Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The great debate

Wishful thinking on my part: Things I would like to hear McCain say tonight.

I was wrong about amnesty, since the slowdown of the economy I have recognized that importing cheap labor hurts the American worker and exporting millions of dollars to Mexico hurts local business.

The second amendment has nothing to do with hunting, it has to do with keeping all potentially tyrannical governments in check and personal defense.

I support a woman's righ to choose... where to send her children to school under a voucher system.

I don't lower taxes because they help stimulate the economy, that's just a pleasant side effect. I support lower taxes because it is morally wrong to take 50% of someone's hard earned money no matter how much they make. Economic freedom means not having the fruits of your labor go to needle exchange programs which my opponent supports.


Anonymous said...

... it has to do with keeping all potentially tyrannical governments in check.

I laugh out loud every time I hear Republicans say this. Republicans do not object to "tryannical" governments. They preside over them. Recall the college student who was hauled away from the podium by a SWAT team when he asked John Kerry an uncomfortable question; Daniel cheered. Remember that, Daniel?

Recall Brandon Mayfield, arrested by the FBI and branded a terrorist even though he was absolutely innocent. Recall the journalists (accredited, peaceful, law-abiding) who were arrested at BOTH political conventions. Recall those who have been arrested for standing on the sidewalk with a "peace" sign simply because they were within five blocks of where Dick Cheney was going to speak that day, or because they hadn't obediently confined themselves to a fenced-in "free speech zone."

Daniel, please direct me to the post where you objected to this "tyranny." Or maybe you weren't at your computer on those days ... maybe by that point you'd run out into the street with your duck-hunting rifle to "check" the government.

Give me a fucking break.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 7:09. Yeah, I remember the government telling me how many bullets my magazine can hold. Not more than ten. Wasn't it the Democrats who came up with that stupid Assault Weapons ban? That's tyranny. Brandon Mayfield received a $2 million payoff. I think he was rewarded for his inconvenience. We all know now how Barney Franks, Christopher Dodd forced Freddie and Fannie to give loans to poor people. Gosh even the poor illegals who came to pick our lettuce got a house. That's fucking tyranny! Shoving this greenhouse bullshit down my throat. Fucking up my country so the friends of rich politicians (Republicans and Democrats) can get stinking filthy rich. Now since those kind of loans have crashed our economy and probably the worlds, we will need those guns to protect our families. I forget, what political party are Barney and Christopher from? How about all of the Clinton's friends and associates who have come up dead. I worry more about the Messiah who hangs around with anti-American ministers and terrorists as president than John McCain.

The 2nd amendment is for overthrowing a tyrannical government.

Anonymous said...

7:09, I stopped reading your mindless drivel at the first paragraph. You anarchist assholes don't understand a very simple concept - time, place, manner restriction. That forum had rules, man. The dude was allowed to be heard. His point was not to be heard. He wanted to totally disrupt the thing. There's a difference. If you can't play by the rules, then you can't play. It's a simple fucking concept. See if you can get your small fucking mind around it.

Anonymous said...

He wanted to totally disrupt the thing ...

You obviously did not watch the video. Or you watched it with your eyes closed. With all other things being equal, if that had been Miglavs at the podium, speaking with the same degree of respect and courtesy as that fellow [What were the rules? Which ones was he breaking?] and he'd been hauled off by the SWAT goons, you guys would have been calling for open war, so stop blowing smoke up my ass.

Bobkatt said...

anon: you are correct about the Repubs totally trashing our constitutional rights but remember the Dems went along with it and gave Bush everything he asked for and more.
If you look at the "Don't taze me bro" post you will note that I came out against Daniel's position, albeit mildly. The kid did nothing to warrant being arrested let alone tazered. But remember, that was at a Kerry speech, not a Republican.
Both presidential conventions were complete with storm troopers and caged in "Free Speech Zones" hundreds or yards from the convention sites. Dems, Repubs, what's the difference really?
BTW, I tried to find a video of the Democratic "Free Speech Zone" and although there were thousands of hits, almost all of the videos have been taken down on You Tube. What's up with that? Censorship?
Check it out for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Recall Brandon Mayfield, arrested by the FBI and branded a terrorist even though he was absolutely innocent:


A computer in Mayfield's residence had:

1. been used to research airline schedules for travel from Portland, Oregon to Madrid, Spain, in September and October 2003;

2. accessed websites marketing rental housing in Spain in the fall of 2003;

3. accessed a number of websites based in Spain, including a website apparently sponsored by the Spanish national passenger rail system – the target of the March 11, 2004 bombings;

4. been used to perform a "Google search" regarding the phrase "target practice at home;" and

5. been used to specifically access a FAQ ("frequently-asked question") contained on "expedia.com" relating to the use of a "credit card with a billing address outside the U.S." for payment for travel services.

In addition, during the search of Mayfield's home, agents discovered, among other items:

6. a handwritten notation of a telephone number in Spain;

7. virulently anti-Semitic articles printed from the internet which appeared to blame Jewish people for various world problems;

8. pilot training logs showing Mayfield's experience as a small aircraft pilot in the 1980s; [a footnote here adds that "Al-Qaida has in recent years sought to recruit individuals with piloting skills."]

9. a book chronicling the development of the Al Qaida network;

10. 2 firearms; and

11. classified national defense documents relating to a U.S. weapons system.

In the court-authorized search of Mayfield's office, agents found:

12. a post-September 11, 2001 letter, apparently written by Mayfield, expressing support for the Taliban. [DP addition: It stated, "Who is America to bomb the Taliban because they don't like Afghanistan's law? All I say that Americans should think twice about the example you are setting on the rest of the countries"]

In the court-authorized search of Mayfield's safe deposit box, agents found:

13. $10,000 in cash, all in one-hundred dollar denominations, strapped in five two-thousand dollar increments with straps dated November, 2002. This large quantity of cash seemed inconsistent with the apparently limited income generated by Mayfield's law practice (which appeared to be under $25,000 per year adjusted gross income.) Also found in the safe deposit box were current passports for Mayfield's children and an expired passport for his wife.

13: Hello you terror lover SOB,follow the fing money!!!