Friday, September 29, 2006

New Saxton ad

Oregon's second largest city... the city of illegal aliens!


Kulongoski on illegal aliens

Teens interview Kulongoski
My name is Greg Kendoll and I’m a senior from McKay High School. Do you think that in light of the recent budget crisis that there is money to be saved in the state budget by reducing social services to illegal immigrants?

Kulongoski: Well, you know, the answer to that is an easy yes. Obviously if you didn’t provide service to them you would reduce the budget. The question is, is it good public policy? And I would tell you no. And so though there could be some money saved in doing that, obviously because there are non-citizens who access the social service agencies, I don’t think that would be good public policy for us and so I would just as soon keep them having access to those programs.

I’m Tyler Reynolds from Stayton High School. A moment ago you said that it was good government policy to give government programs to illegal immigrants. I fail to see how that would be good public policy when it’s illegal to hire illegal immigrants for a job so the state’s not getting revenues back. All they are is giving revenues.

Kulongoski: Let me draw some lines. In fact, there are a lot of people who come to this country and they come here under a variety of circumstances. The way I look at it, is that if in fact the people are in need, if they are hungry, their child needs medical care, they need medical care. I really don’t think it’s a line that we draw as a society here in Oregon or in this country where we say, look, you’re not going to get anything. That isn’t the way we live. That isn’t us as a people so I don’t see it in conflict with who we are as a people to be able to say look, if you’re here, you access it, so be it.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

You hate me, want to steal from me and kill me? Fine, how may I help you?

How open borders turnAmericans into roadkill
Marcos Ramos Medina was driving his 1997 Chevrolet Lumina erratically, according to witnesses, swerving several times across the center line, causing a tractor-trailer rig to jackknife in Yakima, Wash., Aug. 4, 2005.

That was before his car plowed into the 2000 Lexus driven by Peggy Keller, 53, dean of distance education at Yakima Valley College, who was killed in the head-on crash.

When Russell T. "Todd" Sharpe, a six-year Washington State Patrol officer, testified that Medina fought against his restraints while being taken to the hospital for a blood alcohol test and refused to answer questions, the case against the Mexican national with a criminal record who had twice been deported was declared a mistrial because his constitutional right to remain silent had been violated.

It's official: the constitution is now a suicide pact.

U of O editorial

Merit pay for teachers should be abandoned
In Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron Saxton's campaign against incumbent Gov. Ted Kulongoski, he has made education a key issue of his platform.

Saxton, a former Portland school board chairman, supports the notion of merit pay, which is when teacher salaries are determined by students' performance on Oregon's standardized tests administered in grades 3-12. Giving a teacher an incentive to primarily prepare students for standardized tests will result in much narrower curricula. Those incentives will also reduce necessary opportunities for students to explore important topics that standardized tests do not cover.

Perhaps if the tests covered subjects other than the unimportant stuff like reading, writing and arithmetic and instead focused on what was really being taught then the liberals would be more pleased...

Fisting is a:

(a) fun thing to do
(b) safe alternative to sex
(c) the thing that your gym teacher did to you that we don't talk about
(d) all of the above

The objections to paying the different amounts to the teacher of the year and the child molestor of the year vary. This editorial starts by blasting "standardized tests" and then voices the Union complaint of

"Teacher unions also opposed the plan because its evaluations were subjective and were not based on objective data," the OSBA site states."

So which is it? You don't like the rigidity of standardization or you don't like the subjective nature of the performance metrics? (for those of you who went to public school it can't be both at the same time)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Anyone in Oregon have the guts?

States, Counties Begin to Enforce Immigration Law
CHARLOTTE -- Police here operated for years under what amounts to a "don't ask, don't tell" policy toward illegal immigrants.

As elsewhere in the United States, law enforcement officers did not check the immigration status of people they came into contact with, and in the vast majority of cases, a run-in with the law carried little threat of deportation.

But that accommodation for the burgeoning illegal population ended abruptly in April, when the Mecklenburg County sheriff's office began to enforce immigration law, placing more than 100 people a month into deportation proceedings.

Mecklenburg County Sheriff Jim Pendergraph says there should be little sympathy for illegal immigrants caught by his program: They have already broken the law once by being here illegally, and then been arrested on suspicion of another crime.

Even with our "sanctuary" law in place (see below) we could still have a police chief or sheriff get involved this way because it involves "another violation of the law." Not only would it do some good by getting lawbreakers out of the community but it would continue the public outcry over the illegal alien invasion.

181.850 Enforcement of federal immigration laws.
(1) No law enforcement agency of the State of Oregon or of any political subdivision of the state shall use agency moneys, equipment or personnel for the purpose of detecting or apprehending persons whose only violation of law is that they are persons of foreign citizenship present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Oh now you care

We are hearing a lot from the "grieving family" of recently deceased James Chasse. They are describing James as "a gentle, mentally ill man." James Chasse died in police custody.

And, like all grieving families do, they immediatly hired an attorney and are pursuing an "independent investigation" into his death.

The question I have for this family is why, when clearly you have all the time in the world for press conferences/independent investigations/legal consultations/media interviews/etc, did you not have time for your mentally ill family member last week BEFORE THIS TRAGEDY OCCURED?

