Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dear Rove, McCain, Alley, etc

From the illegal alien march yesterday...

Now which way are the criminal aliens inclined to vote?


Anonymous said...

Which ones are the "illegals," Daniel? Oh, the Latinos? Just the Latinos? Like, all of them? Hmmmm. Gotcha. ;-)

So, to sum up then: In Miglavia ...

Latino = "Illegal."

What's truly funny, and I mean laugh-out-fucking-loud hysterical, is that you fascist brownshirt pigs expect people to think that bigotry has nothing to do with your little "rule of law" game.

Anonymous said...

Problem is Democrats know and help Illegals to Vote for Free stuff and too many Republicans think somehow Illegals will vote for them instead.

People form the Turd World who come from toilets with no social safety net will always vote for Socialism as they do not make enough money to pay the Taxes to support it, yet qualify for "free" everything.

Like Allen Alley.

Bobkatt said...

Anon 7:51 your over the top emotional hatred and childish Gotcha games are disconcerting. Maybe you should seek some counseling to find out why Daniel seems to push your buttons so effectively.
So much anger on such an little personal blog. If it wasn't for your Miglavian bullshit this blog would have about one fifth the replies that it has.
Daniel thinks all Latinos are illegal. You think all anti-illegals are "fascist brownshirt pigs" yada, yada, yada.

DAVE01 said...

Bobkatt, I think anon 7:51 pm needs to get a life. I wonder when Obama's brown shirts knock at his door, what will he think? This is kink of how Hitler got started. I wonder if we will take the same path as Germany did when Hitler rose to power. Interesting times are ahead of us.

Anon 7:53, you are correct. Republicans are so stupid at times. Don't they realize that legal immigrants vote about two thirds for democrats. The illegal will vote about 99% for democrats. I will not vote or pimp for Allen Alley when he runs. Why can't the republicans get a decent candidate? I was a breakfast meeting a few weeks ago with Bob Tiernan, the new head of the Oregon GOP. I also heard him on Lars Larson and like what he had to say.

Scottiebill said...

If brains were dynamite, Anon 7:51 couldn't blow his nose.

Anonymous said...

I see Daniel stole one of CAUSA's images without giving them any credit. What do they call this copyright infringement?

Maybe someone should let CAUSA know this. And then let Google know. They have strict policy with regard to copyright infingement.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:28, There is no violation of copyright laws when an image is used for Educatonal purposes only, as this image was.

WOW! Someone for open borders talks about the Law, hypocrites as usual.

Doug said...

It is required to give credit with where the image was taken from. The image is owned by the Organzation that it was taken from. Regardless of your politics, it is important to be honorable when using someone elses work. I am going to let CAUSA know.

Anonymous said...

Actually you are both incorrect. Daniel didn't give credit to the owner of the image. Daniel doesn't own the image so even using for education purposes, he needs to give credit to the source and or owner of the image which is of course Causa.

"If you have used someone else's work, the least you can do is offer thanks by acknowledging him/her. In addition to courtesy, giving credit will help you to avoid plagiarizing. Using someone's else's ideas, words, or other creations without clearly acknowledging where they came from is plagiarism. (It may also be an infringement of copyright. While plagiarism is unethical, infringing copyright is illegal. For more information on copyright"

Anonymous said...

Is that the best you illegal lovers got? Infringement and plagiarism? But its ok for your little brown butt buddies to swim the river and slither up our side like some kind of brown tide algae? Boy are you some dumb fuckers, hehe, I am laughing at your dumb asses. CAUSA is nothing but a bunch of crooks anyhow.

Anonymous said...

You know, this is an interesting discussion, and all ... plagerism, parades, etc. But there's still one thing I just don't understand, so help me out with this, Daniel: Why do you dislike Latinos so much? You know perfectly well you wouldn't like it any better if every last one of them were "legal," just as you also know that you wouldn't be raising nearly the ruckus that you do if they were all from Canada and spoke flawless English, so let's cut the shit. What's your deal?

Abel Johnson said...

I guess insults, hatred and bigotry are expected from this dark corner of the net. What was not expected was that you would steal an image without giving due credit to who you stole it from. Daniel Miglavs you are a classy guy.

BEAR said...

I called Alley's campaign number to remind him of the election outcome for the last open-borders rino. El Gordo Smith got deported to Pendleton. Alley can expect the same level of support from Conservatives: NONE!!

BTW, anon-idiot 9:16, I'm an immigrant to this great Country....a LEGAL immigrant, and my family has nothing but contempt for the non-assimilating, parasitic, criminal aliens who sneak across our borders, ignore our laws, and demand that we pay their way (regardless of which third-world, socialist cesspool they originated). We also have nothing but contempt for the liberal buffoons who aid and abet these anti-American invaders.

