Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vote no on all bond measures

So I went on the Clackamas school district site tonight to follow up on Lars' stuff today and was immediately disgusted. (this was without getting to the "hookup" clothing) Their calendar is one big illegal alien celebration with our tax dollars.

October Meetings and Events
Ready, Set, Go: Kindergarten readiness class
Presented in English & Spanish for children who will enter kindergarten in North Clackamas in the fall 2009 ...

Strengthening Families
This class (in Spanish) is for parents of youths age 10 to 14 who want to help kids avoid drug & alcohol abuse. Child care is provided.

Beginning Spanish
Child care is provided.

Learn English
This free adult class is for beginning English learners. Child care provided.
By "free" they mean "that schmuck Daniel who goes to work every day is paying for it."

These are the first few items on the calendar. There is even an event that is listed in Spanish only. If I was a space alien who just landed and looked at this calendar I would think that the public schools in Clackamas existed only to provide child care to Spanish speakers.


Anonymous said...

Okay, so it's not really "illegal aliens" you're concerned about then, it's "Spanish speakers."


I look forward to some idiot demanding to know where the bigotry is there ... I could use a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Too late, I already voted "yes" on ALL of them. I have made it a practice that everytime you or some other conservative clown writes something against non-english speakers, I will give $200.00 to an organization like La Raza, CASA, CAUSA, People for The American Way or one of the many advancing rights of immigrants. One of my co-workers has chosen to match me.

ESABATM said...

I agree with you Dan, these ass's that either don't own a house and live in an apartment or don't pay attention to the measures or want to make themselves "feel good" for doing something THEY think is right, always vote yes on ballot measures asking for more money. What they don't know is they are voting to raise their own property taxes (if they are paying on a home) which are too high right now. I have taxes on my property for things I don't even use or live near by. Were getting taxed out of our homes.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to Daniel "Rule of Law" Miglavs' indignation and moral outrage regarding the revelations about Bill Sizemore in the Oregonian this morning. Seems to me that's the sort of thing that would get a "rule-of-law" guy pretty fired up.

Anonymous said...


Please list who you THINK is going to win, not who you want...

My pick...Obama

Anonymous said...

To anon-ass 9:26

All non-English speakers should be detained and deported. If someone is in the country illegally and doesn’t speak English they should be the first to go. There you go...you’re out another $200! Oh wait! You’re anonymous, so of course you’re lying about making any type of donation. You probably have never had $200 in your pocket at any one time.

By the way, I voted “NO” on all the bond measures three times. I love vote by mail. It’s easy to commit fraud!

Anonymous said...

So glad to be out of left-wingnut Orygone. Fuck all you left-wingers. I hope you choke on a dick and die. Your state fucking sucks. Fuck you. lol, assholes. I don't have to hear any of that shit where I am at now. Haha, you sick fuckers. I am back in the real world, not your fucking idiot world. I hate your fucking state.

Anonymous said...

All non-English speakers should be detained and deported ...

Spoken like a true, anti-American fascist. Nazi pig.

Anonymous said...

$200 to La Raza!!!

Scottiebill said...

This is a bit off topic: In this morning's Zero, as well as the Columbian, there was a fairly lengthy article about teaching sex education to kindergartners in England.

Look for the Oregon and Washington school districts to follow England's lead in this.

But, here, the classes would be taught in both English and Spanish.

Oops! That was not politically correct. The above should read "Spanish and English."

Don't want to offend the illegals, now do we????