Friday, June 04, 2010

Multiple names... moves around...

Crimestoppers: Looking For Armando Cervantes-Bedolla
Oregon's anti-methamphetamine laws have made it harder to manufacture the drug, but that hasn't stopped dealers from finding other suppliers.

Springfield police are looking for a man who they say is dealing a significant amount of meth.

Police are cracking down on dealers and suppliers, but despite those efforts police say meth use is still a problem.

Police are looking for 34-year-old Armando Cervantes-Bedolla who they say is a major meth dealer in the Eugene-Springfield area.

Police say Cervantes-Bedolla is an illegal immigrant who has entered the country illegally at least twice. He last lived on Taylor Street in Eugene, is known to frequent the River Road area and goes by several different names.

"In the computer, we have more than five names that he's gone by in the past. They're all similar, but they all change, a couple different date of births. He does change his name often," said Potter.

With a large number of people providing fraudulent identification instruments to facilitate illegal aliens being able to commit their various crimes in this country it is no wonder that these guys can manage to give multiple names, be deported multiple times and still be here doing damage.

The only question is which name will he use when he applies for his amnesty, errr, comprehensive immigration reform?


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of how one of the 1st World Trade Center bombers, the '83bomb in the parking garage that Killed 6 and sent 1,000 to the hospital, was given Amnesty in 1986 as a "farmworker".

Of those 2.9 Million given amnesty then, Sen. Ted Kennedy said it would only be 'bout 1 million, tens of thousands were found later to have a Criminal record.

D.H.S. can NOT do an effective background check on over 15 million here with Stolen/Forged ID. Couldn't then and still can't now.

This is why we can never ever have another Amnesty. Didn't work the first time and will not work this time either.

Meanwhile over 15 Million are officially on Un-employment and Politicians and the Far Left open border groups/Democrats/Hispanic leaders still say "We need these workers" and expect us to buy that big lie, insulting our intelligence.

Polls prove most of us ain't buying any of that BS anymore.

Fire Sen. RON WYDEN in nov. He hates American workers and supports Drug Cartels from Mexico. His votes last week prove it!

Anonymous said...

I wonder when we are going to start 'cracking down' on all the American citizens doing the drugs that provide the marketplace for the dealers. Maybe one needs to look at their own society and themselves to see what they can do to stop drug usage. Supply and demand. They supply and the U.S citizens consume.

It says alot about the United States doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:49, Every nation on earth has had drug users for centuries.
That will never change.

Changing the want to get high will never go away as "recovering" addicts will tell you.

BUT you can't high if you can't get the drugs, can you?

I know because I got away from the source and quit Meth years ago. If it landed in my lap to this day it would be hard to say no.

Securing our border with our #1 supplier of METH, Heroine and cocaine - MEXICO, and our #1 supplier of Preventable Killers/Rapists/etc. is our only solution.

The Borders ARE secure in S. Mexico, S. Korea, Iraq, Isreal, China and WE are the ones helping them with that, instead of OURS! Because of DEMOCRAT votes as in last week.

YOU know that and no one is buying any excuses for not doing so anymore.

New Rasmussen Poll shows that 67% want our Troops on that border now. And 69% want Police to be REQUIRED to ask all of immigration status. If Democrats cared about Americans for once, Bailey in N. Salem park KILLED last year, (2 killer Brothers found in MEX.-S/J or Oregonian today) would still be alive and drugs would be mostly stopped from coming here.

Why do Democrats expect anyone to keep buying their BS for NOT protecting Americans?

Anonymous said...

It really has little to do with borders or the scary brown people. Plenty of white trash losers cook up meth in their homes. I know cause I watch the news. I also know that the vast majority of arrest of drug possession and peddling in this country are of white American Citizens. This is just more blame of others of what is a problem of Unites States citizens. Quit blaming others.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:24

If you do watch the news or maybe if you have had a cold and been to a drug store in the last few years, you would know that you can not buy sudafed (the major meth ingredient) without a prescription in Oregon. You would also know that the feds have cracked down on the availability in other states. Home and mobile meth labs are on the way out, yet meth still gets here. I wonder how?

Anonymous said...

Since you're apparently an authority on what doesn't "work" with illegal immigration, Anon 8:24, enlighten us all with your wisdom and point to any country on earth that has, to your satisfaction, eliminated the problem of illegal immigration. In other words, in which country could you live, and, notwithstanding other issues, you could at least rest easy knowing that illegal immigrants would not be a source of angst in your life? Which country, please, and what are their policies that make that country successful at having dealt with this problem?

Anonymous said...

The trouble is with Americans. They crave the drugs and cheap labor. Americans are the ones to blame for the situatuon on immigration. And, all we have here are racists, xenophobic jackasses and anti-immigrant groups seizing on the issue for their own gain. Make the cheap beer a little cheaper and they will find something else to nag about.

Anonymous said...

The change in laws relating to meth precursor chemicals (primarily pseudo-ephedrine) had a significant effect: They drove the illegal labs out of Oregon. Now instead of local meth, it all comes from Mexico. It didn't stop the flow of meth.