Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Save us from ourselves

Senate passes law banning toylike lighters in Oregon
The state Senate on Monday passed House Bill 2365, banning the manufacture, sale and distribution of toylike or “novelty” lighters in Oregon.

The Senate vote came just 19 days after the unanimous vote from the House of Representatives. Gov. Ted Kulongoski is expected to sign the bill soon.

Frankly I question whether Oregonians should be able to have lighters or even access to fire at all. Maybe a government employee could come to my house and say "stove... HOT" over and over to me.

The innovative idea that people could govern themselves through a constitutional republic has turned into the reality of our "representatives" passing an endless amount of laws that are akin to parents dressing their kids with bubble wrap.


Anonymous said...

from KGW:

Backers of the ban say the novelty lighters, which are sold at many convenience stores, pose a danger to youngsters because they look like toys but can burn children and cause house fires.

The law bans lighters with “features attractive to children,” like visual effects, flashing lights, musical sounds, and toy-like designs.

Maine and Tennessee ban the sale of such lighters, and 18 other states are considering similar laws.

Robin said...

Oregon's economy is in the tank, and this is what they are focusing on!

you know, there was a time before electricity where kids using fire was a common place.

You didn't hear things like, "Don't light that candle, your not old enough!"

Nope. but today, people are just stupid.

Anonymous said...

Hey Robin,

If you want to go back to the glory days pre-electricity, when it wasn't uncommon to die of any number of diseases, infant mortality was high, life expectancy at birth was probably around 50, in this country an entire race of people were enslaved, only a fraction of the population received formal schooling, etc., knock yourself out. I think I'll pass on waxing nostalgic for the delights of the pre-electricity era.

Anonymous said...

Don't need parents anymore , we got the govement to do that job! yep just what we need more of a nanny state!
What ever happened to parental responsability . I guess that we can't tell our kids what to do becaue the state knows better . LOL

dhughes609 said...

I would love to see one of our bloggers (wish I had the expertise,) do an estimate on the true cost to taxpayers creating this bill. The constant "smokescreen" of solving our important needs makes one wonder "why do we need representatives in Salem?"

Scottiebill said...

Hey, Robin, Not only are they focusing on lighters that look like toys, but I read in this morning's Zero that the "legislators" in Salem are arguing over which berry to name as the "State Berry". And Oregon pays this bunch of losers good money for this kind of inanity. They all need to be given the boot and replaced with people that have the real problems of the State foremost in mind. After all that is finished, then, if they have time during the regular session, they can iron out the critical issue of what is to be the "State Berry".

Robin said...

how about the "dingle berry"?

Anonymous said...

We are on the brink of financial ruin, and all they have time for in oregon is shutting down income. what assholes.

again...dems are a one trick pony, taxes taxes taxes. if it makes a profit for anyone..shut it the hell down.


Anonymous said...

Whoa! A rare moment of agreement with a Miglavian. Daniel actually is "right" on this one. Our economy's going down the shitter without so much as leaving skid marks, and legislators want to play fireman. It's the sort of thing that makes you look ridiculous ... like someone crashing a school dinner with his video camera hoping to catch someone eating a taco, for example.

DAVE01 said...

How about we ban the idiot legislators from talking. Or, from any form of communication. That would save a lot of money.

DAVE01 said...

That is funny Robin. We should call in and suggest that.

Scottiebill said...

As for the Oregon legislature, as well as the Washington State legislature, none of them are as dumb as all of them.

MAX Redline said...
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