WHERE WERE YOU WHEN HE NEEDED HELP? Why has family contact between him and you been described as "erratic" and why was he living in a halfway house instead of being cared for by family? You care now that you have a potential lawsuit but where were you when he was wandering around with an apparent mental illness?

Where you too busy for him then? Was his illness a nuisance for you? Did you expect someone else to take care of him? Too much work for you?

I know it's easier to blame someone else but what responsibility do you have for your own family? Are you willing to help take care of him or you just expect "society" to do that for you?

Instead of putting him in a situation where he, by your own accord, couldn't function appropriately, why didn't you step up and help him before this tragedy occured?

Not my tax

The "I don't smoke so I don't care" response to a proposed tax increase on cigarettes is disturbing to me.

The boys who run government know that everyone likes the tax that they don't pay. This is why they segment. But if today it's a tax on cigarettes then tommorow it's a tax on handguns. (your sement maybe?)

Next up they tax boats because only "the rich" (spit when you say that) own boats. It's only a matter of time before they come after your segment.

If the prevailing winds point towards support for tax increases on anything then the boys in government will just attempt to tax EVERYTHING. Well, everything except PERS recipients. (fall to the ground and bow towards the capital when you say "PERS")

Monday, September 25, 2006

"All" means "Mexico"

The governor is ready to take care of "his" kids. Saying in a press release today that "We’re the adults in the world" he is planning on providing health care coverage for just about everyone. And I do mean everyone.

His plan is the "Healthy Kids" plan and this is from a recent report regarding said plan and who gets to participate:

“All is all” –all kids, with immigration status irrelevant.

Irrevelevant to your utopia maybe but there is that tiny matter of the law to take into consideration...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Billy throws a hissy fit

Former President Bill Clinton Defends Handling of Usama bin Laden in Combative FNC Interview
Former President Bill Clinton accused Chris Wallace of carrying out "a conservative hit job" on him after the "FOX News Sunday" host asked him about his administration's handling of the growing Al Qaeda threat in an interview.

It's a fun video. And when Clinton says he did something I believe him... it's not like he's lied to us before.

Fist with fork: Eat a salad or stab a baby in the head (your choice)

The new symbol of the baby killers seems to be a fist holding a fork. How appropriate.

From a baby killer email:
Across America on the weekend of September 29-October 1, people like you will be getting together and serving up burgers, bean dip, and brownies to show ultraconservatives that we can dish it out -- not just take it.

As you know, Oregon Measure 43 would force doctors to send government mandated notification letters to a parent whenever an older teen, 15 years old or older, seeks an abortion. We all support healthy family communication, but it can't be mandated by government. In the real world, not all teens can talk to their parents, because they live in homes filled with violence and abuse.

Savor the moment folks, liberals are suggesting that government can't mandate everything. But the important part to remember is that all households are filled with abusive fathers and that most pregnancies are the result of rape and incest. (no you can't see the statistics)


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Oregon Department of Education: Clean your needles when sharing them

From an ODE Q&A on HIV

If I do inject drugs, how can I protect myself from getting HIV?
You can buy needles in Oregon without a prescription, or you can use a needle exchange program. If you are going to share, learn how to clean the needles with bleach.

and just in case we aren't totally clear:

What is the ratio of bleach and water needed to kill HIV?
1:100 will kill HIV on a flat surface, but a solution of 1 part bleach and 9 parts cool water is recommended because it also kills Hepatitis B. On difficult-to-clean objects (for example, inside a syringe), full-strength bleach is recommended

"If you are going to share..." What?!?!?! This is the moral relativism that has taken over. Imagine, "if you are going to rape someone please be considerate and wear a condom..."

It's no wonder that unions are scared to death of school choice, who would want their kids anywhere near someone who teaches kids how to properly share heroin needes.

For those of you who didn't catch it today, there has been a suggestion that everyone age thirteen and over get tested regularly for HIV. Cause you know, we are all at risk... not just the gays who frequent bathhouses and the folks who learned how to share needles in the public schools.

Vote for Terry

Any of you in the 29th district, especially any of you registered democrats or independents, getting this flier that my legal immigrant friend got?

Regardless of what Riley says, my vote is still for Terry Rilling in that district. He will be a true representative of the people there.

No comment

Panel urges tighter immigrant work restrictions
Biometric Social Security cards, green cards and immigration work-authorization cards should be the only documents used to verify work eligibility, a federal panel says.

The task force -- a bipartisan panel of policy experts, business leaders, public officials and some members of Congress -- said it drew up the recommendations because the current immigration system is outdated and fails to meet the nation's current and future labor market needs.

Both of Oregon's senators declined comment about the panel's recommendations, saying they weren't familiar with the report.

More like "both of Oregon's senators declined to comment because they support amnesty and it's not very smart to admit that in public."

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Religion of pieces

I like to check out Al-Jazeera sometimes (it's like CNN but without as much Bush bashing). It's interesting that almost every story that's about muslims is also about conflict. Hungary, Darfur, Thailand, Lebanon, Palestine and on and on.

The "Arab world" section is exclusively conflict related. I'm just saying...

The definition of stupid

Oregon county ready to hire part-time cougar hunter
Jackson County officials say they expect to hire a part-time cougar hunter soon.

