Thursday, August 05, 2010

English speakers can't use this drinking fountain

School Readiness Fair for Spanish-Speaking Families
Enjoy a free dinner!
Get information about PPS programs and resources!
Talk to representatives from community agencies!
Take home free school supplies!

Th is Readiness Fair is for Spanish-Speaking students and their families in Portland Public Schools. For more information please call 503-916-5875.

Allow me to translate into taxpayer language:

Enjoy a taxpayer funded dinner!
Get information about how taxpayers can further serve you!
Talk to DHS and other state agencies on how to get food stamps, health care and more!
Take home school supplies that the taxpayers paid for!

If you speak English then get in the back of the bus, we don't serve your kind here!


Robin said...

same thing with my theory on why there is high unemployment... for example, when you have a job requirement like this one, why bother even applying?...

"Fluency in Spanish language is desirable; PREFERENCE may be given to applicants with Spanish language skills."

I am seeing that requirement more and more for a variety of positions and considering that in my opinion MOST citizens are not bilingual that kind of eliminates a large portion of society.

Anonymous said...

You are such a drama queen Miglavs. Why don't you go and participate and have some dinner. I bet they won't turn you away. Regardless, I suspect they won't see you there. You feel much better to rant behind the firewall.

This is just another example of the the same old bigotted response from Conservatives. Did we really expect anything different from you?

I will wait patiently for Lars Larson to join in on the baseless nagging. Not that he would have the guts to show up for the dinner either.

Anonymous said...

940 So you want people to be treated differently?

DAVE01 said...

All of you have forgotten the one positive aspect of this free food and free school supplies, the criminal aliens won't be out raping, robbing and murdering Americans for a short period of time. This may well save the lives of one of your loved ones.

I will tell my girlfriend that they give out free food and school supplies. She has to buy hers and they have to buy some to donate for the poor kids. I don't mind helping American children, but fuck the rest of them.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of conservative republicans using the free lunch. One called Lars Larson last week about using it.

One thing is for sure, cons that use the service will have more money for their cheap beer and cigarettes, or cheap whiskey and ccigars for that matter.

Daniel said...

I did show up for one of these events.

Anonymous said...

They probly served coronas for the parents. They want to make sure they have a good time while collecting their freebies!! Perhaps they even provided the knives for after the event. Is that not how their little shindigs typically conclude, with violence toward one another?