Thursday, September 18, 2008

But I don't LIKE you

I hate election time. It's that horrible time when Democrats make me actually want to support Republicans I can't stand.

The NRA sent me a Gordon Smith bumper sticker yesterday and I've actually considered slapping it on my car! Any other time of year I can't stand Gordon Smith.

But when I get out of my emotional fervor where I start listing all the reasons why Smith does not deserve my vote let alone my support and I think about the election in practical terms:

Smith is our only statewide elected Republican

Smith will at least support our judges

Smith may not be an R but he does count towards which party has the majority

Smith may have voted for amnesty but he has turned around (sort of) and Merkley will vote for amnesty and then give our new guests welfare

At least Smith won't vote to take my guns

Not a ringing endorsement but just like Obama makes McCain look palatable, Merkley is making Smith look like a bargain for Oregon. After the election I can go back to disliking him for another 5 1/2 years.


Anonymous said...


Miglavs is going to vote for McCain, even though he vowed not to.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever doubt it?

How many illegal aliens does Gordon Smith employ at his food processing plant? I forget.

Poor Daniel.

Anonymous said...

Just my .02 cents here...I have been reading this blog regularly for the last couple of years. It provides me with an immense amount of entertainment.

I am a jack-booted, right wing thug. I am so conservative, I make Limbaugh look like a liberal.

I am not voting for Gordon Smith, but I will vote against Merkley. I WILL NOT vote for McCain, but I will vote for Palin.

I wrote in Ronald Reagan in the Primary and that is what I planned to do in November until McCain brought Palin onboard. A hunter-gatherer, soccer mom who does not believe in killing babies. I will go for that every time.

Anonymous said...

I got the same sticker yesterday. I threw it in the trash. I just can't bring myself to support Smith.

I'll still vote for him, just because he is 500% better then Merkley, but I don't like him.

Anonymous said...

I'd say Smith Frozen Foods is past due for an I.C.E. inspection and raid.

Anonymous said...

I keep a Gordon Smith sign in my garage so that I can take it to a Repub party event, wrap it with toilet paper, douse it with lighter fluid and burn it. However I will likely vote for him yet again. I understand the anguish.


Anonymous said...

Rooster, I am with you. However, I will not vote for Smith. I have been thinking lately that things have to get worse (I'm not sure how much) in this country before we get good leaders. Remember we had that idiot Carter, then we got Reagen. I was not going to vote for McCain until Palin came on board. Then, I heard here say it's understandable for this bs bailout crap. I also saw another McCain ad in spanish pandering to the illegal aliens. I'm not sure about voting for McCain now.

Anonymous said...

Agree. It's the lesser of two evils.

Hey, 7:57, who the fuck is he supposed to vote for? Fucking Nobama? You dumbass.

8:07, go suck a dick, fag.

As for Smith, I don't like him either. But I dislike Jerkley even more. Fuck that lib fag. I don't want to see him in office, so there you go.

MAX Redline said...

Smith is actually the only (R) on the left coast.

Not that it matters much.

I don't care if Merk the Jerk wins the seat. He'd be so junior that he won't be able to do much harm.

Smith needs to go back and tend to his pea-packin' plant in Pendleton.

Anonymous said...

As far as a viable alternative, think about Dave Brownlow. He's what Republicans used to be and more!!!! Limited Govt, protect the border, will not weasel one bit or engage in the slime that the R and D jerks do so well. Check out his website if you don't believe me. P

Anonymous said...

I got one too, but could never bring myself to display it. I only have one sticker. it says: 'In America, anyone can become President - that's the chance you take.' It's gotten me through the last 5 elections.

Anonymous said...

About Gordon Smith.....whatever happened to the Hate Crimes bill that Gordon was working on with Teddy the Drowner?.....and I don't trust Gordon around my guns no matter what the NRA sez....

Anonymous said...

Daniel's all for the law, but when it comes to political principles ... fuck 'em. What a pussy. Neither McCain or Obama are "palatable," so I'm not voting for either of them. Grow a spine, Miglavs. Never know ... a brain might one day sprout on the end of it.

Anonymous said...

Pragmatism over principle; if you had some of the latter and a pair down below, you'd stand your ground and write Tancredo in. I knew it. I totally knew you'd cave. Nice example you're setting for your kids, too. The lesser-of-two-evilism prevails at Camp Miglavia.

Anonymous said...

I talked to some guy with the Merkley campaign and he told me that Jeff was against amnesty. Is that wrong?

Anonymous said...

Smith is supporting Senator Obama for President. Ever see all the ads he appears with Obama and even John Kerry. He refused to go the the Repubican Convention. He has ads showing and boasting about his opposition to the war. He is employing undocs and refuses, REFUSES, to use E-verify. Ha hahahahaha. You Repubics have a great "REPUBICAN" Candidate there. I think I am gonna vote for Smith just so he can stay in there and be a reminder to you wingnits that the Reagan Revolution and more so the Conservative Revolution are dead.

Anonymous said...

Jeff is very much pro-amensty - but he is against "comprehensive immigration reform" as it existed under the GOP Senate because it did too much to hurt immigrants. He wants the amnesty WITHOUT the "enforcement first" aspect of it.

Mike Terrill said...

Here's a great idea: write in "none of the above" in the President and U.S. Senate slots. That's what I'm doing.

Anonymous said...

11:16, you have to be a fag to be talking like that. There's no other explanation for it.

Anonymous said...

step one: re-elect Smith

step two: elect John McCain

step three: in two years, elect Jason Atkinson governor

step four: President McCain will appoint Smith as Secretary of the Interior, or possibly Agriculture

step five: Governor Atkinson appoints Sid Leiken to the empty senate seat

It is a brilliant five point plan. But to come to fruition, first we must ELECT GORDON SMITH!