County commissioners are expected to approve a contract Wednesday with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to provide $30,000 toward the pay and expenses of Cricket Peyton, son of the former county wildlife specialist.

Under the arrangement, Peyton would be an employee of the federal government.

Citizens will pay the government for the opportunity to hunt cougar. (with dogs) No word on whether our new government employee will be excempt from the "no dog" rule voted in by Multnomah county.

This is government at it's best, paying for something that they could get for better than free.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A possible disorder?

I have noticed a phenomenon amongst some liberals. They have a compulsive tendency to plaster their car, almost exclusively a Toyota, with bumper stickers. (possible idea for new sticker for Toyota owning liberals: I vote union but I buy foreign)

These bumper sticker disorder people are not content with just one "I hate Bush" logo on the back of their vehincle, nooooo. You may not get it then. A second "crossed out W" is required. This is followed by a "Defend America, defeat Bush" and "Bush is a retard."

Once the driver is absolutely, positively sure that you are vaguely aware of his/her/it's distaste for our current president we move onto the anti-war stickers. With slogans you may not have ever heard yet (at least not outside your mainstream newspaper) like "no blood for oil" and out of Iraq now" you get the notion that the driver is somewhat opposed to our invasion in the middle east. But just in case we will have also have a "Send Jenna and Barbara first" sticker so you know how they really feel.

Next up you have the stickers identifying the gender of the vehicle. This can sometimes be difficult because of the feminine nature of liberal men and the masculine nature of liberal women but it can be done. Stickers like "keep your values off my body" mean that a slut, I mean, a woman who wants to have anonymous sex with people and kill any baby that results from it, I mean, a "pro-choice" feminist, driving.

This one may also be a female: (do not judge by the hairy legs or general unattractive appearance)

Usually the stickers with swear words are driven by liberal men.

This is a serious problem for these people and they need help. The compulsion to continue to place bumer stickers in excessive of the available bumper space is clearly a disorder of some sort. It is only a matter of time before the rear winshield gets completely covered and this is a safety risk. Perhaps a more positive outlet for these liberals is necessary, they could try calling in to one of the 3 radio stations that carry Air America and vent their frustration there or just become college professors.

But please, stop ruining your Toyota.

YOU are now hiring...

Some fun jobs that the state of Oregon just can't live without:

Interpreter Scheduler
$2,239.00 - $3,149.00 MONTHLY

We have some many interpreters in the court system that they need their own scheduler(s). But illegal aliens aren't comitting crimes.... rrriiiiggghhhhttttt.

(Bi-Lingual Spanish)
$2,717 - $3,953 MONTHLY

The person in this position will investigate allegations of violations of the prevailing wage rate law on public works projects. This position is bi-lingual and requires the ability to speak, read, and write in Spanish and English. (their bold, not mine)

Doing the jobs that Americans won't do... for wages much higher than Americans earn for doing the same work.

Think of how much money we could save if everyone here spoke English.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Let's put congress in charge of our health care

The mail brought me this letter today from my health insurance company:

Dear Member:

Federal law requires that we annually notify all of our customers, regardless of membership or coverage type, of the Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act, shown below.

Blah blah blah.

Do you realize what a wasted this is? Every year health insurance companies have to spend countless dollars on this worthless mailer because our dimwitted congress put a clause in some worthless bill that requires annual notification. Can't we just take the cost of this mailer and reduce our premiums accordingly?

God help us if Congress ever actually gets control of our health care, the stupid things they would do.

Don't want to get shot? Put down the knife

The cop-haters are at it again over a "student" (must describe perp as something other than a drunken knife-wielder) who was shot and killed by police the other day.

Less-than-lethal was attempted with bean-bags but when the druken knife-wielder (I mean "young promising student" who's friends say that he loved puppies) continued to be a threat the police shot him dead.

The news last night kept wondering out loud why tazers weren't used. I kept wondering if a news anchor's life was in danger would they try an unreliable non-lethal weapon to stop the threat or would they shoot the person dead themself.

Look for editorials and calls for police to carry teddy bears and feelings journals to deal with violent criminals.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Soon to be: press #2 for English

Mexican immigrants who don't speak Spanish growing in number
WOODBURN, Ore. (AP) — In a dusty plowed garlic field under a broiling sun, Simon Santol inched along with other stooped-over Mexican workers, tossing parchment-covered bulbs into buckets. But the chitchat across the furrows wasn't in Spanish.

Most was in Santol's native Triqui, Mixtec, Zapotec or other languages indigenous to regions within Mexico. He is among a growing population from poorest Mexico that often barely gets by in either English or Spanish.

"It was hard at first," the 28-year-old Santol said in halting Spanish. "We would look for someone who spoke our language and Spanish. Now I have learned a little Spanish. Grace of God."

These (probably illegal alien) guys come here speaking an indigenous language and instead of thinking they need to learn English to get by they want to learn Spanish to work. How sad is that.

Growing evidence that Oregon's official language is going to be Spanish.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

skunked again

Took my boy to Sauvie Island this morning hoping to take advantage of the special September goose season plus I wanted to wander around the north unit to see where to go once ducks start coming.

