Monday, October 20, 2008

Coming from the amnesty party?

This coming from the party that overwhelmingly suppports amnesty? That's what I love about election time, democrats actually have to pretend to care about supporting gun rights, punishing criminals and opposing illegal aliens. They are lying through their teeth but at least it shows us that they know where Americans stand on these issues.


Anonymous said...

yes and Gordon smith has had ads showing him with Kennedy of all traitors.
scum scum scum

Anonymous said...

i officially kept my promise to never vote for gordon again. it felt good.

OregonGuy said...

Ya know, I think of myself as a pretty "conservative" guy. A Goldwater Republican.

An Edmund Burke conservative. A classic Liberal.

So, given the variety of labels that I feel I have to employ in order to describe myself, I admit to engendering a certain confusion among those who don't have the syllabus to understand the various meanings intrinsic to each of those descriptive words and phrases.

But each of those appelations are given to provide a robust description of my political beliefs. You can read the works of Barry Goldwater, as you can those of Edmund Burke, and gain a greater insight into my political beliefs.

In other words, it is my attempt to self-declare my beliefs. In the clearest possible way. I am not trying to introduce a level of opacity to hinder your understanding of my views and beliefs. On the contrary, it is my hope that you will find greater meaning and understanding through my open, self-identification.

That is what I attempt. A definite transparency of my views and beliefs. If we're going to argue meaningfully about political views and beliefs, I think this kind of tranparency is essential.

What I have witnessed here is nothing short of a deliberate lie.

When I was working for the Poor People's Council of Oregon back in the 1970's, the reason why I put so much time and effort into working for the Chicano population was the corruption of basic human dignity by the growers of Oregon. They not only aided and abetted the illegal transportation of Mexicans into the state to pick their crops, they housed them in sub-human conditions...worse, or at best, on par with slave conditions during the anti-Bellum era.

As with any effort, it could be said that my "well-intentioned" acts were in part responsible for our current dilemma. As I worked to improve the living conditions of illegal immigrants, that work turned Oreogn into a magnet for greater participation, through illegal immigration, by illegals in Oregon's economy. I looked at human issues first, rather than issues at law.

My fault is my belief that human rights are greater than the rights of the state. It has taken years for me to address that short-fall in the practical necessities of "the state" with the human necessities of human rights.

Let me try to restate this: it has taken me all of my 54 years to appreciate that my first allegiance is to my country and to its laws. The lesson of the Tower of Babel hasn't been lost, but re-defined. Like Archimedes First Principle, raising the tide floats all boats. If we take care of America first, the world will be a better place.

I write this in counterpoise to the sufficiency of Leftie commentary that your site normally receives. It is not enough to condemn the wrongs of America; without fighting to defend the integrity of America and what makes America great.

By making this contemning ad, critics of the Senator trespass any available standard of truth. While I despise his willingness to give up on the fundamentals of what American freedom and independence means, his sins are of a different sort. He clearly self-declares himself to be an adherent to political and social beliefs that I disagree with.

But that isn't an error of commission. It is an error of putting the State before the Rights of Man. (When Lefties began its step-by-step repudiation of Rights of Americans through "liberal Supreme Court decisions", we lost much of the guarantee of human/American rights for American citizens. The two, in America, used to by synonymous.)But, the people who put this together are the worst type of prevaricators.

I may have to vote for the Senator as an objection to this type of advertising.

I am clearly opposed to the body of Senator Smith's work in our national legislature. I had even considered voting for Merkeley. I haven't voted yet. I'm interested in the comments here.

Anonymous said...

How goes the Tancredo campaign, Miglavs? "This will be my drumbeat."

Beat on.

OregonGuy said...


If you had any sense, you'd know how to read more than pron and weblogs.

Representative Tancredo has retired.


Anonymous said...

Democrat Jeff Merkely had not one but three Bills on his desk to make E-Verify the Law in Oregon.
This would prevent Social Security Fraud and Tax Evasion and help Employers to not hire Criminals.

As Speaker of the House he cancelled a Hearing on one and let the other two die in committee.

He also was against Secure Licenses/Photo ID.

He is very good with his Forked Tongue.

Smith did vote against Amnesty and I have good reason to be sure if Merkley were in DC, we would have 20 million Illegal's and another 20million Family members coming to America right now to drain our Social services even more.

With reluctance, I have to vote for Smith and hope you all do to.

Scottiebill said...

Jeff Merkeley: One more reason not to live in Oregon.

Mike said...

This is exactly why I'm voting for Dave Brownlow.

DAVE01 said...

Well put Mike. I voted for that clown smith twice. No more. Let's put that asshole back at Smith's Frozen Foods. Hopefully, the feds will raid them and maybe he will go to prison for hiring criminal aliens.