Monday, October 13, 2008

Tough times might call for layoffs

The following people who work for Oregon state government (in theory that is us) should recieve pink slips tomorrow:

Addictions & Mental Health
Rebecca A. Sweetland, Cultural Diversity Manager
Oregon State Hospital, Salem, OR; 503- 945-2806

Children, Adult and Family Services:
Gloria M. Anderson, Cultural Competency/Confidentiality Coordinator
HSB, Salem, OR 503-945-5700

Asian/Pacific Islander Employee Representative:
May Martin, GAO
HSB, Salem, OR; 503-947-8312

Black Employee Resource Group Representative:
Michael Cartwright, HS/OIT
Bittern St., Salem, OR; 503-945-5486

Hispanic Employee Representative:
Oscar Herrera, District 3, Supervisor
Woodburn, OR; 503-373-1200x389

Sexual Minorities Employee Representative
Kym Lamb, Operations Manager, District 16
Tigard, OR; 503-670-9711x280

Straight White Male Employee Representative
Ha, just kidding

Native American/Indian Employee Representative
Caroline Cruz, OMHAS
HSB, Salem, OR; 503-945-6190

Diversity Council Leadership:
Marita Baragli, OHR (Chair)
HSB, Salem, OR; 503-947-5287

I'm almost positive that we can fire the lady who is the Cultural Diversity Manager for the addicts and they won't notice. Imagine the conversation:

"Hey Jeff, let's not stick needles filled with meth into our veins anymore."

"Sorry Fred, without proper cultural competency training from the state of Oregon I'm just not interested in staying clean and sober"


Anonymous said...

I went to one of those fucking trainings once. They fucking suck, man. All these mother fuckers trying to suck each other off, and the whites with the personal guilt about God knows what are the fucking worst. If a fucking minority walked in the door, they'd want to suck his dick, even if it was an AIDS-infected cock. Fuck these idiotic morons. Seriously, these fucks go out of their way to demonstrate to the minority trainer that they are "inclusive" of others. It's fucking sickening. Yet before the training started, this bitch asked me where I was from and immediately insulted me. Ha, fucking diversity and culturally competency my ass. Fuck you, bitch.

Phil Jones said...

Anon 7:21pm seems to have a very limited vocabulary.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

"Diversity" and "Multiculturalism" are ruining our country.

See how easy that was?

a fucking cocksucking lib said...

Congratulations, Miglavian 7:21: You successfully managed to work the word "fuck" into your thoughtful post a total of 10 times. I was concerned reading through the first time, thinking it was only nine, but I have carefully recounted and I see that you did indeed hit 10 "fucks." I also appreciate the fact that you managed to get "suck," "dick," "cock," "ass," and "bitch" in there. Clever boy!

Bobkatt said...

don't humor the tard. He'll go away.

Anonymous said...

"Diversity" and "Multiculturalism" are ruining our country ...

That's what the Nazis said about Jews, gays and immigrants.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 8:27 AM
Did Germany have millions of Jews, immigrants and gays flooding in each year? Did they get free education, health care? Did they basically get a free ride? Did they get super citizen rights? Did they get basically free financing for housing which crashed the German economy? Or, did the several million people entering the country every year assimilate and add to the country? I doubt that very much.
Where are your facts about how many came in each year and these other issues?

Just wondering and asking.

Anonymous said...

1:47, no I won't, assbrain.

If any of you Oregon fucks show up at my house with a Molotoff cocktail, you'll be greeted by my 2nd Amendment right to own firearms and will be blown the fuck away! lol

Your state sucks ass because of the left-wingnuts around here. Do us all a favor and go suck an AIDS-infected cock.

My diversity training story is fucking true. You fucking douchebags just need to deal with it. Sorry you idiots don't like my speech, but it is free speech. I don't conform to your fucking rules, so fuck you!

Tasha said...

I nominate for lay-offs , Yamhill County, for bending over to provide Kidney treatments for the Illegal alien from Mexico who raped little boys in the A--.
$300,000 a year and those government clowns were more concerned about taking care of the Rapist from Mexico then protecting the victim's families.
no wait - layoffs are too good for them, I think they would serve better as cat food.

Anonymous said...


Are you suggesting that the United States should imprison, torture and kill gays, immigrants and Jews, as the Nazis did in Germany...

...or are you saying that the actions of Hitler's Nazi Germany would be excusable if they had high numbers of immigrants and minorities had access to government services?

Because neither of those actually sound like a solution to me.

(posted anonymously because of the excessive amount of violence being expressed in this post thread)

Anonymous said...

Daniel, why don't you ask your wife to do the heroic thing and quit her state job? I'm tired of my tax dollars paying her salary. I don't know what she does, but in the best tradition of right-wing conservatism, I don't need to know; I'll just assume she's wasting time at the public trough in a gov'mint job. Enough already!

Anonymous said...

11:42: "Are you suggesting that the United States should imprison, torture and kill gays, immigrants and Jews, as the Nazis did in Germany..."

Not at all. I am suggesting that the United States should imprison, torture,and kill YOU. Asshole.

Sound ridiculous? Well, you are fucking ridiculous for twisting people's words. Here, drink some kool aid. Check that, drink my piss you fucking phaeg. lol

Anonymous said...

4:04, I'm afraid you've failed to meet the Miglavian chest-beating challenge: Anon 7:21 already managed to cram 10 "fucks" into a single post; you have only two. Is that the best you can do? Sure, you get points for "piss" and "asshole," but where are the "cocks" and "bitches"?

Come on, dude, you can do better! This is Miglavia! There's a tradition here to uphold!

DAVE01 said...

11:42 AM
I AM ASKING A QUESTION. I am simply trying to get information since I don't have any information on the questions I asked. I thought that was very clear. In other words, were millions of people flooding into Germany every year? Or were they simply blaming somebody else in their country. It's been over twenty since I took any European history. I like US history a lot more.
Anon 8:27AM is implying that diversity and multiculturalism is a good thing.

I disagree.

The Romans let the barbarians into their club and look at what happened. Bye bye Roman empire. History proves time and time again that allowing in a large number of different people (not always race or religion) who bring their culture with them will overtake the current culture and change it. You can see that happening in large parts of America right now. You may call be a bigot, but I don't want American culture turned into mexican culture. I cannot see anything positive about the mexican culture.

We are importing a third world culture into a first world culture. Any idiot can see that the mexican culture is something we don't want here. If mexican culture was so wonderful, why are they still a third world hellhole when they have so many natural resources and such a large low wage work force? The mexicans should be emulating us, not the other way around.

DAVE01 said...


You may call ME a bigot, but I don't want American culture turned into mexican culture.

Not enough coffee today.

Anonymous said...

are you saying that Daniels mexican immigrant wife has a state government job?
exactly why all government workers are a waste of time.
couldn't an American have been found to fill her position.?

Anonymous said...

Oregon is outsourcing in the name of cultural diversity!

Anonymous said...