Big sign at the voluntary hunter check station: No goose hunting in the North Unit. The regs appear to say otherwise but ok. Stuck some small shot in for quail and we walked around for a few hours. Heading back, and literally 5 minutes from the car, a covey of nice plump birds flush right next to me but at that point we were in "going home" mode and I wasn't prepared. They dove into a blackberry patch the size of my house. Oh well.

If anyone is familiar with Sauvie and wants to show me the ropes for hunting the area I would much appreciate it.

Also, haven't talked to anyone this morning (or gotten an email yet) but there was going to be a Corenelius protest. (had to miss it due to hunting) I should get some pictures/video of it later on.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Help us Obi Wan Kenobi, migrants are our only hope

Oregon Migrant Education Service Center
What is the Migrant Student Accident Insurance?
The Migrant Education Program provides insurance to help with the cost of treatment for injuries caused by accidents. It covers accidents that occur 24 hours a day, all year.

Who is eligible for the Migrant Student Accident Insurance?
To be covered, children must be eligible for the Migrant Education Program in Oregon and currently enrolled on Oregon Migrant Student Information System (OMSIS). The insurance covers children between the ages of 3 and 21 years of age.

What does the Accident Insurance cover?
The insurance covers injuries due to accidents 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world, as long as the child is an Oregon resident. The insurance covers accidents from all interscholastic sports. The policy pays the expenses incurred for treatment, care and services within 52 weeks after the date of accident.

Here are some of the things that the insurance will cover:

Death claims and injury claims from auto accidents
· Sports injuries
· Bicycle accidents
· Playground accidents
· Dental work if teeth were injured by an accident

From the home page of the WESD:

“Our migrant children, they are our only hope... Like seedlings they have been sown in your schools. It is our wish they blossom into harvests of hope.”

Our only hope to what?!?!?! And does your school give you free health insurance for your kids or are you a second class citizen?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Smoking = bad, drugs = good

So we've all heard that there is a plan to ban smoking from Pioneer Courthouse Square. Calm down potheads/crackheads/methheads, we are talking about tobacco here.

You can actually be excluded from the public square for smoking. (again, talking about tobacco) This is kind of ironic considering that the Mayor and city council curtailed the "drug and prostituion free zone" that kicked out people who smoked drugs in the area.

The Pioneer Courthouse Square also celebrates the "recent success" of the "7th Annual Million Marijuana March." Was somebody saying something about "family friendly?" Or was it about "smoking pot in your living room...?"

For those of you who have never been to Pioneer Courthouse Square I offer these pictures of "Porland's family friendly living room":
(as always, click to enlarge)

Shockingly the woman in the marijuana t-shirt appears to be smoking. My only consolation is that it is probably a joint not a dreaded cigarette.

Those who frequent "Portland's living room" have been known to wear chicken's on their heads. PETA has been advised...

On their way to the living room. NOTE: Spanish marijuana signs. Great.


Apparently Iraqis have been added to the list of things you can't smoke in Portland's living room. So let's see, no tobacco... no Iraqis... yep, that's it. Family friendly now.

Anyone's cousin need a public job?

New hire on Kulongoski PR staff irks GOP chair
As we noted here a few days ago, Gov. Ted Kulongoski has hired Kristina Edmunson, daughter of state Democratic Party Chairman Jim Edmunson, as the newest member of his three-person communication staff.

"I find it amazing that Gov. Kulongoski even needs three full-time communications staffers," Day said in a news release e-mailed to media outlets Wednesday. He noted that the governor's public schedule for the week lists only three events.

"This is just another example of the Democrat mentality of doing less with more," Day said. "Unfortunately, it's the Oregon taxpayers who are footing the bill for the governor's publicly-funded political season P.R."

What Vance isn't understanding is that when you take positions that the democrats do you need all the PR people you can get. Positions like:

surrender to terrorists, transgenders get to pick their bathrooms, partially birthed babies can be killed for conveniance, your property can be taken and given to someone else, and "get out of your car and walk to work in the rain."

I mean really, these guys have to come up with clever euphamisms like "surrender" is called "redeployment" and "sticking a knife in a babie's brain" is called "choice." When you can't say what you really mean it takes a crack team of people who you hired as political favors to disguise your positions with non-threatening language.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Kudos to ODFW

It's so nice when a government agency gets with the times. (No, DMV still does not accept debit cards) But ODFW now offers the Permit Goose testing ONLINE. (I am taking it tonight after the kids go down)

This really is a nice conveniance that will save hunter's some time and ODFW some money, money that can instead go towards wildlife management.

On that subject, quick question for you tree hugging libs: Who has done more for wetlands conservation?

a) Ducks Unlimited
b) Tre Arrow

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Why schools need your $$$

Directory of Personnel and Services

Amnesty/Migrant Legalization
Karen Evans (community colleges) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 503-378-8648 x226

From now on when you hear Kulongoski mention the need for more tax dollars to make higher ed more affordable I want you to remember that they have the money to hire someone who does "amnesty/migrant legalization" for the community colleges.

When I called, Karen's voice mail indicated that she "will be in the office today but in meetings." No doubt. I can't emphasize enought that community college administrators need to have regular meetings on amnesty.

