Friday, September 30, 2005

Because government wants every penny

Internet sales tax project gets underway
Residents of 13 US states will have to start paying sales tax on some Internet purchases, once the Streamlined Sales Tax Project (SSTP) becomes operational on October 1.

While a blessing to many consumers, online shopping has been a thorn in the side of state and local governments who feel the pain of missing tax revenues in the midst of rising costs and budget crunches. If the SSTP proves to be successful, you can bet that all 50 states will eventually sign on and major retailers will feel the pressure to participate as well. That would be good news for revenue-starved governments, but not for consumers who have become accustomed to tax-free Internet shopping.

Government just can't stand that commerce is being done and they aren't getting their cut of the action. Am I going to be required to collect sales tax on stuff that I sell on ebay?

They said it wouldn't happen

Dutch 'marriage':1 man, 2 women
The Netherlands has legalized polygamy in all but name, granting a civil union to a man and two women.

De Bruijn explained: "A marriage between three persons is not possible in the Netherlands, but a civil union is. We went to the notary in our marriage costume and exchanged rings. We consider this to be just an ordinary marriage."

The Netherlands was the first country in the world to recognize same-sex partnerships. In 1998, registered partnerships, or civil unions, were introduced into law.

........ That silence you hear? That's the radical homosexual groups not condemning this. They said it wouldn't happen. They said it would stop if they "only" had gay marriage. Suprise, they lied.

We all draw the line somewhere. Many gays would not allow brother and sister to marry. Is that because of "hatred" or "discrimination?" No. Neither is drawing the line at traditional marriage. It is the fabric that holds our society together and we can't allow it to be redefined.

As for civil unions, calling an elephant a mouse doesn't make it any less of an elephant. As a civil contract, these unions could open up the door to untold consequences just like the story above.

We're feeling left out...

For those of us who aren't victims of "hate crimes" if we get assaulted, for those of us who don't get a special bathroom in the public schools, for those of us who don't belong to cool sounding acronyms like LGBT, (pronounced: confused sexual degenerates) Gullyborg has a place for us!

You have to read the U of O email he has posted that celebrates "Coming Out Day" at the college. Then join the white male heterosexual conservative Christian Republican group! WMHCCR (pronounced: the smart ones)

As of yet we have no plans to demand special rights in the name of equality...

Government creates laws that cause problems and then wants to create laws to fix them

West is critically short of farm labor
When will we turn to government and demand that the flames of a broken immigration system be put out? When will our house be put in order and balance be restored along our borders, particularly with Mexico?

Many would-be workers are no longer willing to take the risk of crossing the border to work our fields.

Labor contractors supplying workers for large Western growers are struggling to find enough people for harvest. They report that not only are they concerned about the shortage due to increased immigration enforcement, they also find workers are opting for comparable jobs in other industries and other nations to avoid the difficulties with immigration enforcement in U.S. agriculture.

Pass these laws: We all have a stake in meaningful immigration reform, an overhaul of the broken H2A guestworker program and the urgent passage of pending legislation in Congress known as AgJOBS (S 359 and HR 884).

The legislation will offer a temporary guestworker program that will give farmers a reliable work force right now, and will allow some time for meaningful, comprehensive immigration reforms.

Let's stipulate that the farmers and the service industry, namely the restraunt association, are important Republican constituencies. And they like their illegal alien workers!

So what would happen to these industries if every illegal alien were deported tommorow? The free market would kick in. There would be a demand and the market always provides for a supply.

This may be through mechanization or a different demographic of manual labor. Or best of all, it may mean we curtail some of the asinine restrictions that government has placed on labor.

If you want a headache you can read Oregon's Farm/Forest Labor Contractor Handbook and see what farmers have to deal with for regulations, fees, hiring practices, etc.

To see what punishes the restrauts simply look at Oregon's minimum wage.

Imagine if we could stop the criminal invasion of our country and compell government to reduce beauracratic regualtion, ease the labor laws and let the market decided the wages all at the same time!

For those that say "Americans won't do these jobs" I say it's because who wants to go work somewhere that no one speaks the same language as you? Somewhere that has Juan Gomez as the foreman and all his cousins as the workers. You would be the outsider.

