Thursday, October 06, 2011

Equality Assembly Part Dos

Second post in a series

Another video where the speakers starts by apologizing for not being able to speak Spanish. Imagine, not speaking Spanish in Portland, Oregon.

This is Oregon state Representative Lew Frederik. Towards the end of the video he acknowledges that many in the room are "undocumented" and then asks "how many are registered to vote." He ends with "I want you voting."


Anonymous said...

"... If you don't vote..."

I think I'm going to be sick!

Anonymous said...

What this amounts to...and must irk the hell out of the that people could care less about what ofir and the other anti-immigrant loser groups have to say.

DAVE01 said...

Which racists are those? La Raza, The new and old black panthers, Obama, Eric holder. I'm just curious which group of racists you are talking about. Since the language is spanish, I'm assuming you are talking about the racists mexicans and other the hispanic groups that want special privileges. Am I correct in that guess?

If you think OFIR and the so called other anti-illegal (YOU FORGOT ILLEGAL AGAIN, MUST BE HARD TO BE A LIBERAL AND BE SO STUPID) immigration loser groups do not have an audience, you must have missed the racist obama suing states that are simply enforcing the laws to protect their legal residents. I guess the racist obama does not like having the voters who will try to keep him in the white hut being sent back to mexico. Too bad for bambie.

Why are you so racist against Americans?

Just the FACTS said...

Once again DEMOCRAT Politicians admit that they would lose their seat/power/ability to vote for more Free stuff for illegal aliens, IF, IF, the LAW of being an American Citizen to Vote were actually enforced.

Why are the DEMOCRATs so corrupt?

Why do DEMOCRAT law makers laugh at our rule of law society?

Why do DEMOCRATS HATE American and legal immigrant workers?

Why do DEMOCRATS want all of us on Food Stamps and UNemployment rolls?

Why do DEMOCRATS ignore Immigrants who follow our laws and instead promote multiple Law Breakers as needing "Equality"?

Why do DEMOCRATS force Americans and legal immigrants to fight for a Job with illegal aliens, and therefore lower everyones paycheck?

Why do DEMOCRATS HATE Hispanic Americans who were born here or are here legally?

MAX Redline said...

I don't think that "Angry Lew" has ever held a job for longer than 3 years. There's a reason for that.

Anonymous said...

Are you idiots talking about the huge MYTH of illegal alien voter fraud?

First, with the exception of senior citizens, people in the lower socio-demographic categories (regardless of their citizenship status) do not vote in any great capacity. They are not what most people would call “engaged citizens”. Yet, the retards in OFIR would have us believe that illegal aliens - who are in this lower socio-economic group - vote on a regular basis. Nope. This is a myth that isn’t backed by one shred of evidence. It’s just one of those things that certain people WANT to believe is true, and so, they exhibit confirmation bias and disregard all of the data that tells us – in reality - it is extremely rare that illegal aliens actually send in a ballot.

Which makes complete sense. After all, there is very little upside to an illegal alien voting, and potentially huge downside. If an illegal alien votes and is caught, they face arrest, fines and deportation. Moreover, if they ever hope to gain U.S. citizenship, they will be automatically denied if they have ever cast a ballot. (And yes, every applicant for U.S. citizenship is screened to ensure they have never voted before.) Illegal aliens know this, which is why almost none of them have “cast a ballot” on the top of their to-do list. Their one insignificant vote simply isn't worth the risk of getting caught and deported, or potentially being denied citizenship in the future.

Some of you might think, “But their risk of getting caught isn’t really high.” To which I say "BS". Each year, the Oregon Secretary of State investigates hundreds of suspect ballots. Including ballots that are not associated with a valid social security number. There are “checks” in Oregon’s voting system that some of you would like to pretend don’t exist. And to-date, of the thousands of suspicious votes investigated, exactly nine of those have been found to be fraudulent. And of those, exactly two were votes cast by illegal aliens. (The other fraudulent votes mostly consisted of people voting on behalf of recently deceased relatives, or felons voting.) Just as a matter of statistics, if illegal aliens were voting on a regular basis, you would see dozens and dozens of these discovered in the thousands of suspicious votes checked. But again, there have only been two such votes found in the last several years. If you put ideology aside for a moment and just look at the facts (something the OFIR crowd isn’t willing to do), you simply can’t make a factual case that there is an illegal alien voting problem. At least, not without lying about it.