The Urban Planners bible

Carfree Cities proposes a delightful solution to the vexing problem of urban automobiles. - the web site that goes with the book

The "anti-authoritarian" crowd proposes this "carfree" city mainly by using "force" to implement their plan:

Those shipping into and out of a city using metro freight would be forced to use shipping containers for everything larger than the largest, heaviest parcel that a reasonably fit individual can handle alone.

Read how they want you to get around... (no mention of the weather, grocery shopping)

Monday, September 11, 2006


My one thought that I'm going to share on this day is that I think it's a damn shame how the towers are being rebuilt. It should never have taken this long and the best thing we could have done is build the same buildings except ten stories taller.

Pray for the victims families who are feeling that pain all over again.

If you need to remember click here.

So why the videos?

In the last post we discussed how ODOT is using your gas tax money to make Spanish language videos available (including Spanish only) instead of building roads. Where they got this idea is beyond me because it doesn't even fit in with their "plan" to reach the "Hispanic community."

Here is what ODOT says:

Reach Spanish-speaking communities
(a) More than 90% of the Hispanic community Spanish-speaking along I-5, near corridor for
commuting to and from Oregon.
(b) 85% of Hispanic community is 1st generation with little to no English skills.
(c) 99% are below federal guidelines for poverty.
(d) Over 90% mono-language (Spanish only).
(e) Over 90% are intergenerational, so there are school-age children in most families.
(f) Focus is survival for today for family.
(g) Literature is not effective because most are not literate in English or Spanish.
(h) Radio is effective way to reach.
(i) Community meetings: won’t share information, but will take information. Not considered
public involvement.
(j) Don’t use children as tools to reach them.
(k) Celebration of food / dancing good way to get large gathering.
(l) Transportation is issue to Hispanic. Majority of women and mothers do not drive.
(m)Hispanic newspaper, Portland resource.
(n)Use Cinco de Mayo celebration for outreach Hispanic

Here is what I read:

People who speak Spanish:
a) 99% don't pay taxes
b) Most are not educated enough to read let alone work
c) They all have kids in school

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Build roads or put out spanish videos... hmmm

When ODOT is faced with the tough choice of spending your gas tax dollars on reducing congestion or making videos available in Spanish they choose... oh c'mon you already know the answer!

ODOT Video Collection:
Te Abrocho El Cinturon
15 min.
One-of-a-kind Spanish video in the form of a novella, or story. The images capture the essence of Latino family life as participants in a family reunion discover the importance of correctly installing child safety seats. The instructions cover safety seats for children ranging from newborn to 80 pounds. Parents and others will find the video fun and informative. Available in Spanish only.

I know this sounds weird but I never needed an ODOT video showing me how to put in a car seat, buckle my seat belt or not drink and drive. But I guess that I am a pretty amazing guy...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

It's NOT Miller time

Boycott Miller Beer / Miller Brewing Co. for Supporting Illegal Aliens and Illegal Immigration!

Miller Brewing Company of Milwaukee, WI, producers of the popular beer Miller Genuine Draft, has given at least $30,000 to groups that support illegal aliens and illegal immigration so they can march down our city streets making demands of Americans. Here are the news reports about this beer maker's deplorable activity by Miller Brewing Company.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Whatever you do, don't punish

In the same vein as the last post (where we went over how Oregon House Democrats don't want to punish rapists they just want to use the heinous crime to push for abortion) we have another turn in the "ROAD MAP."

Except this time, instead of not punishing rapists they want to not punish ID thieves. Under the misleading heading of "preventing ID theft" they propose to "empower Oregonians to freeze their credit if their identity is stolen."

What a novel idea. If only the three credit reporting agencies had already come up with something like that...

Again, to "prevent" ID theft they will have you do something (already available) after the fact. (NOTE TO SELF: look up definition of "prevent" later)

Nothing about mandatory minimums for repeat offenders, or as far as I'm concerned, mandatory minimums for first time offenders. Nothing about paying 110% restitution. Nothing about punishing the perp at all.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Oregon house dems get specific about... stuff

The house Democrats have a "road map" for their plans in the upcoming legislative session.

As a father and a husband I am very pleased that "democrats will act quickly to keep our families and and our neighborhoods safe from current threats."

How will they do that you ask? They will "guarantee access to emergency contraceptives" to sexual assault victims. That's right. They won't lock rapists up. They won't punish repeat offenders more harshly. They won't classify more sex offenders as "predatory." But hey, after you get raped you will get some emergency contraceptives so what are you complaining about?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

School taught in Oregon's native tongue

In celebration of back-to-school and Tommy Potter insisting that we need more money for the taxpayer funded indoctrination camps I thought I would show you how our wonderful schools are helping all of our children learn Oregon's native language: Spanish!

Spanish Speaking Staff:
Forest Grove School District makes it a priority to hire staff, including teachers, assistants, secretaries and administrators, who speak Spanish and welcome cultural diversity in our schools.

Mr. Shivers Class (Kindergarten)
We have been doing more addition problems in Spanish and the children are figuring out the answers quicker and with more confidence. This week I asked them more simple addition problems, such as "seis mas dos" (six plus two). The children raised their hands when they had an answer. I let everyone give their answer (in Spanish only) and then we worked it out together.