It has become a cultural/social norm for Spanish speakers to take these jobs and that does discourage English speaking citizens from doing them. But if we changed that norm then I have no doubt that the septic tank cleaner, the ditch digger, etc would take these jobs that pay higher than minimum wage.

And if the ridiculous child labor laws were relaxed or done away with we would have a huge workforce in the summer and be teaching valuable work ethics to our kids at the same time! All without breaking the law.

My point is that the industries that "depend" on these workers have been regulated, burdened, and priced almost out of bussiness. Instead of focusing on passing new laws like AGJobs, we should be focusing on repealing old laws and regulations that have burdened these industries for years.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Itemizer-Observer article on illegal alien protest

If you missed the KATU(2) converage of this story you can see the video HERE

Consulate visit draws protest
They were there to protest the issuance of Mexican Consulate Matricular cards, also known as "matriculas" to Polk County residents of Mexican origin.

People who wanted to attend the event could be seen hanging back from the school entrance -- perhaps weary of the demonstration.
If we made people nervous about breaking the law then we were successful!

While people waited for consulate officials to process their information, representatives from the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Oregon Attorney General's Office and several other state agencies invited people to browse information displays on everything from housing laws to how to register to vote.

She said most immigrants avoid seeking information because they're afraid they'll be turned in to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. But whether the person is here illegally is "not our issue," she said.
Imagine if a conveniance store clerk said that a whether or not a person buying 10,000 cold pills was using them to make meth was "not our issue." What would be your reaction?

It's good to see this issue get some more coverage. Any time we make another citizen aware of this problem we get another person for our side. It is so obvious to objective people that these were criminals in there getting help from the state of Oregon.

Of course, the Itemizer did spell my name wrong in the picture caption. Oh well. I'm the guy in the blue shirt holding the camera.

For pictures taken by me, see my other posts:
Hall of Shame

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Stateman Journal article

More Pictures

My main narrative


How Oregon helps illegal aliens

Sometimes the best defense is... no defense at all?

Turn-In event offers safe way to dispose of unwanted guns
Local residents have a chance to make their homes a little safer for themselves and their children next month. The opportunity is the Gun Turn-In Day, set for 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 8 at Jason Lee United Methodist Church, and sponsored by Salem Police and the non-profit organization, Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation.

A "little safer?" By disarming? Who does this make the homes safer for? Rapists? Meth addicts on a binge who are looking to steal something but may kill you if you get in there way? If you want to have your home be "safer" then have your family take some firearms safety courses, talk with your children about guns and their appropriate uses, set boundaries and rules.

However, it’s important to note that the largest portion of the gun death toll in America is not crime-related. Federal statistics indicate that more gun deaths can be attributed to suicide than homicide.

Coming from the state that wants the government to help you commit suicide I'm not convinced that there is a problem here. As a state we have said that suicided is perfectly acceptable. (I actually disagree) But the hypocrisy is very clear.

The folks at "Cease protecting your family" err, "Ceasefire" would gladly take someones gun then drive them to the hospital so they could enjoy "assisted" suicide.

I don't oppose VOLUNTARY gun turn-ins because hey, if a citizen wants to get rid of their property they have every right to do so and you can't just dump a gun in the trash can. What gets me is the language used to promote these events.

Liberals say conservatives are "fear mongering" to take away [unspecified] civil liberties but then turn around and try to scare people into giving up a right that actually IS in the constition.

Good gun links if you are interested in protecting your family:

New Ann Coulter column

Bob Shrum with a Good Cause
In 2002, Bush backed liberal Richard Riordan in the Republican gubernatorial primary in California against conservative Bill Simon. ...

In 2004, Bush backed liberal Republican Arlen Specter over conservative Pat Toomey in the Republican Senate primary in Pennsylvania. ...

In 2004, Bush backed Mel Martinez for the open Senate seat in Florida and asked the magnificent Katherine Harris not to run against him, so she graciously bowed out. Martinez has since called on Bush to shut down Guantanamo....

Ann Coulter gives voice to the concerns that all conservatives have about Bush and his "architect" Karl Rove.

I'd like to add to her list of blunders by Bush/Rove the "don't darken the doorsteps again" comment that Rove made to Tom Tancredo on the issue of illegal immigration. Way to be in touch with the American public Mr. President.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Washington County Republicans

Tonight I went to a meeting of the Washington County Republicans. It was a small group, just nine of us, but it was nice to meet fellow local blogger Nick aka The Cheezer.

