Monday, March 15, 2010

He's teaching your kids

Food, water should be free for all
Mohamed Jemmali University instructor

Like air, water, food and electricity can now be free. No more water or electric bills. Free trips to the grocery store. No more deaths and suffering due to poverty and famine. No more work is necessary once you own a home and a vehicle. No more crimes due to hunger and unemployment. Why aren’t we living in this world?

Really? This article reads like it was written by an idealistic 3rd grader not someone who is teaching at the University of Oregon.


LW said...

I would love to see Jemmali and Miglavs go at it in a debate, on this topic, or any topic. I think it would become clear within minutes who most resembled a third-grader.

DAVE01 said...

This guy is a loon. I love this statement:

But if hydroponic agriculture requires water and electricity, and only water is free, how do you acquire and pay electricity? Well, the only clean, safe, environmental, sustainable and recyclable energy is electricity that comes from geothermal, solar, wind, and wave energy.

Water is free? I guess I turn on the tap and magically it appears for me. Don't forget about the water plants, piping, motors and pumps, electricians and maintenance people.

I think money should be free. After all, it's simply some paper and ink. The government could give everyone a wheel barrow full every day. We could then eat for free. We could sit at home all day and eat Nachos and play Nintendo. I wonder who will make the Nachos and Nintendo's?

Seriously, he should start by giving all of his possessions and money away, remember they are free. In fact, he can give me all his free money and I'll dispose of it.

Robin said...

maybe he should work for free too.

MAX Redline said...

Interesting. Apparently, Jemmali never read Paul Ehrlich's The Population Bomb. He was probably still in kindergarten, then. After all, it was published in the 1970's - during a time when man-made global cooling was anticipated to encase the equator in glacial ice by the year 2000.

Ehrlich claimed that the Earth had surpassed its carrying capacity for humans, and predicted global mass die-offs due to starvation. And while it is true that some parts of the world suffer this malady, it is not for lack of food - but rather, lack of safe distribution routes.

We have the capacity to produce an abundance of food, but that capacity has occurred because people profit from its production and distribution. As we can see in Haiti and other countries, giving the products away for free merely emboldens gangs of thugs; crippling distribution.

Bellsprout12 said...
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Bobkatt said...

LW-you gotta be kidding when you suggest that this "teacher" could win a debate with anyone using the arguments in this article.
May I suggest that everyone is entitled to a free education (I mean free-not supported by taxes) but it seems that they are not getting their moneys worth now.