Friday, February 11, 2011

It's almost like a parody but it's real in Eugene

Local officials commit to pushing for passage of Tuition Equity and Drivers License Access Legislation

Those present asked local elected officials from the cities of Eugene and Springfield, and the Lane County Board of Commissioners to work with CAUSA at the Oregon State Legislature for the restoration of driver's license and tuition equity.

By the close of the assembly, Mayor of Springfield, Christine Lundberg, Mayor of Eugene, Kitty Piercy, Lane County Commissioners, Rob Handy and Pete Sorenson and City Councilor of Springfield, Sherri Moore all committed to help in the effort to pass legislation for Driver’s License Access Restoration and Tuition Equity.

But the best part was the illegal alien who got up and made a fool of himself in front of all these people. You can watch the whole video but I have... documented... the funny parts for you below:

0:56 - "respect for rule of law are one of the most valuable principles of this country"
I'm not sure how the entire auditorium didn't burst out laughing at this one. It would be like Mark McGuire talking about playing fair in sports.

1:18 - "I'm undocumented, not illegal"
You are a criminal.

2:18 - "a drivers license that has allowed me to find a job and make an honest living"
It's not an honest living when you are working illegally.

3:20 "I have been struggling to learn English for the past six years"
This was said through an interpreter, again, I started laughing.

3:55 "I've never had an issue with the law"
Yes, you haven't been caught yet. The funnier part was when the audience started clapping enthusiastically. You know you are running with a bad crowd when "never been arrested" gets you applause.

5:31 "Don't turn me into someone who violates the law... for driving without a license"
The slight pause made that statement hilarious as well.

As of right now this video has 10 views, I'm guessing because I'm the only one who actually reads CAUSA's blog, but it is worth taking a few minutes. It's funnier than any cat video you might see on YouTube.

NOTE: CAUSA won't allow comments on their videos unless they approve first.


Anonymous said...

Time for a recall election. Less then 1/3rd of the voters in Eugene vote in elections and these loons get elected by a slim majority of those 1/3rd. If the rest of you don't wake up you will have to pay for what these nuts give away. Eugene is trying to push through an income tax for education. Simultaneously the school district is taking very public actions (days off school, cutting sports and music, etc.) to make it appear they are in deep economic trouble. But of course the income tax, if passed, will simply go to pay for the great pay and benefits the teachers get and not to improve education.

Anonymous said...

I've decided to help, since governmental entities are required to publish their budgets, here's a link:

Start looking for the 'great pay and benefits'.

Anonymous said...

Cool. I am glad that I live in Eugene. 800 people turned out to this thing? The clowns at ofir are lucky to get 8 in total. Something struck me about what Handy had to say at 2:10. Sounds like he is talking about the kooks and lyers at ofir. What'cha think?

Walt said...

Green card, then driver's license is the problem? Wait a minute, here. Would there be a problem with sex, then dinner?

Bobkatt said...

Handy looked and sounded like he was going to cry through the whole video. He's probably worrying about who's going to pay his legal bills.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Oregonians for immigration reform, how is their member Bruce the pedophile Benkles doing? Speaking of the law what are the chances that the group screaming the loudest about criminals has criminals in its midst?

Anonymous said...

"Don't turn me into someone who violates the law... for driving without a license"

It's their total disregard for the law is what caused all these problems in the first place.

Anonymous said...

"I'm undocumented... not illegal"

Color it any way that you want to... you're still in violation of the law and crossing international borders illegally.

"I have been in a car lots for five years... if I lose my license... I lose my job"

I hate to bother with details...but if you're undocumented... how are you working in the car lots?

And what car lot are you working and by the way?

DAVE01 said...

For six years this criminal alien has been trying to learn English. Is this the type of new immigrants to this once great nation that we want? If it takes him six years to attempt to learn English, he's a moron and we don't need idiots like that. We want people who will add to this nation, not take from it like he has.

Don't worry, he's typical democrat voter. Uneducated, stupid and easily led around by his nose. I wonder how many times he voted (that's another felony)?

I wonder how much he is sending back to his home country? I wonder how much he actually pays in taxes? That's probably another lie.

I bet pedophiles, murderers and other criminals don't think they are criminals either.

This individual obviously want sympathy for him and other criminal aliens. I wonder if he has the same sympathy for the American or legal immigrant whose job he stole and whose life was destroyed form a loss of a job?

What a zoo.

Anonymous said...

Here's the reality that the Miglavians cannot understand and will not accept: Social and economic change frequently gets ahead of the corresponding legal changes that go with it. Immigration is a fact of life. Always has been, always will be. Supply and demand will never go away, ever. So: Change the law, and let the Miglavians flap their gums about some other issue. You guys lost this battle decades ago. It doesn't speak highly of your powers of perception that you still haven't figured that out.

DAVE01 said...

You are defending criminal behavior because of the law of supply and demand? How are you benefiting from the criminal alien situation?

Immigration may be a fact of life; but illegal immigration should not be a fact that we have to put up with. CAN YOU SAY ILLEGAL! We only allow it because of people like you, schrader, wyden and other dirt bags with low morals and principles not doing the right thing. People like you are dragging our country down. Spin it any way you want, but that's the truth.

Anonymous said...

He is just the average sport-coat wearing, gang-banging Illegal Alien we see hanging at the mini-mart.

Anonymous said...

"While working as a lobbyist in 2001, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour worked for the Mexican government on legislation that would provide amnesty for foreigners living illegally in the United States, according to a State Department filing by his former lobbying firm."

DAVE01 said...

I guess we should also stop enforcing all criminal laws. Robbery, burglary and any others you can think of. Since there is supply and demand, we can fire most of the cops and judges. Hell, you have just solved most of our crime problems. We can also close most of our prisons and save tons of money. You are a genius.

Anonymous said...

It is not surprising that real life would be a parody to a bigot. Having a bunch of white racists sitting around bashing on some guy is parody enough.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 11:48 AM
We are getting the social and economic change into third world status.

ANON 3:12 PM
Keep throwing that racist word around with no evidence and it will soon have no value. I love it when people like you throw it around when there is none.

Answer me this genius, when did mexicans or hispanics become a race? I'm kinda confused since hispanics can be any race. I think that means white too. If I get you correct, whites are racist against white. Is that possible? I know the mexicans are very racist against all other races. It's taught to them in their constitution and I imagine in their schools. Do you ever call any non-white races racist? Can non-whites be racist? Hint: one prime example of racism by other races is by Obama and Holder.

Most of the racism we have seen in the last two years has been from the current president and his administration.

Anonymous said...


David Sonnenfield said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 1:28, also do not forget the cowboy boots/hat. Dont you know they are all cowboys with a ranch back in may-he-co? They loiter dressed in this ridiculous get-up trying to get the attention of 12 yr old children. How "macho" dont ya think?

Julie said...

I have been hit 3 times by an illegal Mexican under the influence. In one of these incidents, drugs were packaged for distribution inside the illegals car found by the sheriff. His buddy ran away as soon as he could kick the passenger door open and was never apprehended. All 3 times I was left with the physical therapy, financial loss (deductible) and a crime victim. They drive drunk people!! This is what they like to do, its that simple. I already do not feel safe on the road because they drive anyway, regardless if they are not licensed. The last thing we need to do is let them drive on our roads legally. They buy a beater of a car, then buy another one as soon as they have a DUI accident since they cannot get the car out of tow and pay fines. They know all too well how to manipulate the system and there are no real consequences. I am so sick of it! I have a hatred for these people that they have done their best to earn. Enough is enough! They bring nothing but disaster to our society.