Tom Cox had invited all three Republican gubernatorial candidates to come themselves or send a representative but only Jason Atkinson had someone present. Perhaps Mannix was busy taking GOP money to pay off personal debt and maybe Saxton had a pro-abortion rally to attend to, I'm not sure.

Skipping over the meeting, which was interesting, I had a brief talk with Tim, who works on Jason Atkinson's campaign. Once again, I liked what I heard. Tim is a very likable guy who has known Jason for a long time and had some good points.

The most important one that I need to point out is the money issue. The Atkinson campaign expects to be outspent in this race and EVERYTHING costs money. Every sign, every mailer, every ad.

I would strongly encourage anyone who feels led to do so to make a contribution to Oregon's future by helping to elect the candidate who is going to make a difference.

I would consider it an investment. If you only give $25 and during Atkinson's term we stop building choo-choo trains and start building roads instead, then you will save more than $25 in gas because of less traffic congestion.

But money was not what we really talked about. Jason is a grassroots guy and is depending on you and me to help him win. This means that it's never too early to plant the "Atkinson seed" in the mind's of the people that you know. Name recognition is a huge factor so make sure that people you know are informed about who you are supporting and why.

The Hall of Shame

The following pictures are of people who made the protest of the "Carousel of Criminals" a little bit more interesting.

This idiot was hanging out down the street and decided to roll through while blasting his mariachi (is that how you spell it?) music really loud. He received cheers from the criminals. His license plate number is VEE 988.

This idiot was one of the guys who didn't have an appointment. And since I wasn't allowed inside because I didn't have an appointment, I made sure that no criminal aliens without an appointment got in. This guy insisted on hanging out and giving me dirty looks for quite a while afterwards.

Although you can see the "dirty looker" in the background still staring at me, the main attraction is the guy with his back to the camera. He had just flipped me off and another woman and then yelled at us with his back turned while we took pictures.

Unfortunately for "the flipper" he still had to walk past me to get inside...

And I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I didn't put up a picture of this girl. She insisted on yelling at me the minute she saw me. I kept trying to have a calm conversation with her boyfriend about whether or not he had an appointment and what his immigration status was and she screamed at me the whole time. Even after they got through the fence she came back to yell at me. This fullfills my promise to put their faces on the internet.

And finally, the employees of OCDC. (Oregon child development coalition) The man in the middle is actually a pleasant enough human being that he shall remain nameless. I did have some good conversation with him and he understood my position. However Arturo Vargas (left) insisted on saying things like "no comment" when I asked if tax dollars paid his salary and Miguel Aguilar (right) was less than helpful but I will admit that he came later and I didn't get to spend that much time trying to interogate him.

And don't forget:

Saturday, October 15, at 1:00 p.m.

On the steps of the Oregon State Capitol Building in Salem. Sponsored by Oregonians for Immigration Reform.

Call (503) 435-0141, or check updates here for more information.

Please come and demonstrate that you care about the future of America.

The typical democrat constituency

I heard a rumor that Democrats are going to call for the sharing of our military secrets with Al-Qaeda. Or as liberals call them: the underprivileged nuclear have-nots.

Liberals insist that we would have achieved equality and the terrorists would already have nukes except for Bush's tax cuts to the rich.

It's hard for liberals to hate terrorists like you and I because terrorists are so similair to Democrats core constituency.

For instance, terrorists and typical democrat voters both:

*Practice poor hygiene

*Hate America

*Are not US citizens

*Want America to lose the war in Iraq

*Hate George Bush even more than they hate America

*Are fanatics who have no concept of reality

*Want to kill Christians

*Call America an "imperialist" country

*Hope that airport security frisks Betty Sue instead of that middle eastern guy between the age of 18 and 30 whose name is Mohammed.

*Think that America has too much power

*Say that Osama Bin Laden "does good things" (thank you Patty Murray)

*Look like they have been homeless for quite some time

*Brag daily about the US body county in Iraq

*Think that everyone is Guantanamo should have an attorney or be released

*Condemn torture... at least by our side

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

How we can help weaken the unions

Oregon AFL-CIO cuts staff, budget
The Oregon AFL-CIO has slashed its budget and eliminated one-third of its paid staff to cope with the defection of several unions to a rival labor coalition.

