Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Racism by any other name would stick as much

DHS: Spending our tax dollars on racial/gender quotas!

Accomplishments, 2007 2009 Biennium
We are committed to continuing our leadership role in Oregon state government in the recruitment, hiring and retention of a diverse workforce. In our department, as of June 30, 2008, women represented 73.9% of our workforce; people of color represented 17.7%; and people with disabilities who have voluntarily self-identified represented 5.0% of the over-all
workforce. Women represented 68.9% of all employees at salary range 24 and above.

di·verse adj composed of distinct or unlike elements or qualities

But DHS-speak says that "diverse" means "women and minorities." A room comprised of 100% lesbians of color would qualify as "diverse" in their world.

The DHS client population continues to be more culturally diverse. This trend toward a multi cultural client population will continue as immigration from around the globe continues.

No kidding, I thought that people didn't come here for welfare.

Corrective Action Strategies
A. Upper and Middle management:
This category should increase by 5 people of color.

C. Technicians:
This category should increase by 3 people of color.

G. Skilled craft:
This category should increase by 4 women, 1 person of color and 1 person
with a disability.

Can you imagine being that "1 personwith a disability" who gets hired/promoted to fill this quota? How does the job interview go?

Applicant: So as you can see on my resume I have experience in the area of...

Interviewer: (interrupting) Yes, yes, but are you disabled?

And for the record: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin... but white males don't count.


Anonymous said...

They say that by the year 2025, or thereabouts, white citizens will be the 'minority' in this country. Will whites finally be able to reap the benefits of "diversity hiring" or other such quotas?

When is this madness going to end? Is this a priority of the general public or only the guilty white bureaucrats and race hustlers such as Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, SPLC, etc.? I could be wrong but I would bet that most people who are not connected to government, media, higher ed., etc. are tired of this crap, especially in light of the election of Obama.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so the concern is that white citizens will be in the minority. I thought this was about "illegal aliens." Hmmmm. An interesting range of opinions one finds among the Miglavians. What say you, Miglavs? Do you share this concern about whites and blacks ... or are we really just talking about the browns? ;-)

Anonymous said...

What concerns me now is this "hate crimes" bill in congress right now the expressly forbids any white person or person of religion from being victims of a "hate crime." The law does not apply to them. Eric Holder has been quoted on this, so google it if you want to argue that point.

Frankly, this should scare the hell out of everyone. Why are we in society allowing people to "pigon hole" everyone. You are part of this group...but not that one. What the hell? This country is looking more and more like Animal Farm by HG Wells...where some are more equal then others. This is wrong and a slipery slope to tyrany.

Even Daniels spell checking stalker should fear this.

Hal Lillywhite said...

Too many of these government actions are in flagrant violation of the Gander Test for discrimination.

You can find information about that test at

I believe I am the first person to devise such a test, at least under that name.

Bobkatt said...

Hal-love your website but you have to admit that your last name is a bit disconcerting when discussing racial issues.

Hal Lillywhite said...

Well, Bobkat, my last name came down from my ancestors and is actually relatively common in England. I'm not going to hide it and hope people will look at the ideas and thinking I publish.

Thanks for your kind words about the blog.

Bobkatt said...

Hal- I tried to post a comment on your blog but was not able to. Is it you or me?

DAVE01 said...

Hal, on your blog, you mentioned that you were in the airborne infantry. Which unit were you in? I was in the 82nd abn in the Reagan's second term.

Hal Lillywhite said...

Bobkat: The site was set at the default which was to allow comments by registered users only. I just changed it to allow comment from anyone. My guess is that you can post comments now.

Dave01: I was in the 1st Battalion, 509th infantry, stationed in Germany. That was part of the 8th infantry division. That was 1970-71, a bit before you were in.

Anonymous said...

Let me aks one question.
Iam a white male , approx 45 years of age ,. If I get beat up and put in the hospital by a group of blacks , or hispanics and during thre beeting they are yelling. this is my world , and its a black world . Or what ever (white people suck ) wuold this not be a hate crime ? probably not because you can not have a hate crime aginist a white person . Heaven forbid if i would be a Christian !!!!!!!!

Justinntug said...

Hal- I tried to post a comment on your blog but was not able to. Is it you or me?