork for the AG Visa, even though there are NO limits for that Visa and we allowed yet another 1.2 Mil. Work Visa's last year (even with record Unemployment), which is more than enough that the farmers need.

Any Amnesty or Temp worker program is crap as it is 21st century Slavery, holding desperate immigrants as hostage. And WHO is going to tell them - time to go home now, we don't need you anymore, after millions more are allowed to stay or come here?

Open borders, a "path to citizenship" or a Guest worker program are WRONG for Americans, Legal immigrants and even illegal's, on so many levels and yet YOU still refuse to use any logic to understand this?!

Illegal and Irish, Chinese, Russian or...or..., GO HOME! Quit breaking several of our Laws and wait your turn at home to come here legally.

Now, why should non-americans get a Job and housing and lunch and b-fast and health care and tax payer utilities and web services and much more at Colonial Libertad, when so many americans are sufferring right now? All it takes is awareness via a rally/media event and this place and the other 1,100 units could be opened up to help americans who are suffering right now, that are unable to help themselves.

Who has the guts to stand up for Justice and the rights of americans, for once?

DAVE01 said...

ANON 12:55 PM
OFIR is attached to the site? Can you show me where? I did a quick scan of the site and did not see anything.

You say newnation is an overly racist site? Can you show some specific evidence besides you saying it is so. I looked at it briefly. All I was a bunch of links to articles. So what? Do you mean they are racist like La Raza, the NCLR which is for latinos? How about the racist black panthers? I'm assuming you are condemning those other racist groups. Do you agree that no non-racist hispanic should belong to La Raza?

Still waiting for the racist evidence.

Just for you folks to help you out with the racism issue.

Definition: rac·ism

1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
2 : racial prejudice or discrimination

— rac·ist \-sist also -shist\ noun or adjective

The black panthers and la raza are definitely racist according to the definition.

Anonymous said...

Dave, instead of demanding over and over to know how/why you/OFIR is racist, why don't you just go back and check the half dozen times or so that it's already been explained to you? I know it has, because I was the 'xplainer for a few of them. And I remember seeing a link to some magazine where a Republican explained it.

I'm done 'xplaining shit to you. It's been explained, to you , and others, in regards to a variety of Miglavian statements. Repeatedly. Just accept the fact that you don't get it. I know I have.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:05, your response to Rick? You made the allegation. He denied it. What say you?

DAVE01 said...

ANON 1:50 PM
Nice try. OFIR is not a racist organization according to the definition of racism. Just because you don't like its goals or agenda does not make it racist. You can scream it all day and it doesn't make it so. They have a problem with ILLEGAL immigration and the current levels of legal immigration. I do too. With the current allowable legal immigrants of over 1.5 million a year is insane.

I would say our past and current governments have been very racist in their enforcing of the immigration laws. We currently allow most of the illegals from south of our border to violate our immigration laws because of their proximity to our country. I'm sure there are tens or hundreds of millions of africans, asians and europeans that would love to come here as hispanics do by simply walking over our border. Why are they not being given the same chance as hispanics. All races need to be treated equally. In fact, we should immediately import fifteen million africans, fifteen million asians and fifteen million europeans to balance out the racial demographics that we have allowed to become so skewed. I'm sure there are other groups that should be given the same consideration or do you only want the hispanics to be allowed to come here in large numbers? I think all people should have the same opportunity, not just the hispanics. That would make you a racist since you favor the hispanics and won't give other races equal opportunity.

If you are the one who explained that OFIR is racist in the past, you failed to prove your point or present any facts. To the best of my knowledge, I've never seen one piece of evidence pointing to that fact.

You can keep calling me and OFIR racist but it is really you that is racist because you prefer hispanics over any other race. I get it now, since hispanics are white, that is the reason you will only allow them to come here in large numbers. Now it makes sense. I'm assuming you are hispanic or have family members who are hispanic and want to keep the europeans, asians and blacks out of our country. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Doing a simple google of Oregonians for immigration reform, among the top choices here is what it says:

Oregonians For Immigration Reform
Views immigration as an attack on American sovereignty.

