Friday, February 13, 2009

Training for work you can't do

Bill: financial aid to illegal immigrant students in Washington
OLYMPIA, Wash. — Illegal immigrant students could get state financial aid for college under a bill being considered by Washington state lawmakers.

The measure would expand current law to allow illegal immigrant students to be eligible for a state need grant program, which provided around $182 million in financial aid for 72,000 students in 2008.

As the circular argument goes: illegal aliens only do the jobs that Americans won't do. It seems that some of those jobs require a college education.

But the real problem is this: illegal aliens and their supporters in the Washington legislature want the taxpayers to fund job training for people WHO ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE A JOB!

All of this is done to normalize illegal behavior and in anticipation of amnesty, that is the one we must stop. We did it before and we will do it again.


Anonymous said...

"All of this is done to normalize illegal behavior and in anticipation of amnesty, that is the one we must stop. We did it before and we will do it again."

Blah, blah, blah. No you won't.

Not that I expect you to have any compassion, but there is a relatively large group of undocumented people here whose parents brought them as young children. They have been completely socialized in the United States, and they, especially, deserve amnesty. Because they cannot legally work, and probably have higher professional aspirations than their parents, they often just stay in school and go to college. I know several of them. They're vastly more intelligent than the undereducated mob known as Miglavia.

As usual, Miglavs, you're a prick. Sucks to be you.

Anonymous said...

The Government in there non stop quest to control all of us via Socialism will continue to spend OUR money foolishly as fast as possible so that we will have nothing left in our paychecks after all the Government "free" services are given to the "needy".
Then we will ALL have to depend on big Brother, as the Democrats have been planning for a long time obviously.

Example, the DEMOCRAT only supported "Stimulus" bill is now 35% tax breaks for us that work and own compaies and actually grow the economy, yet the majority of this bill 65% is more Government "programs" i.e. Handouts to any and all.

As Newsweek magazine pointed out, soon YOU will be a fool for working and should just live on the dole like those people in France and England.

"Parents came illegally not kids fault" - Hey FUCK YOU! If Dad is a drug dealer those Kids are taken away even though it wasn't there fault.

What a Great Lesson for the next generation - it's not your fault Mom & Dad are criminals so here we will Reward you with the taxpayers money, as if a K-12 ultra expensive Bilingual education and "free" health care all your life isn't enough "help".

Gee wonder where that Idiot in CA with the New 8 babies, while already having 6, with no job or Man to help, got her entitlement mentality? DUH!



curious said...

Why are you so obsessed with illegal immigration, Daniel? Has this had a direct impact on you personally in some way? You seem to spend an awful lot of time thinking about it and writing about it, and probably, in your real-world life, talking about it.


Anonymous said...


The reasons are quite simple, and this Miglavian tendency to obsess over the outsiders in our midst goes all the way back to our founding fathers. Ben Franklin lamented that the arrival of Germans to the new country was going to tear the national fabric apart. It was the same with the Irish in the 1800s and the Italians and Poles in the early 1900s, and the Japanese and Chinese in California and is now the case with the Mexicans.

The history of race relations in this country is replete with examples of the dregs, the cultural wreckage, of this society needing to scapegoat a racial minority in order to enhance their own sense of social position. Thus, today, we have Miglavs, a high school dropout and ex-con with understandably few prospects for upward mobility taking the role paralleling the working class whites who populated the KKK in the Jim Crow Era south.

Insofar as he can blame all of the problems confronting his shitty life on illegal immigrants, it allows him to go through life feeling superior to at least someone.

Hence, he shows up at day labor sites, camera rolling, and intimidates presumably illegal immigrants who work harder every day than he ever has in his pathetic life. But ultimately, he's a fucking coward who lacks the balls to confront the corporate power structure that is responsible for the presence of an undocumented workforce in the first place. That would make him seem like a communist, and he hates anything smelling like socialism, which is to say he hates nearly everything, because he interprets nearly every unfolding event as the onset of socialism.