Parent Workshop on Self-Esteem (Spanish only)
Tuesday, February 1st 6:00-8:00 PM
(Criminals are shown to have low self-esteem)

“Mornings with Muffins” Parent Circles (Spanish only)
January 18th, February 1st & 15th, March 1st 8:30-10:00 AM. Enjoy a FREE breakfast and the company of fellow Hall parents.
(By "free" they mean "paid for by someone else")

Finance Classes (Spanish only)
(Tax evasion 101, Lecture: How to send more of you money out of the country, The fake SSN and you)

Some comments about Global History I ELL/SLL
Ok, this one is really hilarious. Students were being asked about how they liked having History class taught in Spanish. The question asked was "What topics of discussion most interested you?" I am almost positive that some of these students were answering the question "do you like living on planet Mars." Either that or they just aren't learning.

Regularly. I always have an opinion on everything-Elisa
(Again, "what topics of discussion most interested you"...)

Most of the time. Rarely was I bored-Audrey
(Again, "what topics of discussion most interested you"...)

Pocas veces y cuando la maestra me llamaba. (At times, and when the teacher called on me)! - Miguel
(Again, "what topics of discussion most interested you"...)

?20-20 hindsight of history?, prohibition/marijuana, imperialism. Usually always ?Josh
(Again, "what topics of discussion most interested you"...)

Ubo muchas cosas interesantes para discutir. Es interesante porque Ud. sabe como hablar el espanol. (There were many interesting things to discuss. It was interesting because you know how to speak Spanish)-Gladys
(That one actually (sort of) answers the question. Or at least gets in the ballpark.)

Also note: "funner" is not a real word... say "more fun."

A Forum for Elementary School Literature
I also think that using the computers is easier than using a book , because its faster.I speak two languages , at home I speak spanish and at school I speak english. My first language was english , but it seems that I know more spanish than english wich is a weird thing.
His/her first language was English but God bless the public schools he now speaks Spanish better than he does English. Just great.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The government society

Local pundit Jeff Alworth has overcome writers block once again... by simply copying the idea of a national writer.

So even though Marie Coocoo wrote about it just days ago, it's time for Alworth to to bash the idea of Americans "owning" things. ("owning" is in direct violation of the Rules of the Commune)

The Ownership Society (Revised)

Suprisingly, Alworth admits "In terms of ownership, I'm a paycheck man" when clearly "earning a living" is also against the Rules of the Commune. But working (if you can call copying other writers ideas about a week after they are published) working, isn't good enough for Alworth because he doesn't have enough "capital gains." Oh I'm sure he has some, home ownership in America is at an all time high and appreciation of property is the most common form of capital gain. But unless Alworth's entire income comes from these gains he is just going to be bitter. (If I can't play with that toy then I'll break it so no one can play with it)

Alworth gets to the meat and potatos of his idea saying "If this sounds like class warfare, it is. Best get used to it and the fact that, unless you're perusing that Choate brochures, you're probably getting jobbed by the "ownership society." Working stiffs own one thing--their paycheck--and we've done a rotten job protecting it."

Since Alworth is an admitted "paycheck man" (how embarrasing to admit that in public) I guess that Alworth doesn't own anything. I'll look for him at Dignity Village. I'm not even sure what "Choate" is but with the magic of a little word like "probably" thrown in that sentence it means that his thesis doesn't actually have to be, in a strict sense, true. At least not all the time.

But what can I, the aspiring socialist, do about this you wonder?

"We need to go back to a time when we collectivized risk and demand that our federal dollars support things we actually own, not the Wall Street and real estate speculation of the ultra-rich:"

The good old collective. It actually sounds like a good idea but I have this faint notion that it's been tried already... can't put my finger on it... maybe if I lived in that world Superpower the Soviet Union my thinking would be clearer.

Alworth's ideas:

"Health care. Should be a right of every citizen, and every citizen should have to pay into the system to support it."

Every citizen should have to pay for it? That's not a right then. I don't have to pay for my free speech. What if someone can't/won't pay into it? Oh wait, you mean those "other" folks, the ones who have capital gains, have to pay into it. I gotcha. But not meth addicts, they don't have capital gains.

"Public education. Public schools should always be funded first, at an adequate level, before any funds flow to private educators."

By adequate they mean "as much as you are willing to give us and then a little bit more for good measure." Another idea on the table, fund medical research involving sawing off arms before any funds flow to "helpful medicine that gets results."

"Minimum wage. No family in America should work full time and not be able to feed their family. (This isn't as pressing an issue in Oregon.)"

By "family" are you referring to extended family? Mom, dad and two kids? And what are these families eating? Top Ramen? Caviar? Does it matter? Or should we just trust that all the details will come out in the wash?

"Higher education. The surest way to get ahead is an education. That is currently becoming the domain of the upper classes, and the federal government is defunding public assistance to students."

Another quick way to get ahead is to copy other writer's ideas days after they put something out... I don't think that Alworth has been to a PCC campus recently. I've seen "students" actually use their class time to sleep. (maybe they were dreaming about how they were going to spend their capital gains but I'm not sure)

"Defined benefit Social Security. Dubya would love to turn Social Security into a vast 401 (k) scheme where citizens would lose the assurance of a regular check for the risk of regular investments into a system that may be bankrupt when we retire."

