Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Conspiracy theory

I got my notice that PGE is putting in my new "Smart meter" which will allow the company to DO ALL KINDS OF WONDERFUL THINGS oh and by the way regulate or just flat out shut off my power remotely.

It was then that I thought about the fact that the government owns GM. GM uses Onstar. Onstar is a program that can track and even SHUT OFF YOUR CAR REMOTELY.

Well what if to SAVE THE PLANET we needed to be told to only use our electricity and cars every other day of the week?


Aurelius said...

Part of creating the new "Smart Grid" is the ability to cut off or limit power consumption, remotely.

My question is: Will the Power Company hold the keys, or will there be some Governmental Oversight board or person who makes the decisions?

Yet another step to strangling Capitalism.

In today's world, he who controls Energy, controls everything.

Anonymous said...

Do you really, actually, truly believe your own bullshit, Daniel?

Anonymous said...


you are like one of those birds that keeps it head in the sand and ass in the air.

I frankly, think Daniel has a good point. I also agree with Aurelius, this is another assult on capitalism.

What are the libs to do when they run out of other people's money?

Roadrunner said...

Is the idea that this was forced on PGE by the government anything more than wild speculation?

This was PGE's idea. It's a way for them to make more money. How is that an assault on capitalism?

Anonymous said...

easy. it is called control. we are watching the slow death of the market driven economy.

Anonymous said...

I think it is more sinister. Not today, not next week, but there will come a time when people who are out of favor for one reason or another will be unable to drive, heat their homes or even buy food. The remote switches have made it a simple task.
Good catch, Daniel.

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Roadrunner said...

Okay, I understand the wariness of control, but the assumption that it's the government seems to have no basis in reality.

This is control from a private company. I personally find that scarier than control by the government (since, at least in theory, the government is us), but it says a lot about some of the people here that because something is bad, you assume it's coming from the government, despite the total lack of evidence to support that view.

Anonymous said...

Yet another step to strangling Capitalism.

I hope the government will cut capitalism in half in four years to get it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub

Roadrunner said...

As usual, when presented with facts that show they have no idea what they're talking about, the righties turn tail.

Anonymous said...

Roadrunner, I'm laughing at you. Not because I disagree with you. In fact, I agree with you 100%.

I'm laughing, because you're actually trying to have an intelligent conversation with people ill-equipped for it.

Pointing out obvious questions like, "How do any of you KNOW that the government had anything to do with PGE's decision to install these meters?", will get you nowhere.

And further pointing out that PGE may be doing this to make themsleves more efficient, and thus more profitable, and thus ADVANCING a capitalist interest, will also get you nowhere with those for whom logical thinking does not compute.

You see, this website generally caters to the right-wing. Specifically, the more fringe members of the right-wing. As such, anytime they can entertain the idea that the gub'mit is out to get them, they will. As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, the fringe right is always looking to make the case that government is necessarily a force for evil, and that it is trying to rob them of "their precious, bodily fluids".

I almost suspect that with this post, Daniel was just chumming the waters here, seeing if he could get a liberal reaction. Unfortunately, he also got the usual cadre of wackos who are entirely ready to believe that PGE's business initiatives are REALLY government programs to control them.

Yet more evidence that the right-wing in this country is increasingly comprised of the bat-shit crazy.

Anonymous said...

Do socialists not understand who pays the bills for their dreamy programs?

That would be the capitalists, if you want the death of capitalism, you must want the death of socialism....WHO WILL PAY?

Remember they only way socialism works in any way shape of form is with other peoples money. ( I use the term 'works' very loosely here)

Perhaps if some of the socialists libs actually got a job they just might understand some economics.

Anonymous said...

Yes Anon 10:10, bavely slay that socialist straw man!

I don't know of a single major political figure who is arguing that we need to revert our entire economy to socialism. And yet, right-wing loonies like you keep talking as if this mythical person actually exists.

Roadrunner said...

Anon 9:23,

Oh, I'm perfectly aware of the futility of having an intelligent conversation with these right wingers.