If his output on this blog is any indication, Miglavs is wholly enveloped in hateful energy. He spends his free time perusing government web sites for ever increasing signs that, boo hoo, they've got it out for whitey; and browsing official lists of undocumented criminals in order to assure himself that he's right in asserting that all illegal immigrants in this country, contrary to established social science research, are prone to violence.

The conservative ideology in this country is in crisis. The general sentiment within the Republican party is that they need to redefine themselves and increase the size of their tent. Illegal immigration will be taken off the table as a wedge issue. This will play right into Daniel's opinion of himself as a true conservative endowed by God with the responsibility of defending the cultural and racial purity of the nation.

But at the end of the day, he's just an ex-con high school dropout who writes a caustic blog that a few people read and that makes him feel good. His identity seems intertwined with illegal immigration, and once the congress passes legislation granting amnesty, and puts the issue to rest for a while, I suspect Miglavs will go through a bit of an identity crisis. It's at this point, that he might finally snap.

curious said...

Oh, I know that. I just wanted to hear him say it. :-)

Actually, I'm fascinated by the Miglavian mind at work. It's quite a thing to see, because I really do believe that when Miglavs and other Miglavians say they are not racists and bigots, I believe that they believe it. And yet, I suspect at a much deeper level, they understand (maybe just subconsciously, but we know that the subconscious exerts a powerful force on human behavior) and have quietly accepted that they are bigots and racists.

I also think it's interesting that they really do, maybe more than most people, exhibit the behavior of people who are literally under siege, like caged animals. They're furious ... and yet, they're mad at the wrong people. To the extent that "illegal aliens" can be blamed on any particular person or political party, they are gleefully oblivious to the fact that the Republicans and Democrats haved acted in concert over the last several decades to construct a system that not merely facilitates illegal immigration, but requires it. Look at Nafta and GATT. Have you ever seen a Miglavian raise a finger in protest? I haven't. But Miglavs has spent a lot of time honing his skills at navigating the web site for the University of Oregon and the Oregon Department of Administrative Services. The culprits are in there somewhere, I'm telling you!

On the other hand, we're also talking about human nature and thousands of years of history at work. People everywhere, on every contintent, since they were able to put one foot in front of the other, have gone to where the work (or food) is.

This is not new, and it will NEVER change. Ever. What is new are national boundaries that are usually the result of imperial conquest, often arbitrarily drawn (look at what a terrific job Britain did with Iraq post-WWII)and also the existence of government agencies (wait, don't Miglavians hate the government?) who say, "You can't go there, go back." Etc.

Amazingly, they're able to sweep all that shit aside, and blame it on "phags" and "libs."

That's why I keep coming back here. It's like going to the zoo, to look at the animals. They are lab specimens, glaring examples of America's worst qualities.

Anonymous said...

just as in the Bible, there are no contradictions in Miglavia!

Anonymous said...

you're all bigots, read up on the meaning of the word, has nothing to do with race color creed.

Anonymous said...

What a giddy thrill it is to have a Miglavian encourage me to "read up" on something. What sweet irony.

Anonymous said...

I used to hear how activist you were and now you dont even mention everify . nor do you update your contact list to the right Bush is no longer president , smith was voted out of office, some of the blogs you have listed havent been posted on in two years.I guess having a state employee who is mexican in the family made you soft

Anonymous said...

Taking Stock and Correcting Course: MPI Issues Recommendations for Executive Branch
Improvements of DHS Immigration Functions

WASHINGTON -- The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) today released a comprehensive
report assessing the performance of the three immigration agencies within the
Department of Homeland Security (DHS), offering detailed recommendations for policy
and operational changes that could be accomplished by the executive branch without

The report, "DHS and Immigration: Taking Stock and Correcting Course," offers a
clear-eyed assessment of immigration policy direction and coordination almost six
years into the life of a young department with a vitally important national security

"The Obama administration faces significant demands and choices with respect to
immigration. There is much that can be done by the executive branch to improve the
Department of Homeland Security's performance with respect to immigration," said
report co-author Doris Meissner, who directs MPI's U.S. Immigration Policy Program
and is former Commissioner of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.