Potential motto for this program: Because we did such a bang-up job with the first social security program. (Note: Everyone constantly saying that the current "system is broken" or "bankrupt" or has an "unfunded liability" doesn't count as bad.)

"Bankruptcy protection. Given all the burdens placed on citizens by the plutocrats in power, it is plainly immoral to remove bankruptcy as a last-resort method of escaping debt, as the GOP did a couple years ago."

Because why should I be held responsible for buying that big screen when I clearly couldn't afford it? Punish the "plutocrats" not me. (Note to Alworth: Pluto was just demoted from "planet" to "moon" so I'm not sure if that should affect your choice of words.)

I know that I am looking foward to this new "non-ownership" society dreamed of by Marie Coocoo, I mean Jeff Alworth. Not being in charge of my own retirement will be great. Not being able to choose my own doctor, and better yet having the receptionist be the same "helpful" lady that works at the DMV is going to be even better! (heart transplant? get in this line and take a number... sorry, it's that line, you will have to get a new number)

And I'm certainly as excited as the next heroin junkie that the concept personal responsibility will be irrelevent, because after all, it's those plutocrats and their captial gains who are to blame.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day rant

First off, curse the OLCC. I spend the whole day painting my house and then at 8:45pm (while I am still painting with a spotlight) I am informed that one of my kids has a broken backpack and school starts tommorrow. Clearly this shopping trip calls for the biggest bottle of the cheapest whiskey. (my discerning criteria for alcohol)

But noooooo, thanks to the OLCC I have to settle for the biggest bottle of the cheapest wine with the highest alcohol content. (again, my discerning palate knows no bounds) Even in California where they regulate how many times you can sneeze each day (apparently the snail darter could catch a cold) they let you buy liquor anywhere you want.

Oh, and I drove through Old Town Sherwood and guess what (you Sherwood residents already know) DIFFERENT ROADS ARE BLOCKED OFF TODAY THAN YESTERDAY. As far as I can tell all we have gotten out of this huge "renewal" (other than different roads being blocked off every day) is another round-about (if I ever snap like that Michael Douglas in that movie "Falling Down" you will see me doing a slow police chase a la OJ going THE WRONG WAY around a round-about. Other than the curse of the round-about we have lost defined sidewalks (where do you park, where do you walk?!?!?) and gotten some Pearl District style condos. (to date I don't think that any have been sold, I mean c'mon, this is Sherwood you morons, we like our yards)

Now all of you who are reading this are showing some interest in grassroots politics (except for you liberals out there who only read my blog because you have some sick facination with me personally... you guys need a new hobby) so I'm going to call your attention, once again, to what we have accomplished in Cornelius. The news stories I can find with a google news search that reference what we have done there are countless. Keep that in mind next time you see some place where you can take a stand and then think that it won't make a difference.

But you need to get energized on this. Realize that by taking this stand you may make this country safer for your kids. Take a look at the illegal aliens with ICE holds that we are housing in Oregon's prisons HERE. Slowly go through the list and then tell me that you don't want to do something about this problem.

I guess an important follow up is can we use this same strategy for other issues such as abortion where protests have proven largely ineffective? On this note I really want to slow down again, think about this: babies were killed today. They couldn't protest their own death, they couldn't fight back. Some people killed these babies because they were an inconveniance. They would have interfered with the mother's "fun." I would urge all of you to go to Oregonians for Life and see how your tax dollars are supporting this travesty.
NOTE: I am supporting Saxton in Oregon's governors race, that rant will have a post all it's own though.

Ok, just opened my email and got this picture: (click to enlarge)


Lastly, for those of you who haven't read Ann Coulter's book Godless, you need to. Go buy it.

Amnesty temper tantrum

From The Oregonian:
Protesters in Portland call for immigration reform
With a jab at Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron Saxton and demands for sweeping changes to immigration laws, more than 500 immigrants and supporters marched through Portland on Sunday in one of several Labor Day weekend events planned across the country.

What are these "sweeping changes" you allude to you crack investigative journalists? Oh yeah, amnesty, but we can't say that.

Some condemned the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, a national group with members in Oregon who have recently begun monitoring day laborers, some of them undocumented, in Cornelius.

Grassroots political activism at it's best. What we started a month ago has now become a factor in every illegal immigration story.

As the march got under way, a few flags -- U.S. and Mexico -- appeared. Some carried signs proclaiming, "This is our land also."

Uh, no it's not your land. But thanks for throwing that inflammatory statement out there.

At the rally, a few signs urged amnesty. But speakers avoided the word, speaking instead of "unconditional legalization for all."

I don't have to dress up my position: enforce the current laws!

Now I didn't go to yesterday's march and I'm not finding pictures from any of the usual sources. (they are probably embarrassed) So I'll provide some generic illegal alien march pictures:

In Portland:

As if we need to import our communists to Portland...

They don't ask... they demand!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

They are feeling dismal

Signing up for mailing lists is an easy way to keep informed about what people/groups are up to. (One of my favorites is the "job opportunities for public artists" it's a real hoot)

The "Rural Organizing Project" has just sent out this letter. It's worth reading.

