Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Your OFIR dollars at work

Oregonians for Immigration Reform has billboards back up! Not just this one but a digital billboard with constantly changing messages.

If you have suggestions/ideas for the digital board please leave comments. If you would like to help keep these billboards going consider making a donation to the OFIR PAC.

Remember that with your Oregon political tax credit you can make a contribution and get the money back when you file your taxes. Stopping illegal aliens and keeping money away from government at the same time, this is my happy place!


Anonymous said...

Are we ever going to hear why Oregonians for Immigration Reform had thier website hosted by New Nation News, a overtly racist website?

We know Jim Ludwig and Frank Brehm were running ofir at the time and still run it now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel, here's a suggestion for the billboard: Why not return the favor to New Nation News? Post their web address up there. You know what they say, birds of a feather ...

Anonymous said...

New Nation's Oregonians for Immigration Reform! HooRaaa Appears they like to use the N word over there.

Anonymous said...

"OFIR welcomes you to Miglavia"

Anonymous said...

hmm, can't spell jim's name correctly and frank hasn't been with ofir since he was replaced at work, after 24 yr.s, by a foreign national, yeah we really respect your attempts at calling these great guys a racist and you are so well informed, not.

do you still support an open border with our #1 drug suppliers to our nation, obviously you do.

hey far left ignorant dumb ass, your job or your daughter is next...thought i would do some name calling too.

Anonymous said...

For those that appreciate the FACTS:

The Impact of Unauthorized
Immigrants on the Budgets of
State and Local Governments


Most unauthorized immigrants are prohibited from receiving many of the benefits that the federal government provides through Social Security and such need-based programs as Food
Stamps, Medicaid (other than emergency services), and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

At the same time, the federal government requires that state and local governments provide certain services to individuals, regardless of their immigration status or ability to pay, in order for those states or localities to participate in some of its assistance programs.

Various court decisions also restrict the authority of state and local governments to avoid or constrain the cost of providing services to unauthorized immigrants who reside in their jurisdictions. In general, state and local governments bear much of the cost of providing certain public services—
especially services related to education, health care, and law enforcement—to individuals residing in their jurisdictions.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget those "great guys" over at New Nation News.


Anonymous said...

Nice try anon, Frank Brehm is listed as a current registered agent for Oregonians for Immigration Reform.

Brehm was listed as the main contact for OFIR when the site was hosted by New Nation. They can hide it, but it never goes away on the all seeing internet. If you want to see the screen print to save time, just go here

Even FAIR recognized that both Brehm and Ludwick were "OFIR's leaders".

If you need more, just do a simple google search and there is gobs of info. Now what was your question?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:17, a couple Miglavians "explained" the New Nation thing this summer, explained it away, as far as they were concerned.

Let me sum up their "explanation" for you: "Nothing to see here, move along, nothing to see."

These are guys who, if it came out that the National Socialist Party had hosted the web archive for the Democratic Party of Oregon (as a "public service") for a couple years before offering them "best wishes," would be pounding on that drum for the next quarter century. But OFIR/New Nation? Nothing to see, Anon. Nothing to see. There's a perfectly reasonable "explanation" that (surprise!) exonerates OFIR and its Miglavian brownshirts of any hint of bigotry.

Anonymous said...

Hey Miglavs, what was the funniest Mexican joke you ever heard Bruce Benkle tell during one of your work site protests? You know, before he was arrested.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming you are the same anon idiot. Why don't you go back to propositioning your mother in her basement.

Blacks also use the n word. They also call whites crackers and other nasty names. Am I assuming correctly that you are whining to them about their racist policies? Why don't you man up and go after the new black panthers. You also need to go after the racist la raza and those other racist mexican groups. In fact, why don't you go to the mexican border on the mexican side and enlighten them. You can make everyone play nice with each other.

I wonder how long a big bad pussy like you would live.

You are a prime example of the dumbing down of the public education. Some illegal alien stole your education and you are too stupid to know it. Now that is funny. You are too dumb to know you are dumb.

Anonymous said...

I apologize anon, your basement. I'm sure you don't let your mother into "your" basement without permission. Wink, wink, we know it is in her house.

Anonymous said...

How's Bruce doing, Anon 1:47? Are you two still keeping in touch?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Miglavia, where:

Why don't you go back to propositioning your mother in her basement...

... constitutes a deeply considered and intellectually sound argument.

Anonymous said...

How good of OFIR to clutter the Oregon horizon with their hysterical bullshit. Actually, I think we'd all be better off with a few thousand fewer billboards advertising anything. Visual litter as far as I'm concerned.

bruce said...

Hey Anonymous, I never met Daniel, never talked to him in person nor ever told him any "jokes". It's been a couple of years and your still trying to drag my name into your posts....enough already!! You dirty coward, keep my name out of your dirty little mouth and leave me out of your diatribes. I'm out, I'm fine but I still read all these blogs...I just never really responded until now. Obviously, you know me, but I would appreciate it if you left my name out of these discussions unless you have the decency to let me know who you are...but I don't think you do. You would rather hide in the shadows and put your raunchy crap up here anonomously...hence the name.

Find watches said...

Are we ever going to hear why Oregonians for Immigration Reform had thier website hosted by New Nation News, a overtly racist website?We know Jim Ludwig and Frank Brehm were running ofir at the time and still run it now.