From ofir’s own website, this statement pretty much backs up the anti-immigrant argument

Oregonians for Immigration Reform (has moved)
(not affiliated with Oregonians for Immigration Reform) best wishes for grass roots immigration reform for Oregon and the Northwest ...

Though claiming no affiliation, ofir’s website was hosted by New Nation. If the KKK hosts a website for a group, you can bet most people aren’t going to really buy the argument that said group isn’t racist.

Oregonians for Immigration Reform show their true colors
During a rally held by Oregonians for Immigration Reform to collect signatures on an anti-immigrant initiative, their members let their true ...

Opposing Bigotry: Oregonians for Immigration Reform show their ...
May 22, 2009 ... Labels: OFIR, Oregonians for Immigration Reform, racism.

The two links above are to a video from katu news where an ofir woman admits she is making racist statements.

I guess I am not buying Hicky’s statements.

Anonymous said...

Because you lefties approve of every nut job that shows up at your rally's? The ones that throw rocks and break windows? like ofir or any group knows if there are wackos in the crowd?

Bobkatt said...

Maybe I missed it but I didn't find anywhere on the OFIR website that says that OFIR "Views immigration as an attack on American sovereignty". It may, I didn't peruse the whole thing because I am not interested in joining any group. As far as Rick Hickey goes I ran into him one time when he was at an illegal immigration rally in Eugene and he was extremely courteous even to the one or two people that shouted profanity told him to go back to Europe.
Disagreeing about the number of legal immigrants allowed to come here is not racist. Many people are concerned with population control, everyone from the right wing to the Sierra Club and the current crop of eugenicists in power now. It seems the same group of people that want unfettered immigration also want to limit the growth of cities, remove the dams that provide the needed extra electricity for these newcomers, restrict the use of the natural resources we have here and reduce the dependency on foreign energy. They also want to provide health care, education and housing to everyone that comes here and make someone else pay for it. Do you see any conflicts here?
The fact that a large majority of the illegals are from South of the border is undeniable. It is also a fact that a majority of them are Catholic which most liberals (at least in the media) seem to detest and as such a majority of them do not believe in birth control or homosexuality and have no use for the new age religion of ecology and global warming theories so the only thing that I can see is that they can be used for political power, increasing government programs and low wage labor, hardly a benevolent attitude if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Top link Bobkatt:

Or just do a Google search for: Oregonians for Immigration Reform

It isn't that hard...

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:57, Explain Bruce Benkle who was tight with ofir and used racial epithets all the time. He was also rapping children out of his barbershop. Bruce Benkle holding the No Borders No Country sign:

I am not surprised when I see that ofir was tight with New Nation.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:42 and other anti-OFIR bigots:

Enough is enough. The phrase "views immigration as an attack on American sovereignty" is not anywhere on OFIR's website. That is the DMOZ listing that Google puts up underneath OFIR's link.

According to the Open Directory Project:

The Open Directory Project is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors. (emphasis mine)

That means anyone could have written that phrase about OFIR. Especially anyone with an agenda.

Don't believe me? Do a Google advanced search with the phrase and Or type the following, including quotes, into Google's search bar: "Views immigration as an attack on American sovereignty"

Not smart enough to do that? Here's the link.

The lies stop here. Oh, and anon 8:42?

It wasn't that hard.

Bobkatt said...

Anon 8:42-My bad. I should have known better than to follow the link you provided. You obviously think that somehow demeaning me personally adds credibility to your argument. You are sadly mistaken.

Anon 8:46-Benkle may have been a racist and "rapping" children but that hardly means that OFIR as a whole condone that activity. After all Obama's friend preached "Fuck America" and one was a terrorist bomber. What's your point.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 8:46 PM
Unfortunately there is trash in every race. You can check the marion county jail logs and see the list of illegal hispanics who have committed crimes. That's not racist, it's simply pointing out a fact.

Hell, look at Neil Goldschmidt, he was a pedophile too and he was the democratic governor. I would guess that you did not have a lot of outrage at him raping his babysitter in his house. By your line of reasoning, all democrats in the Oregon legislature are rapists or agree with raping young children. Is that true?

