Saturday, October 08, 2011

Equality assembly Part Tres

Third in a series of posts.

Your "representative" Mary Nolan is "fighting against workplace raids." One can only assume then that she opposes labor laws. I could probably go a bit further and assume that she supports ID theft, perjury and tax fraud.

This is an Oregon lawmaker standing in front of a bunch of admitted lawbreakers and she is claiming to represent them. If lawmakers don't respect the law then clearly they should pick a different profession.


Robin said...
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Anonymous said...

Mary Nolan:"have worked 11 years... defended against workplace raids... and I want to be your representative for city Council and your ethics leader"

Translator guy translating: "man... we have another one fooled in thinking that they are trying to help us where in reality the poor fools can't make it without us!


[Thinking] sure is a good thing that they don't speak Spanish.

Audience: clapping and snickering amongst themselves.

I am curious when the last time this panel actually appeared before an audience of their "other" constituents?

It's funny and sad when you think about our elected officials... on one hand for the "legal" voters they talk about tax cuts and abortion. And for the "unauthorized voters" they talk about how they're willing to turn a blind eye.