Oregon AFL-CIO money, activists and endorsements played a major role in electing Gov. Ted Kulongoski in 2002, and the federation is an influential part of the Oregon Democratic Party's base. A budding split in the federation could reduce union clout at a time when labor's power already was waning nationally.

This is an early Christmas for Republicans. (For you liberals out there: Christmas is the holiday where we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ) We have a weakened union and more democrat candidates looking to challenge a sitting governor of the same party than you can shake a stick at.

After reading union story this morning I decided that it is up to all of us to help weaken the unions further. The UPS driver that services my place of employment is a Christian and I talked to him about directing his union dues to charity or requesting that his dues not go toward political uses. He wasn't aware that this was an option but would be glad to stop giving money to people who support partial-birth abortion for 12 year olds and the radical homosexual agenda. I will be taking him some info about how to do this tommorow.

If any of you know a union member who is a conservative I suggest that you also point them in this direction. The less money the unions have, the less money the democrats have.

A great reference site is:

Also the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation has the singular mission of helping people fight compulsory unionism. From there you can request free legal help on how to take advantage of you rights.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Helping illegal aliens is an everyday task

It's great that all of us are outraged over the "carousel of information" (aka carousel of criminal aliens) that happens about once a month but it's important to remember that Oregon has the desire, and financial backing from taxpayers, to give goodies to illegal aliens every day.

Just a few examples:
Oregon HIV Housing Task Force
"Today, there are two topics: first we will focus on the Hispanic population, included issues specific to undocumented persons and farm workers in Oregon."

"There is currently a housing waiting list: There are about 100-150 people on the list for Phase 1 units. The list for Phase 2 is shorter but the housing is specifically set-aside for persons who are have a Social Security number. Phase 1 units do not require a SS number and specifically serve undocumented Hispanics. "

These housing units "specifically serve undocumented Hispanics." I am positive that legal action could be taken against the state on multiple grounds over this action.

Migrant Million Housing Program
The 1999 Oregon Legislative Assembly allocated $1 million through SB 5511 to the Emergency Board "for migrant housing" charging Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) with administering this "Migrant Million."

I can think of better uses for a million dollars.

This is the list of clinics that Alberto Moreno, Migrant Health Coordinator for the state of Oregon, sent me for my [imaginary] illegal alien friend who needed free health care. Some of these clinics are taxpayer funded.

Letter to Ways and Means Human Services Subcommittee
Question: What are the citizenship requirements for Citizen/Alien-Waived Emergent Medical (CAWEM) benefits and OHP Standard?

Response: ...a noncitizen may not have any legal status (undocumented) with USCIS but may still be eligible for the CAWEM benefit.

"May still be eligible?"

Disclosing SSN and Citizenship Status
Example: Mom comes in to apply for food stamps for self and her three children. Mom lists the three children on the application as the people she is applying to receive benefits for. She lists herself as another person in the HH, and does not want benefits for herself. There are a few reasons Mom might not want benefits for herself; one might be that she is an ineligible non-citizen, and does not want to disclose her status, and does not have a valid SSN.

There does not seem to be the same urgent rush to fix this legal loophole like the jihad to stop the "gun show" loophole.

Statement of Governor Kulongoski
We are Americans not due to our birth or immigration status, but rather because we choose to accept the concepts upon which the country is founded.

No Mr. Kulongoski, to be an American you must be born here or have completed legal immigration and citizenship classes. "Accepting concepts" does not make you a citizen. Of course, if this were the standard, many of the illegal aliens still wouldn't qualify as they don't have any respect for America and would prefer to fly the Mexican flag. (pictured below)

Our next governor won't let this happen

Great news! Gubernatorial candidate Jason Atkinson called in to Lars Larson's show today to let him know that the "Carousel of Information" (aka the carousel of criminal aliens) would not happen on his watch!

The fact that this guy took the initiative to respond to an issue of concern and make a public statement so quickly is a good sign for things to come. My hope is that he will join us in our protest of the state of Oregon giving taxpayer services to illegal aliens.

Make sure you check out his recently updated website:

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Another set of pictures

How can you afford a Caddillac doing the jobs that "Americans won't do?"

This is Arturo Vargas who works for OCDC attempting to cover his name badge. Arturo, you were a jerk.

And these are good patriotic Americans who disaprove of the state of Oregon giving assistance to criminals.