ANON 9:42 PM
When you have millions of foreigners who do not follows the laws when they come to America to be Americans, where does their loyalty lie. Let's use mexico as an example. Their government has stated there are more illegal mexicans than legal mexicans. that would put the total number of illegal mexicans whose loyalty remains with mexico in our country in the several millioins. There are several million illegal chinese. Do you wonder where their loyalty is placed? I would bet it is not with the US. You need to do a little thinking outside the box.

Is it a good thing to have foreigners remain permanently in our country whose loyalty remains with their home country? Hell no.

If they sneak into our country by breaking our laws they have no interest in becoming an American since we are a nation of laws. With that way of doing things, do you really trust them to start following the laws after you amnesty them? I wouldn't trust them. You are also rewarding criminal behavior which they will repeat since they got a amnesty. Look at the 1986 amnesty. Now there is another with 10 to 20 times the amount from them.

After you amnesty this group, we know the border will never be controlled. It was promised then and did not happen. There will be tens of millions more who will be the next wave of immigrant workers who will be exploited. Soon, we have over half a billion in this country. Our forests will be cut down to provide housing, roads and land to cultivate to feed them. Is that what you want for our country?

Most of the 911 murderers were illegal aliens. I guess you would have amnestied them too. Shame on you for wanting thousands of dead people. Typical liberal. As long as you feel good, you don't care how many die because you think outside the box.

DAVE01 said...

The hispanics in the marion country jail I was referring to have ICE holds. That means they are ILLEGAL ALIENS. Can you liberals say that word?

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for an answer to why Oregonians for Immigration Reform was allied with New Nation, an unapologetic overtly racist website?

DAVE01 said...

ANON 2:49 PM
I am still waiting for examples of the racism of OFIR and newnation (that site seems to be a site that documents black/hispanic on white crime, how is that racist?. I'm sure our own government, the FBI does that). I did not see any n or sp words in that site. I did not spend more than a few minutes. Can you point out specific examples instead of just saying some site is racist?

I'll probably hear crickets from the peanut gallery. I'm just looking for information.

For the past three or four years I have been going to OFIR meetings and have yet to see one racist remark or act. Keep dreaming ANON.

Anonymous said...


Anon 9:42pm here.

Dude! I'm on your side! Save your fire for the anonymous leftists here.

My point was to refute the various anons that falsely claim that OFIR somehow thinks that immigration (note the lack of the word "illegal") is an attack on American sovereignty. They have been refuted time and time again, but they keep pressing on with their attacks. They are the textbook definition of a bigot (which is why I included the link to an online dictionary). Honestly, the OFIR-as-racists meme needs to die, since it's a red herring anyway. Whether or not they're racists has nothing to do with the very real problem of illegal aliens and what to do about them. They know their positions are indefensible, which is why they try to distract with specious charges.

Along with you, I believe that illegal immigration is indeed an attack on our sovereignty. However, I don't believe that to be the case for those that attempt to come here legally. If anything, they are the ones who believe in the American experiment more ardently than too many here (read: leftists and useful idiots) who are supposedly citizens.

I believe there is merit to the idea that the flow of legal immigrants should be controlled, especially during high unemployment, but I don't really have an opinion on that issue, and I don't usually spend any time on it since our illegal alien problem is out of control. Priorities, you know.

Keep up the good work. Those who stand up for what is right will always suffer the abuse of fools. Wear it as a badge of honor.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can't read or maybe you are just too ashamed to admit that it is a racist site and ofir was hosted by it.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 8:07 PM
Thank you and well said. Of course you are right. We will lead the blind fools into the light. I will not let them destroy my country because I want my grand children to have a shot at a decent future. If we don't protect what we have we will have nothing.

I received much more verbal abuse in basic training in the army twenty years ago.

Here is to God bless America, not god__m Americas as these commies believe. I'm starting to have some hope this year since so many incumbents are being fired. I think the commies have awoken the sleeping giant of Americans who are truly worried about the future. Unfortunately the commies and the politicians are still in never never land. Those we have elected to represent have failed miserably, violated their oath and sold their soul for pieces of silver. I will not hand this great country over to my grand children in the condition of mexico if I can do anything about it.