Friday, February 11, 2011

Because they don't have enough money

The new Clackamas "trolley trail"
About $4.2 million in local and grant funds have been awarded for the design and construction of the trail. This funding is from a variety of sources. The largest portion is from Federal Transportation and funds for bicycle and pedestrian projects. These funds are awarded by Metro and administered through the Oregon Department of Transportation.

It's a 6 mile long dirt path that will cost $4.2 million dollars. Why does a dirt path cost so much? Maybe because they really really need a lot of public art to go with it!

Clackamas County Arts Alliance and North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District contracted a professional planning consultant to develop the Trolley Trail Public Art and Amenities Guide, which will be integrated into the existing Trail Master Plan.

Because government can't make a path through the woods without a professional planning art consultant.


Bikeman said...

Cut the crap, Miglavs. You'd be bitching about this if it only cost five bucks.

OregonGuy said...

I'm sure someone will view this idiocy as an investment...mebbe even a source of new jobs.

Where does the money for this come from? (Hint: it's not the government.)

Anonymous said...

A dirt path where it rains 85% of the time. That is super smart, sounds like the progressives are incharge here. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1047 is right. It is obvious the the City of Portland has more money than common sense ("Common Sense" is a definite contradiction in terms when it comes to the City of Portland). They want to build this trail to the tune of several million dollars, The creepy pedophile mayor is going to Spain to try to keep a company in Portland (he will likely fail on this one) and will probably hook up with a young Spanish boy while there. That makes me wonder if that is the true reason for the junket and the secondary effort will be in trying to keep a company in Portland.

With a city "government" such as Portland's, anything can and will happen.


Anonymous said...

"NBC's Richard Engel, who has done a brilliant job reporting from Egypt, gets the reaction to Obama's words live from Tahrir Square, where he is mobbed by young men chanting Obama's name and "We love America!"

Anonymous said...

Revolution in Egypt, a dictator falls.

Miglavs wants to talk about a dirt path.

Anonymous said...