"Regardless of how or whether Congress and the White House ultimately come to
agreement on new immigration legislation, the DHS immigration agencies require
policy and operational changes to improve their effectiveness and ability to
implement existing laws," Meissner added.

Report co-author Donald Kerwin, MPI Vice President for Programs, said:
"Strengthening the DHS immigration agencies now offers the opportunity to improve
national security, increase efficiency and fairness in the services they provide,
and prepare them for new legislative mandates that could significantly add to their
already large workloads."

The MPI report follows a months-long review of the three agencies -- U.S. Customs
and Border Protection (CBP), U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S.
Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) -- along with overall DHS immigration

The analysis, based on extensive MPI research, also was informed by roundtable
discussions with senior DHS officials, congressional staff, stakeholders, state and
local law enforcement officials, advocates and policy experts.

Among the report's 36 recommendations:

* CBP should conduct a full-scale review of border technology, including the role
and effectiveness of physical and "virtual" fencing, and other barriers. Pending the
outcome of the review, new fencing projects and contracts should not be pursued.
* CBP should systematically analyze the biometric and border apprehension data it
collects in order to understand crossing trends, smuggling patterns and other
criminal behavior. The report calls for all the DHS immigration agencies to improve
the quality and transparency of their performance data and metrics.
* Consistent with its homeland security mission, ICE should focus its operations on
the criminal enterprises that underlie large-scale illegal migration. Its
investigations should be prioritized to target worksites that terrorists may attempt
to infiltrate and employers who intentionally hire unauthorized workers in order to
depress wages, undermine working conditions and gain an unfair competitive
* ICE should establish and implement guidelines that prioritize its investigative
targets, as well as whom it arrests, places in removal proceedings and detains. Such
guidelines should set criteria for conducting worksite enforcement actions and
should direct all of ICE's enforcement programs to achieve its statutory mission.
* ICE's principal worksite enforcement goals should be fostering the use of a
viable mandatory employment verification system, ensuring compliance with that
system, and punishing employers whose business models depend on the employment and
exploitation of unauthorized workers.
* ICE should routinely refer for criminal prosecution those who commit egregious or
repeated violations of immigration law, or who commit unrelated criminal offenses.
ICE should not overuse criminal charges in routine immigration-status violation
* As part of its Criminal Alien Program and 287(g) agreements with state and local
police and sheriff's offices, ICE should pursue plans to provide federal, state and
local law enforcement with expanded access to its databases during the booking
process; expand screening of all noncitizens serving criminal sentences; and place
noncitizen criminals into removal proceedings before they complete their sentences
(obtaining travel documents for those ordered removed).
* Supervised release programs run by ICE should be expanded for discretionary
detainees who do not threaten national security or public safety, and who would not
represent a flight risk while under supervision. ICE's enhanced electronic
monitoring program should be extended to carefully screened mandatory detainees who
do not represent a national-security, public-safety or flight risk if the agency
determines the program meets necessary legal standards of civil detention.
* The Social Security Administration's (SSA) "no-match" program, whose purpose is
to credit earnings to those who paid into the system, should not be used by DHS as
an immigration enforcement tool.
* Mandatory employer verification must be at the center of legislation to combat
illegal immigration. Until such legislation is enacted, the administration should
support reauthorization of the E-Verify employment verification system and expand
its use as a voluntary program, allowing for its steady improvement in moving to
scale as a mandatory program. Attention should now be focused on continued
improvement in the accuracy rates of the DHS and SSA databases, development of a
secure system of identification, and improved rates of employer compliance with
program rules. Also, the administration should analyze whether or not E-Verify
ultimately offers the best platform for mandatory verification.
* Funding for USCIS should be "right-sized" and adjudication procedures should be
streamlined so that the agency can break the recurring cycle of backlogs that
impedes its ability to function as a true immigration services agency. The agency's
funding model must be redesigned so that user fees support legitimate application
processing costs, with additional revenue sources to provide for critical
infrastructure investments.
* To encourage legal immigration for all who are eligible for benefits under
current laws, USCIS should adjudicate in the United States, not at consulates
abroad, "extreme hardship" waivers for persons approved for family-based visas.
* Visa and immigration processes have been substantially strengthened since 9/11.
DHS should undertake a rigorous review of all post-9/11 security procedures with the
goal of identifying gaps that must still be addressed and streamlining processes to
eliminate redundancies.
* DHS should strengthen its immigration policy coordination role by appointing a
Senior Assistant to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary whose sole duty is to oversee
all aspects of DHS immigration policy implementation and coordination. The
individual should be empowered to act with the authority, as appropriate, of the
Secretary and Deputy to ensure clear policy direction and coherence in DHS's
immigration functions.
* DHS should take the lead in developing a comprehensive immigration enforcement
vision and strategic plan that involves all key stakeholders within the
administration and beyond.