I mean, one of their own, Patrick Joubert Conlon, appears to have posted something by an "unnamed, unlinked" blogger that he appears to have made up. When I started pointing it out on other blogs (I'm banned from his blog--like so many righties, he has a very thin skin), he removed it without comment.

Then, other righties started attacking me for pointing out Patrick's fraud.

So, I'm under no illusions about the right's capacity for intelligent conversation. But by acting as if they could, then having them repeatedly fall short, it shows the world what they are.

Roadrunner said...

Oh, then there was David Gulliver, attempting to make a political point by bragging about his penis size:

Then there's another who seems to be okay with people breaking the law, as long as it's hurting someone she doesn't like:

Anonymous said...

As long as we're showing our battle scars from the ongoing war against ignorance, my own personal favorite from the Miglavian Hall of Shame is Anthony DeLucca's infamous "FBI/INS Statistical Report." :-)

Roadrunner said...

Anon 1:43, yes, that's a classic.

Of course, just making stuff up has worked well for Rush and Lars, so the adoring hordes think it will work for them, too.

Dan said...

Civil War. That is what is coming to this country. Let's see, I think that the conservatives own about 258 million guns in this country.

James said...

The time for "intelligent conversation" is over.

Three ways to ensure freedom;
1. Soap Box
2. Ballot box
3. Ammo box.

We have learned that 1 and 2 don't work.

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Dan and James, giving us all a couple more reasons why right-wing Republicans haven't a shred of credibility anymore: You can't win an argument, you don't like the way the discussion is going, so you roll out your Rambo fantasies, beat your chests like apes and talk about how you can hardly wait for the shooting to start. Two words for you, buds: FUCK YOU. If you don't like living in this country and can't act like responsible adults and conduct yourself in a reasonable and mature manner with people you happen to disagree with, then go away. Far away.

Anonymous said...

This might be a good spot for our resident expert on rule-of-law, Daniel Miglavs, to remind Dan and James that shooting at people simply because you don't like their political views is ... well, illegal.

can't believe my eyes said...

So let me get this straight: Number 2, the ballot box, doesn't work? How does it not work? The guy you wanted to win lost the race, so it follows that elections -- the entire system of elections in a free and democratic society -- "don't work"? That's reason to pick up a gun and shoot people?

I didn't realize state hospital patients were allowed to post comments on the Internet. How many hours a day do you get out of your straitjacket, pal? What meds are you on? Or maybe the more appropriate question is ... what meds did you stop taking?

Scottiebill said...

Anon 5:30: You really ought to follow your own advice and leave if you don't like what the right thinking, conservative posters here have to say. No one will stop you.

Bye Bye. And please forget to write.

Scottiebill said...

Can't believe 8:35: You got it wrong. The lady we wanted to win lost the race, having been dragged down by her running mate. And the one we wanted to lose, won, put into place by 52% of the American voters, including the ACORN crooks, but now 100% of the American people are suffering the consequences.

And, Can't, I will ask you the same question - How long did it take for you to get out of your strait jacket?

Roadrunner said...


You're missing the point. It appears that righties only believe in democracy when they win. When they lose, then they start talking about shooting the people that beat them.

Which just goes to show you, right wingers don't believe in the rule of law, they believe in the drool of law.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy reigns in Miglavia.

Recall the Bush years, when more rational folk (I'm talking about mainstream Americans, not the half dozen or so anarchist freaks who show up in anti-war marches) made criticisms of the administration, of the war -- and subsquently faced a cannon blast of indignation from the Palin/Cheney/Limbaugh wing of the GOP, accusing us of being "anti-American," of even being treasonous.

Now the tables are turned; The D's win one, win it big, and the Miglavian wingnut faction throws up their arms, concludes that discussion and the ballot box "don't work," and that the only remaining recourse is to take up arms and start shooting liberals.

When rational voices emerge to point out that such an approach is problematic (not to mention against the law and borderline psychotic) in a democratic society, Miglavian Scottiebill cries foul. It's we who don't understand. It's us who need to leave.

Pull your head out of your ass, Mr. ScottieBill, and smell what you and your fellow fascist pig Miglavians are shoveling. It stinks to high Heaven.

Roadrunner said...