Yes, I said that. And I mean it!

"They are selling drugs to our kids and raping our kids," said Daniel Miglavs of Sherwood. "Our public officials, our state employees, are in there right now aiding and abetting them."

He defended his statement by waving a stack of papers that showed the high rate of incarceration for Hispanics in Oregon.

"They're disproportionately committing crimes versus the general public," Miglavs said. "It really is an underlying crime syndicate."

I did say "underground" rather than "underlying" though. And the "stack of papers" was all the current inmates in the Marion County Jail who had an immigration hold. It was quite a stack.

Peaceful protests don't stop immigrant program
Protesters peacefully carried signs and sang ballads about the blight of illegal immigration Saturday during an event put on by the Mexican government.

Among the services offered at the daylong event were matricular consular cards, Mexican birth certificates to children born in Oregon and information about paying taxes, receiving health care and getting a driver's license in the state.

Noe Nuñez, 21, shook his head.

"I've never seen anything like this," he said about the protesters. "This surprises me a lot and shows me what kind of people live in my community."
The kind of people who want legal and orderly immigration? The kind of people who frown on crime?

"We're only here to work," said Raul Aguirre, 29, who lives in Eugene. "But, wherever we go, there are people like this."
Look at form I-9. It is illegal for you to work Mr. Aguirre. All employees are required to fill out this form. You commit perjury when you sign this form and you are not eligible to work in the United States. (That's yet another crime for those of you who are paying attention)

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Know your audience

My wife (the sign holder on the left) suggested that next time perhaps some of the signs should be in Spanish. After all, maybe these illegals think that we are welcoming them...

"It says... welcome... to.... America... here is... your free... health care?"

If these people could read English then we wouldn't have so many government forms printed in Spanish.

I'll make ya famous...

I literally stood right next to the entrance and took pictures of the faces of the illegal aliens as they went in to get services from the state. While I was good natured, I did occassionaly make a crack about "you can see yourself on my website tonight." Again, I got mixed reactions.

What happened at the protest?

Here is what we were protesting today:

¡La Información Es Poder!
Venga y Pregunte

(The Information Is To be able! Come and You ask)

Some of the "information" supplied to illegal aliens: (google translations)

that to do if it is injured in the work, or if its place of work is not safe or healthful
Workman's comp, even though an illegal alien can't work in this country

like finding cios works available in Oregon, or information on benefi of unemployment
Unemployment benefits and how to find that job that you can't legally do.

to where to go if his employer does not pay his wage to him, or to work extra hours
Kind of like reporting when your drug dealer rips you off...

like registering a business, or registering themselves to vote in Oregon
No speaka the English? Just check the "democrat" box.

services integrated for the development of the children
We'll pay for your kids.

Who participates?
Consulate of Mexico in Portland
Department of Consumer & Business Services
Oregon Attorney General’s Offi ce
Bureau of Labor and Industries
Oregon Child Development Coalition
Department of Human Services
Department of Revenue
Department of Transportation — DMV
Employment Department
Oregon Health Action Campaign
Oregon Health Division
Housing and Community Services of Oregon
Legal Aid Services of Oregon
Mid-Willamette Valley Senior Services Agency
Oregon Migrant Education
Social Security Administration
Secretary of State

The event was held in Independence, OR. It was at a public school in the Central School District 13j. The superintendent of this district is Joseph Hunter who can be reached for comment here:

The reason I include this is because I was referred to the district when I questioned the state workers about the legality of letting in certain people while barring others.

I got there at 10:00am and met some people who I have had emailed back and forth but never gotten a chance to speak to in person. We watched illegal aliens pull in, look around nervously at all the people holding signs and continue on their merry way inside.

I made an effort to get in but was repeatedly refused on the grouds that I didn't have an appointment. Earlier I had watched them let anyone that had brown skin and spoke Spanish through the gate so I started asking the attendees if they had an appointment and then made it an issue with the rent-a-cop and OCDC workers if they didn't.

After making them turn away one illegal who had no appointment I made it my bussiness to stand there and make them verify that everyone who went through was on the list of pre-registered attendees. Every illegal alien who was turned away brought a smile to my face and I knew that it was worth the hour drive.

