Monday, July 06, 2009

Public Service Announcement

The recall of Sam Adams begins tomorrow. Find out how to help HERE.

We will file the recall paperwork on July 7 at 9:30 a.m. at Portland City Hall. Once the city auditor's office approves our paperwork, we will be allowed to start collecting signatures. The campaign will host training events on July 9, 10, 11 and 12 to train signature collectors and distribute recall petitions.


Anonymous said...

Just curious Daniel, but aren't you a resident of Washington County? If so, what is your interest in Portland City affairs? Shouldn't the citizens of Portland run with this entirely by themselves, and decide for themselves - without outside influence - who should be their mayor?

I'm guessing you're ok with George Soros trying to influence Oregon elections, even though those elections have nothing to do with him? Because in principle, it's the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Daniel can't even generate any interest among his fellow Miglavians over this one. Another post with so much promise, fizzes out.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:39, maybe it's because those other posters don't live in Portland proper, and they - unlike Daniel - understand that it's not their battle to fight.

Anonymous said...

I live in Portland. I don't think most Portlanders care about Sam's affair with the boy gigolo. The recall will fail.

Anonymous said...

Since Daniel didn't do any jail time for his clearly ILLEGAL activity from his gang-bang days, I propose that we recall him from the blogosphere. Is there a way to do that? Where do I sign?

Anonymous said...

I think Anon 5:42 is right.

While few people "approve" of Adams' behavior, and while most Portlanders probably do understand that Adams lied about various matters, at the end of the day what voters really care about is how well Adams governs Portland.

Most people don't believe that Adam's sex life is the public's business anyhow, and are apt to see intrusions into that sex life as a conservative witch hunt. This actually helps Adams, which is a point I don't think the anti-Adams crowd fully appreciates.

In addition, conservatives need to be careful how they approach this. If they attempt a recall and it fails (as it likely will), this will be a strong sign of just how weak the conservative movement is in Portland. That they don’t possess the political power or, quite frankly, command the respect needed to recall a mayor who likely did engage in illegal and unbecoming activities, is a sure sign that Portland’s right-wing is impotent and virtually a non-player in Portland politics. I’m not certain this is a card they should want to show. But then, miscalculation has been the only thing the right-wing HAS been good at the last couple years.

They truly do not have their pulse on what the public wants, and they are about ready to demonstrate that once again with their recall attempt of Sam Adams.

Hey right-wingers…here’s to mud in your eyes!

Anonymous said...

Willamette Week has a good article on this issue. In it, they spell out why it is unlikely Adams will be recalled:

1. The guy heading this up (Wurster) needs $25,000. He only has $3,000.

2. They need 2,000 volunteers to get signatures. They have only 600. (And those 600 are people who merely registered. Many of THOSE 600 won't show up when the time comes to actually work. I suspect there are also several "plants" on the volunteer list...i.e., people who support Sam Adams and are trying to make Wurster believe he has more volunteers than he really does.) Of course, I would NEVER do that myself! (wink wink)

3. Wurster hit up Don McIntire's Executive Club for donations. They didn't seem impressed. McIntier said he thought Wurster was a "thoughtful" young guy, but that he didn't know how hard of a worker he was. LOL! It was basically a vote of no-confidence by conservative scion McIntire.

So, keep weeping wackos. Sammy is here to stay. (Man, you guys can't win NOTHIN' these days, can you?)