Imagine the outrage among righties if lefties had said that they needed to turn to the "ammo box" during the Bush administration.

Scottiebill said...

Roadrunner, YOU are missing the point. It seems that when you libs win whatever office your man wins, you gloat, then blame the past administration for all the ills that have befallen the country since the turn of the last century, and denigrate any conservative that comes along with opinions that do not fit into your twisted scheme of things.

And Anon 11:59: read your own post. You want those of us that disagree with your narrow ideas and mindsets to leave. So, I will say it again - follow your own advice. Or do you not have the courage of your own convictions?

MAX Redline said...

Oh, I'm perfectly aware of the futility of having an intelligent conversation with these right wingers.

I mean, one of their own, Patrick Joubert Conlon, appears to have posted something by an "unnamed, unlinked" blogger that he appears to have made up. When I started pointing it out on other blogs (I'm banned from his blog--like so many righties, he has a very thin skin), he removed it without comment.

Then, other righties started attacking me for pointing out Patrick's fraud.


You're such a dork. Nobody ever attacked you. Some folks simply pointed out that you were attempting to hijack the threads of other bloggers. That's a fact; not an attack. You run around to other blogs with your rant about somebody else, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the threads of the blogs you invaded. In the words of Ronald Reagan to Jimmuh Cahtah: well, there you go again.

You pull the same crap everywhere you go, as we've seen here. Oops, you did it again. Right here.

You've revealed yourself as a narccistic idiot; you were chastised for doing so. Yet you continue to run around like an untrained puppy. You are evidently incapable of learning.

It has nothing to do with right-wing, left-wing, or any other wings. You have a long and well-demonstrated history of running into people's living rooms, pooping on the carpets, and complaining about the fact that some then choose to place you on a chain in the back yard.

It'd be one thing if you were simply ignorant; that can be addressed through education. Stupidity, however, appears to be incurable - as you've aptly demonstrated across the blogosphere.

LW said...

So ScottieBill, for the sake of discussion, let's say every word in your reply to Roadrunner is absolutely true and correct.

Are you seriously suggesting that gloating over electoral wins, blaming the former administration for current social and economic ills, and denigrating conservatives are legitimate grounds for concluding that elections "don't work?" Do these three outrageous crimes against humanity -- gloating, blaming and denigrating -- justify, in YOUR opinion, taking up arms against your political opponents?

I realize you aren't the one who spelled it out in those terms, but nothing you've said suggests that you disagree in the slightest with this yammering about ammo boxes, guns and civil war, and you've left the general impression that you agree wholeheartedly with them.

What is your position?

Anonymous said...

It has become way to dangerous to expose meter readers to all that Diversity.

Anonymous said...

In 2000, the wildest election in U.S. history was settled by a controversial 5-4 partisan Supreme Court decision to appoint the Republican candidate who had won fewer actual votes than the Democratic candidate.

In 2008, after the Democratic candidate defeated the Republican candidate in a landslide, James concludes that elections "don't work" and hints that it's time for the "ammo box."

This is how Miglavians "think."

Welcome to Miglavia.

Roadrunner said...

In right-wing world, posting the truth about right-wing misdeeds, such as posting phony stories, is "pooping on the carpet."

Childishness is rampant among right-wingers, as is cowardice. Note the huge amount of name-calling that comes from right-wingers. Lefties aren't immune, but it just doesn't seem to be the constant that it is from the righties. Also note how many righty blogs delete comments that call them on their B.S., and ban people outright.

I would have posted something on Patrick's blog, or at least emailed him, but he banned me for some perceived slight, and he shows no email address on his profile.

And Max continues to go after me for pointing out that Patrick posted a bogus story, then removed it without owning up to his shenanigans.

Patrick's actions are bad enough, but for Max to attack the messenger shows that he cares not a whit about ethics.

Meanwhile, it appears that the righties are calling for violent revolution.

MAX Redline said...

In right-wing world, posting the truth about right-wing misdeeds, such as posting phony stories, is "pooping on the carpet."

No, little boo-hoo boy. Running around to other sites with your phoney grievances is the issue. Your continued efforts to divert from the original post in order to air your "woe is me" junk is the functional equivalent of running ito somebody else's living room and taking a dump, then proclaiming your victimhood.