Since I was standing at the entrance I decided to take pictures of most the the entrants and this got mixed results. Many turned their faces, some gave blank stares, one girl (who will be pictured on another post) screamed at me repeatedly, one guy flipped me off and I begged him to do it again for the camera, some of them posed when I asked for a smile and one guy moved into the sunlight so that I could get a real good picture of his shirt that said "bong."

The OCDC (Oregon Child Development Coalition) workers were a mixed bunch. All Hispanic, (where was the diversity?) some were irritated with me but some were good natured. The one who was belligerent with me was Arturo Vargas. (a brief search has not turned up his email address but I'm a persistant guy, it will be in a later post)

The media showed some interest. KATU, The Statemen Journal, and the Itemizer-Observer (which currently has this on the front page of it's website) were all in attendence. I was interviewed by all three and am fairly hopeful that I will be on KATU, they liked the sound bite I gave them. I hope that the newspapers quote me because I think that I brought stuff to the conversation that they hadn't heard before.

I have over 80 pictures so I will be posting them a few at a time for a while. This has also energized me to delve into this issue further so it may be a main topic for the next week or so. But if you are tired of this issue fear not, I am still working on my jihad against the "urban planners" so look for posts on that this week as well.

More pictures

An Oregon state worker carrying a "Worksource Oregon" bag.

"WorkSource Oregon is your source to find workers, find your next job, your next career, or get training designed just for you!"

A couple of illegal aliens who are happy to get help from Oregon!

First set of pics from protest

OFIR organized a protest of the Mexican Mobile Consulate and the state of Oregon giving ID, legal advice, taxpayer benefits, job hunting skills, etc etc. I have A LOT of pictures. I will be posting them in installments along with my personal narrative about what went on.

Look for these pictures/comments to be posted all during the coming week. (There's that many!)

But thank goodness we can't get cold pills

Border officials find 8 kilograms of meth in pickup truck
The 39-year-old man from Mexico hid the methamphetamine, estimated to be worth about $150,000, in a compartment that was created for the pickup truck he was driving, said Brian D. Levin, a spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection

So far, this fiscal year, CBP officers in Arizona have seized more than 748 kilograms of methamphetamine valued at more than $13 million, the news release stated.

I will be leaving in about 45 minutes to go to Independence to join up with other citizens who are protesting the Mexican Consualte and Oregon state agencies giving aid and comfort and taxpayer services to illegal alien criminals.

If you would like to join us you can see more info at the OFIR website.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Making life harder for criminals

Greyhound to Screen for Illegal Immigrants
SAN DIEGO -- Greyhound Lines Inc., the nation's largest intercity bus company, has threatened to fire employees who sell bus tickets to illegal immigrants under an internal policy that some Hispanic advocacy groups are calling an invitation to racial profiling.
Why don't the papers ever quote the concern of marijuana advocacy groups when new drug policies make it more difficult for that group of lawbreakers? Would that be too obvious that it's silly to quote opposition groups when we are talking about enforcing the law?

The "Transportation of Illegal Aliens" policy warns Greyhound's customer service employees to beware of people in large groups, moving in single file and traveling with little or no luggage.

"When the standard is that you should know who is in the U.S. illegally, it is a recipe for singling out Latinos," said Cecilia Munoz of the National Council of La Raza in Washington, D.C., who participated in the call. "You're not going to go after the Irish-looking guy."

Yes Cecilia, it is mostly Hispanics breaking our immigration laws. But as a member of a group who advocates for "The Race" I'm sure you already knew that.

I'm glad that a private company is taking our laws seriously but these same people who are denied a bus ticket can always get a drivers license from the state of Oregon.

But this is part of the solution. Imagine if illegal aliens had a harder time trying to get a car? What if you couldn't get it registered, go through DEQ, renew your tags, or get insurance if you were an illegal alien? We would have a lot more arrests and it would discourage people from coming back or even coming in the first place.

We should be working to limit their trasportation opportunities at every chance we get.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Please people, Oregon IS NOT a role model

Planners betting on light-rail boom
The light-rail line along Interstate 25 is spurring a development frenzy around the rail stations that will open next year, marking what could be a back-to-the-future change in the way the metro area grows.

Greenwood Village is creating a 45-acre downtown around the Arapahoe station, which it calls Village Center. The plan, which is now being finalized, calls for a high-rise district on both sides of I-25 that would allow residents to do without their vehicles.