There have been fewer calls for people to fill the streets rallying for immigrant rights since the historical protests on May Day of this year, but the issue of immigration has stayed as hot and charged as ever. And your voice as a sane and rational and committed human dignity activist is as important as ever, especially as we draw closer to an election that is sure to try and use t his issue to pull our communities apart, both in DC and in our own local communities.

Last week, at a town hall with Senator Wyden in St. Helen's here in Columbia County, anti-immigrant folks were out in full force. One elderly woman stated that she was willing to go to the border and shoot (and thus protect her grandchildren from drugs). Day laborers in Cornelius have been under growing attack by the anti-immigrant group Oregonians for Immigration Reform who are protesting at the day laborer site and broadcasting their anti-immigrant hate on right wing internet blogs. Politicians seem to welcome the photo opportunities to be seen with the Minutemen. Things are feeling a little dismal here, folks.

Right-wing internet blogs? Where?!?!

Meanwhile, the leadership in Congress has been equally disappointing. Rather than working for real, just comprehensive immigration reform as it looked like momentum was building towards, the House and Senate recessed to con vene more opportunities to "listen to the public" aka pander to anti-immigrant sentiment, holding hearing with names like, "Border Vulnerabilities and International Terrorism and Use of the National Guard to Secure the Border."

But there is, as always, resistance to celebrate and push backs to be part of. Immigrant rights groups have been creative in staging their own hearings that sought out voices from the immigrant and ally communities to share information on what good immigration reform that protects workers worldwide, provides a path to citizenship and reunites families could really look like, rather than an enforcement only, fear based approach.

And now, you have a chance to join the effort this Labor Day weekend in Portland and celebrate the contributions of all of Oregon’s work force. Take a little trip and join with immigrant, labor and faith communities in a solidarity march for immigrant rights!

Moonbat Stardust

No rebuttal, just concessions that we are winning

Some fair reporting from the Oregonian.

"If the Minutemen weren't there I don't think this would be a big issue."

Click the "MULTIMEDIA: Watch & Listen" link at the top of the story!!!

New front in illegal immigration fight
In Oregon, that means the Minuteman group will monitor day labor sites and approach people who come to hire workers -- primarily Latinos -- for temporary jobs, Forest said. He uses video and still cameras to record the license plates of prospective employers, then sends that information to federal immigration and tax officials. The group's goal is to shut down such sites, including those in Portland.

Congrats Michael for a great job! And thank you to everyone who has come out to the day labor site and made this happen! We are winning!

This sign has since been taken down due to our protests.

Master list of videos from our protests.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Race-based bussiness

Latino Career Fair
(blacks need not apply I guess)

The future success of your organization could depend on successfully serving the Latino community. Often Latino employees are key to effectively serving the Latino consumer.

Organizations participate in the Latino Career Fair for several reasons. The obvious one: this will be the largest diversity recruiting event of the year in our region, and exhibitors will have contact with qualified bi-lingual, bi-cultural candidates.

By "diversity" they mean "one race." This is similar to the government definition of diversity. Of course our favorite government agencies are all participating: DHS, DAS, Oregon Employement Department, North Clackamas School District and the City of Hillsboro are all excited to hire based on race.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Serving a need... or creating one?

The following people are "teachers" for "migrant education" which does, among other things, a "USA/Mexico Binational Education Program."

JUAREZ, Evelia
Migrant Education Recruiter/Liaison

Identification & Recruitment Specialist

Coordinator Office of Hispanic Outreach

Secretary, Office of Hispanic Outreach

Migrant Support Staff
REACH Center Bilingual Resources

Migrant Education Support Staff

You can see the entire list of "teachers" who are employed on behalf of illegal aliens HERE. This is just a tiny sampling. I thought that it was ironic the number of "recruiters" they had. If this program is so neccessary then why do they have to spend so much time finding people to participate?

Read the job titles and think about this the next time you hear "the schools are underfunded" and "overcrowded classrooms." Maybe a real teacher could be hired instead of a "migrant support staff" if you want to reduce class size.

Public funding, private group

My new master plan is to donate money to causes that I believe in to make change... but I'm gonig to do it with your money! Oh wait, that's ODOT's master plan.

Apparently they are "Titanium Level ($5,000+)" sponsors of the Bicycle Transporation Alliance. Who is the Bicycle Transportation Alliance? They do things like "make sure that our public transportation dollars are spent fairly, and result in streets that are safe and convenient for bicyclists. We also make sure policies that guide street design and transportation spending consider your two-wheeled needs."

But it's not just ODOT who gives to this private group. The Portland Office of Transportation and the City of Ashland - Planning Division also donate your money. (Maybe they should list "John Q. Taxpayer" as a 'Titanium Level" sponsor?)

Lot's of private non-profit groups deserve our support but that support should come directly from private citizens, companies and foundations. Not from government.

Criminals throw another temper tantrum

This Labor Day Weekend, Portland Joins National Effort to Renew Call for Immigration Reform
Sunday, Sept 3 @ 2:00pm
This Sunday, Portland will join close to a dozen US cities to usher in the fall by renewing demands for fair and comprehensive immigration policy reform.

PCUN flyer for the event

Don't forget your Mexican flags...

NOTE: Take a fun survey with an illegal aliens supporting group!