Wednesday, March 24, 2010

But it's Christmas for the sheeple

Nothing to see here folks. Move along. Don't question. Sure they use the word "control" a lot but they are just looking out for us. The insurance industry needs to be controlled. The financial industry needs to be controlled. Any industry that emits carbon needs to be controlled.

And certainly any individual who might make choices that are contrary to the central plan created by Washington DC need to be controlled. Don't drive that vehicle. Don't eat that food. Don't smoke in that bar. Don't build that suburban neighborhood.

Nothing to see here folks. Move along.


Anonymous said...

Dont you understand ... Liberals are dying for the Federal Government to control every aspect of their life. They just can make those pesky little decisions anymore.

ie; Do I brush my teeth today? What about using water when I do it? Perhaps Congress should set up a panel so I can ask them.

That is the kind of help the brain dead that voted for Barrack Obama need in their lives just to get out of bed. Pathetic...but true.

Pinkie French.

and damn if I am not sill as pissed off today as I was on Monday.

DAVE01 said...

Dammit, I want my Christmas health care present right now! I don't want to wait for years.

Anonymous said...

Good point, Dave. Obama and Congress just had to ram this monstrosity through at warp speed because "people are dying from lack of health insurance" and the so-called benefits don't kick in until... 2014.

Every time leftists accuse conservatives of hypocrisy, rest assured they are projecting. Big time.

Now there's irony for you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe before it kicks in , we will get a change of leadership ,(hope, and change )and they will get rid of this crap and actually reform the parts that need reform ! (not just take over) You know , like tort reform, or make the policies portable
and promote healthy competition !!!!!!!

Scottiebill said...

After this thing is put into effect, we should forward all our health care bills, from prescriptions to major surgeries and back again, directly to the Oval Office in care of The Komrade. And be sure to copy everyone of them to Pinocchio Pelosi's office, and after November 2, to her home in the Bay Area of California.

These two anarchists wanted this thing. Now that they have it, our health care is up to them to pay for.