So, what's YOUR deal, anon-idiot 9:16? Are you just too stupid to understand the word illegal? Maybe you're another brilliant product of our public school system. You should sue them for malpractice.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Bear, quit horsing around. Do you honestly believe, in your heart of heart, deep in your gut, that Daniel would be bitching about these guys if they weren't brown and spoke perfect English? If he didn't have to worry about that exhausting, cumbersome exercise of lifting his weary index finger to the phone to "Press 1 for English"? Do you really think that? Wouldn't you be pissed off if we had the same exact numbers of all those brownies and they were all as "legal" as you or me?

I said, "Let's cut the shit," but you're piling up more shit. So once again, cut the shit and be brutally fucking honest. You don't like having so many Latinos around, do you? It freaks you out that they're the fastest growing minority in Oregon, doesn't it? It makes you uncomfortable to see so many of them here doesn't it? Their "legal" status, ultimately, is really beside the point, isn't it?

Isn't it?

BEAR said...

anon 10:55, apparently you can't read, either.

Anonymous said...

And apparently you can't answer a simple question.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 10:55 PM, I'm part Irish. I want all the illegal Irish assholes out too. However, hispanics from south of our border are the largest violators of our laws due to proximity. There are also several million chinese illegal aliens. I want them gone too. They need to be booted just as fast as the hispanics as I'm sure many of them are simply spies for China. I prefer equal opportunity deportation of all ILLEGALS.

I hope you never call the police when someone commits a crime against you or your family, I wouldn't want you to be accused of racism or bigotry against the criminal. After all, you don't want laws enforce against certain people.

Bear, thanks for doing it the RIGHT AND LEGAL way. I'm sure Anon 10:55 is a product of our education system. I agree, he/she should sue his educators for malpractice. I thought that was funny and right on target.

Anonymous said...

Soon all undocument Americans will be documented Americans and then you can move on to a new topic DAVE01.

Anonymous said...

There are no undocumented Americans PUTZ.

Anonymous said...

Actually Douche Bag Racist there are millions of undocumented Americans.

Anonymous said...

Another White European American raping our children:

Couple chases down accused sex abuser who was with teen girl

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say its a white vs brown thing.

I would say millions illegally here mostly from the 3rd world IS the problem.

Millions with NO job skills, millions who are illiterate in their own language and don't even try to learn ours, millions who are lowering the wages of OUR working poor, millions who are ignorant and have kids they can't feed, therefore Millions who are nothing but a BURDEN to our society and not a benefit except for keeping Union Government workers busy handing out all this stuff to this massive growth of the "Needy".

Check out Dept. of Labor stats - Workers in GOVERNMENT are about the only Job Growth there is. Hello?

LEGAL educated skilled immigrants cannot NOT be a burden to us, it's against immigration laws.

Anonymous said...

Houston Chronicle
Illegal alien charged in girl's abduction
An illegal [alien] accused of abducting and molesting a 4-year-old girl at a northeast Harris County apartment complex is facing a kidnapping charge, authorities say. -- Jorge Gonzales Hernandez, 23, is being held without bail in the Harris County Jail, sheriff’s Lt. John Legg said

Anonymous said...

WYFF-TV -- Greenville, South Carolina
Illegal Mexican alien gets 12 years on weapons charges
Columbia, SC -- A Mexican national in the United States illegally was sentenced to more than 12 years in prison for two drug- and firearms-related charges. -- Salvador Garcia-Chavez, 22, was sentenced to more than seven years for possession of firearms and ammunition as and illegal alien

Anonymous said...

East Valley Tribune -- Phoenix sc
Illegal Mexican alien arrested in document fraud
An illegal [alien] from Mexico with outstanding warrants for assault and domestic violence-related charges was arrested Wednesday by Valley authorities in Mesa after an investigation into a fraudulent manufacturing operation...

DAVE01 said...

Anon 11:04 PM
You have proved my point. We have enough of our own pieces of shit. Why do we want to import millions more?

MAX Redline said...

Anon 10:55, 9:52, et. al, Do you honestly believe, in your heart of heart, deep in your gut, that Daniel would be bitching about these guys if they weren't brown and spoke perfect English?

You're an idiot.

Pay some attention, dolt, and look before you open your yap.

Daniel is married to a latina. Her family just happens to be in this country legally.

Anonymous said...

Putz, are you undocumented? You should be put in a cell. A small one. We dont need your anti American types. you and your foreign invader butt buddies. Too bad we have to deal with the stench of boils like you.

Anonymous said...

No job skills
Low IQ's
no money
nowhere to live
No speak English
No Drivers License
No common sense
No car

A nice rounded description of your basic mexican invader. And they want to drop the same kind of spawn on our soil.

Anonymous said...

Her family just happens to be in this country legally.

Are you sure? Are you really sure?

Who cares anyways. Even if she isn't she will be included in the upcoming amnesty for the millions of undocumented Americans.

TC said...

Now which way are the criminal aliens inclined to vote? Gee, let me think, oh yeah for the Communist Party USA (DBA: Democrat Party)

Anonymous said...

oh yeah for the Communist Party USA (DBA: Democrat Party)

I sure hope so. Why would they vote for the anti-immigrant Republican Party? That wouldn't make any sense.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering why all the "it's about the law" people aren't getting on Daniel's case for breaking copyright law.