Saturday, October 04, 2008

Green card + home loan

Good old Cornelious Oregon, not far from Centro Cultural. Stop in to inquire about an amnesty lawyer, stay for the zero down, zero cost home loans. What's this I keep hearing about a "mortgage crisis"?


Scottiebill said...

Is ICE going to investigate this place?


Gumby said...


Utterly amazing they can get away with this racist enterprise operation. Whites need not apply.

Bobkatt said...

Just a little lowdown on Mr. Nolan Canales from his website:
"No income/no asset verification financing."
"0% down on single family rental properties."
"No W-2's, tax returns, or bank statements needed."
"Have you been writing off lots of expenses on your tax returns? No problem!!! We offer no income verification spec construction loans."
"I have been in the mortgage industry for over 10 years with experience in processing, originating, and servicing. I value mostly what I have learned from servicing. I feel that it is extremely important to take care of my clients first and foremost. This is why I have been successful in maintaining my good name. I also speak Spanish fluently."

Thanks Nolan for helping us get into this financial disaster!!!!

McCain loves illegals said...

This is one reason I can't support McCain. Alot of the crap is his fault with his amnesy for illegals garbage. McCain won't secure the borders and those that are her will be give a free ride. I am tired of these politicians with their pandering to illegals. I am writing in someone.

Anonymous said...

Nolan, who's obviously Anglo (using Miglavian verification standards)is representative of the vast majority of snake-oil mortgage lenders who prey on easy targets. Daniel prefers to blame the Mexican. Who may, or may not, be here illegally. He doesn't bother to diferentiate. Nor does he bother to acknowledge that the illegal alien homebuyer is foreclosing at far lesser rates than Anglo Americans, in fact, the numbers are so tiny compared to the Anglo-American foreclosures that they hardly register on the richter scale. But, since they're status is ALWAYS in question in Miglavia, Daniel pounces...credibility be damned.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Gov. Palin has done nothing on immigration either. In fact is just as bad as McCain. Alaska is a sanctuary state no less. Here is a report from Blogs 4 Borders:

Blogs 4 Borders! 090808 Election 2008 -- Sarah Palin

I won't be voting for Juan McAmnesty either.

NoMcCain said...

Yeah, a vote for McCain is a vote for more amnesty and more illegals coming into this country. I am sick of it too. I didn't vote for McCain, the libs did. The illegal aliens want McCain cause they know he will give them citizenship. Just what we need. More criminals let in. Remember Dani Countryman? McCain's Amnesty plan makes this more of a reality

Anonymous said...

McAmnesty is getting hammered for his ties to Charles Keating by the Obamasiah. McAmnesty is being blamed for contributing to the economic disaster the U.S. is in. Sounds like the free loans to undocumented immigrants would be supported by McCain as well as Obama. We are screwed.

Anonymous said...

Hussein Obama said "your Kids should learn Spanish"

Obama wants In-State Tuition for Illegal's and Drivers' License as well for Illegal's. And wants Amnesty 1st.

At least McCain wants a Secure Border 1st and hasn't said these things Obama has.

R's = Cheap workers

D's = Voters who want Socialism

Only WE the people, as we did last summer, and the year before and the AG amnesty, can and will Stop Amnesty.

Anonymous said...

Interesting ... the demonic figure of Barack Obama as conceived and described by the lunatic right wing bears absolutely nothing in common whatsoever with the Barack Obama who actually exists in the real world. It is entertaining, though, watching you idiots work yourselves into a lather over things that he did not say and positions that he does not have. Keep it up! Looking forward to Election Day!

Bobkatt said...

I'm Barack Obama and I endorse these messages:
learn spanish.

I co-sponsored legislation to allow illegals in state tuition.

I support driver's licenses for illegals.

And I'm really disappointed that all the videos on You Tube supporting these claims have been removed. That sucks.

Anonymous said...

Evidently McCain doesn't have a problem of people only speaking spanish in this country, he many, many ads in spanish that play on the radio. You point Bobkatt?

McCain supports all of this. Remember McCain/Kennedy? Comprehensive Immigration Reform? McCain was the cosponsor. He didn't just say stuff, he cosponsored a bill trying to make it law. McCain is nothing but a pro-amnesty guy.

Bobkatt said...

I won't defend McAmnesty. He's a traitor in my book. The point is you throw out that Obama is somehow misconceived by the right wing. However, I gave examples of where you are wrong. But as per usual you can't admit your error you just cry na-na-na what about McCain? It's like arguing with a 3 year old.

Anonymous said...

That is a great picture and I hope you don't mind if I steal it.
personally I would be afraid I would be attacked if I took photos in Illegal alien dominated Cornelius.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like the point of this post is that Cornelius is a hub of illegal activity. And the percentage of newly legal / Illegals seeking no-interest loans will only go up with more Illegals.

My take on Obama: he’s forced by Democrat party operatives to cultivate the newly legal / illegal vote. Naturally identifying with (so called) African-Americans, with their fierce competitiveness in the job market, another Amnesty will be on the back burner of his Administration.

McCain should have more pressing issues too, but since he’d owe big-time to the Fat-cat corporate republicans they’d be pressing hard for more cheap labor.

Either way, it looks like it will be “four more years” of the working men and women of this nation fighting back another Amnesty. But with the economy on our side, a much easier battle!

One aside: Rick (of OFIR) did a great job supporting Ballot Measure 58 on OPB yesterday. It’s the only “Sizemore Initiative” I’m voting for!

Anonymous said...

I am a client of this place, it seems to me there is lots of ignorant comments on this blog. Mr. Canales was a true mortgage professional. He is there to help people to obtain loans in a legal way, and if they are illegal they are not able to obtain a loan. He advised people the right way and with the right options. (There is people out there that do take advantage of people regardless of legal status) I can say the economy we are facing has nothing to do with how he does business. It has to do with people who did not get educated about the loans they were getting into. People who did not read what they were signing.
I would like to point out that all of the people in this country have ancestors that migrated here, they came here looking for the opportunity to have freedom.
The office in the picture is there to help people who want to do things the right way...The legal way. People who are in the country trying to earn a living, need to do so with the right work permits and paying taxes to our country. One thing to point out is illegals pay taxes too...they have a ITIN... I am amazed at the ignorance that is shown here. Because they are good patriots to this country, they help people who are interested in doing things the right way. The legal way. I hope this helps you all understand what this is all about. We need more places like this one.

Anonymous said...

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