So why does the OFIR crowd get bent out of shape about illegal aliens voting? Simple: It provides impetus for them to incite anger about illegal aliens, even if the underlying claim that "illegal alien voting is a problem!", is almost 100% bogus. As I’ve said before, right-wing ideologues have absolutely no problem “lying for the cause”. Most of the OFIR crowd honestly doesn’t care if the claim “Illegal aliens are voting!” is true or not. They only care that people BELIEVE that it’s true. Moreover, many far right-wingers have trouble believing that most people really, truly don't agree with them. And so, they use the canard of “fraudulent votes” to explain away their losses in elections. These right-wingers aren’t willing to believe that the electorate simply dismissed their opinions and points of views. No, when these right-wingers lose elections, it can only have been caused by MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD, including SCORES of illegal alien votes!

Nope. For all intents and purposes (or “all intensive purposes” for you OFIR types), voter fraud is exceedingly rare. And with regard to illegal aliens, it’s almost non-existent. The actual facts can be found at Not that I think any of you right-wingers are interested in facts that completely shoot down your bogus claims about alleged, non-existent illegal alien voter fraud.

Buy a vowel, idiots.

Anonymous said...

P.S. If you look at pages 18 and 19 of the white paper linked below, you'll find that virtually all of the alleged incidents of illegal alien voting have been proven to be completey, 100% bogus.

This confirms what commonsense already tells us: Almost no illegal aliens are willing to risk arrest and deportation - regardless of the actual risk - simply to cast one incremental vote. The risk/reward ratio in this scenario is so skewed AGAINST voting, it remains laughable that some of you idiots still try to get mileage out of the totally bogus claim that there is a problem with illegal aliens voting.

just the FACTS... said...

Idiot anons who think Illegals are all of a sudden afraid to break yet another law - Voting as a non-citizen...

The official Voters' Pamphlet, we all get in the mail every election, has stated for many years that ... those without proper ID CAN Vote in local elections, however they cannot in Federal elections.

Local DEM. officials call these a "provisional" ballot, it's what the 80,000 + illegal's did in the Robleto "Largest Fraud case in state history" DMV/DME case in Hillsborito. Illegals from all over used their new Voter reg. card as an "address" (a motel) to get their OR. drivers' lic.

I was in the Court room and saw this.

I bought a vowel can you read between the lines?

ps, you are the same idiots that agree with Governors handing out in-state Tuition to illegals (As DEM. Gov. of CA. signed this week), as long as they are... "working towards their Citizenship" ... which is impossible per Fed. law for any illegal already here to do.

pss, a friend and I took the full names, ages and county of 6 illegals busted in a major Mexican Mafia Marijuana grow in s. or. last year.

Four of those matched up on voter vault!

Anonymous said...

Hey “just the facts”…I hate to break this to you, but nothing you’ve written invalidates anything I wrote.

I am familiar with the Robleto scheme, and how those people obtained driver’s licenses. However, you are taking this information and – without even a single, solitary shred of evidence – concluding that you somehow “know” these illegal aliens voted. You are, quite illogically but comically, trying to conflate two issues: You’re assuming that because 80,000 people obtained driver’s licenses illegally, that those people also voted. This despite the reasons I cited that there is absolutely NO incentive for these people to vote, and EVERY incentive for them not to vote. And this despite the fact that you and I both know those voter ID cards were a means to an ends, and not the actual ends. (The end goal, of course, was to get a driver’s license.) Oh, but wait…you call your baseless accusation “reading between the lines”. Which I take as a euphemism for, “You’re right, I don’t have a shred of evidence that even a single vote was ever cast from those 80,000 illegal aliens, but I’m just going to assume that it’s true because I WANT it to be true.”

So, maybe you can tell us why after checking thousands of ballots over the last few years, the Oregon Sec. of State has found only two illegal aliens who voted? Because if what you implied is true, and there were 80,000 illegal aliens just passionately waiting to fulfill a deeply-felt civic obligation to vote (I’m trying not to laugh here), why have only two such votes been discovered? As I mentioned earlier, the simple laws of statistics tell us that if anything even close to 80,000 illegal aliens actually voted (or even 800, for that matter), you’d have more than two pop up out of those thousands of suspect ballots examined. And if you’re SO certain that you uncovered massive illegal alien voter fraud, why didn’t you and OFIR take those 80,000 names and cross-reference them with the voting roles? As you admitted, you have access to the tools to do this! And if what you are insinuating here was true, it seems like it would have been a slam-dunk, open-and-shut case for you and OFIR! But that was years ago and, to-date, no such investigation has been completed by you and/or the OFIR goons. Things that make you go “Hmmmm…”

And tell us…since you have a Carnak-like ability to “read between the lines”, and you apparently have insight into “facts” about illegal alien voting that no one else does, did you call the Oregon Secretary of State and report that you have knowledge of 80,000 illegal aliens voting??? They DO have a fraud line for reporting such things, and they DO take such reports seriously. So why have you not reported this? Oh, wait. I think I know why. It’s the same reason that you and OFIR haven’t “exposed” all those alleged illegal alien voters you claim exist. It’s because – and here’s the really, really funny thing – you don’t actually know of even a single illegal alien who voted.