Also note how many righty blogs delete comments that call them on their B.S., and ban people outright.

Name one blog where you've been banned - aside from the one you run a continuing diatribe against.

You think bojack's a righty, do ya?

Try pulling your crap over there on the leftist site and see what happens.

It's clear that you can't contribute to the conversations at hand - instead, you run in and try to hijack the threads while claiming that you're a victim. That's what I despise about you, Roadkill. And Max continues to go after me

Wah! Wah! I invade other blogs with my crap and mean ol' Max goes after me! Wah! And Wah! again.

You wanna rant about some other blogger? Fine. Start your own blog. Hell, you can come over to mine, and I might even start a new page for your rantings.

Oh, but these options would take intestinal fortitude, which you clearly lack. No, it's easier to run around like an untrained puppy.

As your actions have clearly demonstrated, that's all you are.

Roadrunner said...

Name one blog where you've been banned - aside from the one you run a continuing diatribe against.

Well, Patrick banned me before the bogus posting, so I couldn't point it out on his blog. Since he hides his email address, I couldn't email him about the situation.

Once pointed out, rather than owning up to it like an adult, he took it down as quietly as he could.

And the point still stands--you have no problem with the fact that he posted something he attributed to an "unnamed, unlinked" blogger, that he had, apparently, entirely made up himself.

There has not a single comment from you about Patrick's dishonest behavior. Not one. I guess lying is acceptable to you as long as it's on your side.

And, since Patrick won't let me comment on it, it seems appropriate to discuss his behavior on allied websites.

And you've banned me, Max. So has the guy who admires the Star Trek folks who all think alike.

I haven't been banned by Bojack. I would characterize him as a righty, but I also wouldn't characterize him as a lefty.

Roadrunner said...

Max, a question for you.

Given that Patrick banned me, and doesn't display an email address, how do you feel I should have called attention to his apparently bogus post?

Cameron Hanson, Ashland OR said...

I have been reading these posts. What I don't understand is why there is an "anonymous" identity. Where I come from, from the "Letters to the Editor" world, unless you identified yourself, your comments were ignored as unworthy of publication.
It's easy to speak ill when you hide.

MAX Redline said...

And you've banned me, Max.

Really? In all the years I've run my blog, I've banned precisely one inDuhvidual: IP address And that was because the fool would not stop tossing around the F-bomb amid other verbally abusive conduct, even after I sent a United Nations-style "strongly worded memo" advising that person to cease such conduct.

Do you claim to be that inDuhvidual, Runner?

It's clear that you can't contribute to the conversations at hand - instead, you run in and try to hijack the threads while claiming that you're a victim.

Feel free to point out to us how your accusations against another blogger have any relevance to the discussion at hand, as I believe that it centered upon the implementation of "smart grid" techology as a means of remotely (and unilaterally) controlling energy consumption.

Road said...


All I know is that the last couple of times I've tried to comment on your site, my comment has disappeared within seconds. From where I sit, that looks like a ban.

Road said...


I just tried once again to post a comment on your website. It appeared briefly, then disappeared, so it seems that I am, in fact, banned.

No wonder you have no problem with Patrick posting bogus accusations.

MAX Redline said...


Is your IP address

That is the only address that has been banned in the history of the blog; it was done because the user failed to abide by well-defined terms of use, even after being warned.

It has been rather a long period since that ban was imposed, so I'll pull that. If you can comment there afterward, then it would appear that you were in fact the anon who peppered every sentence with expletives.

Behave as an adult; be treated as one.

Roadrunner said...

Max, that is not my IP address.

It appears that you're having problems with the truth. When I post something, it disappears within seconds, yet you claim that you have only ever banned one person, and it's not my IP address.

Is your memory faulty?

Oh, and you haven't answered my question about how I should have responded to what appears to be a bogus posting by Patrick Joubert Conlon. Should I have just ignored it? Do you really think that making bogus allegations is acceptable behavior?

Anonymous said...

My theory: Max and Roadrunner are in love.

Samantha said...

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