Thursday, February 26, 2009

The $30/hour jobs Americans won't do

Federal immigration agents raid Bellingham business
After federal agents raided Yamato Engine Specialists Ltd. and detained 28 employees Tuesday, Feb. 24, company officials expressed dismay about how U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers handled the matter.

Most of the workers detained were taken off in handcuffs, Dhanani said, except for three women who apparently were processed and released because they had children in local schools or daycare centers.

Makalai said the range of wages for Yamato's production workers begins at $9 and can be as high as $25 to $30 for the most skilled.

"Because these are skilled jobs, there are only limited people that can do some of these jobs," Dhanani said.

As with all the illegal aliens stories there are so many angles here. The ICE spokeswoman talked about how the criminal aliens had fake social security cards, maybe they are using your number?

The employer cried that they do their best to hire legal workers... but they don't use E-Verify. (the program that will not be reauthorized under this congress unless you call call call)

And of course the boys at CAUSA cried that these raids "victimize the very people that helped to bring change to the White House and elect President Obama."

But the angle to focus on this time is not the identity theft, the employer who does the wink and nod or the illegal alien support group that thinks ineligible voters should bring change to our country. The thing that stuck out for me was the $30/hour skilled jobs that were being filled by people who can't legally work. Jobs that Americans would love to do right about now.


Anonymous said...

ICE Raid good!

Pres. Hussein Obama Bad!

His open Borders new boss of "Homeland Security" - Janet Napolitano, said she wants a review of how these raids go down because of this one here,i.e She will stop these raids as Obama told Spanish Radio that these were "seperating Families".

If Democrats really cared about the working man, they would increase raids as illegal's lower the wages of the working person via working for less.

Anonymous said...

#1 eVerify is a garbage program that doesn't work. There are major flaws in it. Likewise, employers aren't required to use it. For good reason.

#2 When did it become so important to follow the law? Ramos and Compeon didn't and you all screamed for them to be freed after they were found guilty not once, but twice.

Bobkatt said...

eVerify is a garbage program that doesn't work. There are major flaws in it.
Name a government program that doesn't have major flaws in it. eVerify is the best tool we have at this time to confront this illegal invasion. Use it, make it mandatory.
Just like Blaggo, this company knew it was being scrutinized and it still had over a quarter of it's workers that were illegal. Just another example of blatant disregard for the law and enablers crying because they were caught.

Anonymous said...

E-Verfiy is more accurate then your avg. Credit report but you have to use that, don't you.

D.H.S says E-Verfiy IS 99.5% accurate.

Over 100,000 Employers use it and 15 states DO have it as in one part or another as the Law.

Oregon has two seperate Bills, sponsored by D's & R's, requiring Employers to use E-Verfiy, we're just waiting for the Kings and Queens in DC to put it back on the books.

Not ONE Legal immigrant or american worker has been fired from Employers using this system.

Open borders Anarchists have to LIE again to further their no laws agenda, of course. But we now know the Truth.

Anonymous said...

I am not for illegals coming in but everify is not accurate. Another failed government program is all it is and I will never use it. Besides, it failed to pass congress. Why talk about it. Lets focus on what matters instead of what doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

More Illegal's (a preventable crime) KILLING Americans...

Washington Times
Lawsuits challenge sanctuary policies
Margaret Rains and Haley Tepe were sitting down to enjoy ice cream at a Baskin-Robbins in Aurora, Colo., when a sport utility vehicle driven by an illegal immigrant sent two cars plowing into the shop, leaving three dead and the two women injured...

Anonymous said...

KTAR -- Phoenix
Illegal alien gets 42 years in prison for shooting at cops
A man who ran a stop sign and shot at two Phoenix police officers has been sentenced to 42 years in prison. -- Juan Beltran Nunez, 30, who is in the country illegally, was sentenced last Friday after he pleaded guilty to six charges, including aggravated assault, weapons misconduct, possession or use of drugs and unlawful flight.

Anonymous said...

Dave Gibson -- American Chronicle
How many Americans will have to die before the border is secured?
With the recent arrest of a Salvadoran national for the murder of missing intern Chandra Levy, the issue of violent crime which can be attributed to illegal immigration is and should be on the minds of millions of Americans. -- Ingmar Guandiqua who was is in this country illegally, is currently in prison...

Anonymous said...

Other than being a little slow at times E-verify works just fine. And furthermore if people would take 5-10 minutes to get training on ID and SSN verification you would only need e-verify as a double check. Out of the literally 100's of i-forms I have filled out I have only had 1 person that was rightfully disqualified using e-verify. The rest I was easily able to discern myself. SSN's have certain traits that CAN NOT be copied no matter how much they pay there will still be 1 or two things that don't match.

Scottiebill said...

Because of his negative reaction to the e-Verify program, could it be possible that Anon 8:22 might well be "outed" should some employer check on him through e-Verify?

Inquiring minds want to know.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 8:22 AM
#1, e-verify is over 99% accurate. What is your definition of accurate?
#2, why didn't the jury know about the record of the pos shot by campeos and ramon's? Why did Johnny Sutton believe the testimony of a career dope smuggler? Everyone said he normally carried a gun. Now, all of a sudden he does not?There was a lot of bullshit in their trials. Can you imagine a drug smuggler carrying lots of dope and not carrying a gun?

I bet you are an illegal alien. Go home!

js3844 said...

How freaking hard can it be to match a name to a number.

I really can't wait until these idiots fully take over health care. You civilians are going to really love government health care.

Get rid of all the illegals now.