Oh, and even though it was a total non-sequitur, and even though you have my own opinion on the matter 100% wrong (seems to be a theme with you), I also liked how you slipped in that bit about the DEM governor of California approving in-state tuition for illegals, but completely “forgot” to mention that one of the LEADING GOP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES did the same thing. LOL! Partisan hack much?

Yeah, buy a vowel, dude. And please, please stop lying!!!

Just the Facts... said...

Anon 4:49, I'm not a partisan hack at all. When a leader does something wrong I don't care what party they are with. With that said though most of the Illegal alien support nationwide has been approved by DEMOCRATS. That IS why they lost the House (in historic numbers).

We all know that Perry handed out tax monies to illegals (over 16,000students in the 1st year @ $100K each!)to help them get a college degree, so they can steal a job an American would definately do, without valid ID!?

We also know that massive immigration from the turd world in Texas gives it #1 status!

#1 in H.S. Dropouts

#1 in low wages/working poor

#1 in the uninsured

#1 in % of Pop. on foodstamps

#1 in % of Pop. on Medicaid

#1 in Teen Pregnancy/Rape

#1 in New jobs, last 4 years, to Illegals (census says 81% of new hires)

That is why Perry is over, done, not going too win.

Our leftie Democrat S.O.S. doesn't take the time to look for illegals voting silly. Why not?

A. hard to discover fraud when a person has not used any ID to register to vote. We found some because thier personal info was posted on the Jail listing w/an ICE hold.

B. The Video clips here provided by Daniel are proof that DEMOCRATS need/want the votes of the "needy" illegals, the Gov't Unions that pay for thier election campaigns need it so the hand out experts, i.e. Gov't employees, can keep their jobs.

C. The S.O.S. has been contacted and handed detailed info many many times over the years by OFIR, the Voter Integrity Project and some Legislatures.
The S.O.S. claims they "don't have the resources" to fully investigate, but do have the $ for coli pay increases, even with .01% inflation for the last decade, hmmm?

Anonymous said...


Every poor and old person in america has a S.S.# to get their benefits.

We could easily, at no extra cost, require all who register to vote to use that number! Duh!

Most recent legislative session this was introduced by republicans and the democrats would not even allow a hearing on it. Why not?

Anonymous said...

Hey "just the facts"...

Again, your "facts" just ain't so. For example, Texas doesn't lead the nation in % of population on food stamps. That honor belongs to Alabama. And the most teen pregnancies happen in Mississippi, at a rate of 71 per 1,000. Likewise, Nevada and Washington D.C. tie for the most high-school dropouts.

And those were just the first three of your "facts" I looked up. As I said before, for some strange reason, right-wing ideologues like you seem to enjoy just making up your own facts to suit your arguments. It's as if you really, truly don't care whether or not you're lying. I just adore that type of moral relativism in right-wingers. How totally ironic that you use the handle "just the facts", when so much of what you've written simply isn't factual.

And speaking of you lying, I don't believe that you handed the S.O.S. a list of suspect voters, and the SOS refused to investigate. I literally think you're just making that up, sort of like you just made-up those claims about Texas. But prove me wrong. Please let me know the date(s) that you contacted the S.O.S., who you spoke with, and who specifically told you that they "don't have the resources" to investigate suspect votes.

I'm very familiar with the SOS's office, and what you're telling me here simply doesn't jibe with what I know about how they run that organization. So please provide that information so I can confirm it. Yes, I do actually plan on confirming it. In fact, I personally know several people at the S.O.S.'s office, so it won't be hard for me to speak with the right people.

If I'm wrong, and you submitted info to the SOS that was ignored, I will apologize. But here's what I suspect will happen: you won't provide any details, because those details don't exist. You just made it up because it sounded like a good story. Sort of like you just made-up those facts about Texas.

You know, THIS is why most people don't trust you OFIR goons. You lack character and integrity, to the point where you're willing to lie about anything and everything to advance your agenda.

I'll be awaiting those details, but trust me...I certainly won't hold my breath. ;)

Anonymous said...

(A day later)

"Paging 'just the facts'...Paging 'just the facts'"...

You gonna let me know when you contacted the SOS and who you spoke with, or would you just like to admit that you made that story up, and no such thing ever happened?

Good thing I didn't hold my breath ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and "just the facts", I just discovered ANOTHER lie from you.

You claimed above that the inflation rate for the last decade was .01%. However, the actual inflation rate over the last decade was 2.56%. Or almost 300x greater than your phony, bogus number of .01%.

Did no one ever teach you that flat-out lying is a sign of poor character?

More irony from a person who calls himself "just the facts". Too bad you can't be sued for false advertising :)