The full report is available at:


The Migration Policy Institute is an independent, non-partisan,
non-profit think tank in Washington, D.C. dedicated to analysis of the
movement of people worldwide. MPI provides analysis, development and
evaluation of migration and refugee policies at the local, national
and international levels.

Anonymous said...

Well don't read up then, keep flapping your piehole showing the world what an ignorant idiot you are, doesn't bother me any, hehe, what a nobody.

Bobkatt said...

Republishing this MPI wish list does nothing to sway those of us that believe that the illegal invasion is neither desirable nor inevitable. The Migration Policy Institute operates from the continued misconception that the illegal invasion is somehow related to the policy of immigration or migration.
We have one of the most very liberal immigration policies in the world already. When people claim that we need "comprehensive immigration reform" it is simply a code word for legalizing those who have chosen to ignore our laws, take advantage of our largess and devalue the meaning of our citizenship.
In an attempt to accomplish their goals of increased illegal invasion the MPI cloaks their agenda in a facade of academic authority, misrepresenting the "mission statements" of DHS, the Social Security System and ICE. The MPI's attempt to paint this illegal invasion as simply a matter of "National Security" is a red herring that totally neglects the negative impact of over population, the unsustainabily of unlimited demands on our health care system and schools and the total disrespect for our current laws.
To quote our new President- "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig."

Anonymous said...

Illegal behavior like being a gangbanger Miglavs...

Anonymous said...


Importing a few Germans or other Europeans with an Education who actually can get a good paying job and therefore don't need Welfare and pay Taxes because they earn a living actually DO benefit America.
Albert Einstein is one example.

Allowing tens of millions with NO Education and no job skills who are a HUGE BURDEN and are too Stupid or Lazy to at least learn our language so our TAXes are wasted to bend over backwards to accomdate these people is stupid!

And Bankrupting our Nation, look at California, the state with the most Turd world immigrants, ignorant narrow minded liberals.

Anonymous said...

Why can't the children brought here illegally work in the fields or canneries? In fact, I know they can as a woman where I worked was romantically linked to one and explained that he worked at the cannery because he couldn't get better jobs.
So, no this sympathy doesn't fly.
He can certainly go to Mexico and work in the American communities.

Anonymous said...

Giving amnesty will just encourage more to come and take advantage of us.
We can't just take in millions more.
Even the Hispanics recognize this.
The drugs are pouring over the border. We already are lacking enough funds to stop their criminal activities.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Democrats always come to the aid of wealthy businessmen by supporting the cheap labor supply, yet Democrats claim to be fighting the wealthy business people.
What nincompoops.