Our state trasportation and growth management department is lauding this story as wonderful news. I'm guess that the folks in Denver didn't attend this conference:

Main subject:
What Conditions led to the Failure of the Round in Beaverton?

I feel sorry for the "planners" who look to Oregon's "livability" as an example. Scratch that, I don't feel sorry for planners at all. They get what they deserve. Unfortunately that means that the citizenry get screwed first.

And is anyone else tired of hearing about Portlands "famed livability?" The only people who talk like that are the liberal elites who are blind to the crime, agressive panhandling, trash, violence, and lack of families.

The problem is that the media has been allowed to define "livable" as "anything that makes car use difficult" and "high density housing, preferably a taxpayer subsidized project."

The rest of us realize that livable neighborhoods are ones where you don't need to lock up your car at night. Where neighborhood kids can throw a football in the street in front of their house or ride bikes back and forth. Houses that have a nice backyard where you can bar-b-que.

Where you can drive to the store without seeing a homeless person peeing on the sidewalk. Stores in a "livable" neighborhood don't need bars on the doors and windows and neither do the houses. Storefronts don't sit empty and become canvasses for graffiti.

Sherwood, my home, is livable. I would never subject my kids to life in Portland.

New Ann Coulter column

What Would Reagan Do?
For Christians, it's "What Would Jesus Do?" For Republicans, it's "What Would Reagan Do?" Bush doesn't have to be Reagan. He just has to consult his WWRD bracelet. If Bush had followed the WWRD guidelines, he would have nominated Antonin Scalia for the chief justiceship.

But most important, if Bush had nominated Scalia, liberals would have responded with their usual understated screams of genocide, and Bush could have nominated absolutely anyone to fill Justice O'Connor's seat. He also could have cut taxes, invaded Syria, and bombed North Korea and Cuba just for laughs. He could even have done something totally nuts, like enforce the immigration laws.

This column is absolutely hilarious and absolutely right on!

We prefer some races over others

University of Oregon Diversity-Building Scholarship
Ethnic background—priority given, but not limited, to members of an ethnic minority community who reflect the UO Campus Diversity Plan

As long as your skin color matches up with "the plan" then our public university may give you some money. If your skin color does not match up with "the plan" then you are out of luck.

DISCLAIMER: This can't possibly be racist because they are liberals. Only those evil conservatives are racist. Imagine, they even think that people should be judged on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. Those nazis.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

How white liberals of the baby boomer generation make themselves feel good

Eleventh Annual Oregon Diversity Institute
Examples of workshops topics might include:

-promoting social justice and diversity in the workplace
-diversity training / cultural competency
-environmental justice / diversity
-economic justice / class diversity
-social justice education: Addressing the isms

That's right, they are even going to address the dreaded "isms." I just want to tell these people that they don't need to do this out of liberal guilt. Unless of course they oppose the removal of regimes where they employ rape rooms. There should probably be some liberal guilt over that...

Atkinson for governor website
Jason Atkinson for Governor!

Check out Jason Atkinson's new website! You can sign up to volunteer on his campagin and donate online. Make sure you also check Gullyborg's post about putting up links to make sure this new site is the number one hit on a Google search of "Atkinson for Governor."

Atkinson for Governor

But not because he broke the law

Hope to rejoin family dies with deportee
A woman who fought to be reunited with her husband who was banished to Mexico after receiving bad legal advice is mourning his death in a roadside shooting.

She learned of his death Sept. 11, hours after he was gunned down in an apparent argument among a group of people in Chupio, a rural region in the Mexican state of Michoacan where he was raised.

With all due respect, people don't get deported for "bad legal advice." They get deported because they came here illegaly.

The prisons are full of people who will tell you that they are incarcerated because "they had a bad lawyer." (It had nothing to do with the fact that they actually committed the crime that they were convicted off, it's all the lawyers fault)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Celebrate high health care costs

FACT: Sixty percent of [LA] county's uninsured patients are not U.S. citizens.

FACT: Last year, Los Angeles County spent $340 million to treat the uninsured; that's roughly $1,000 for every taxpayer.

FACT: The Harris County Hospital
[Texas] District alone doled out $330 million in free medical care to illegal immigrants over the last three years.

FACT: In Fiscal Year 2001, the total cost for emergency medical care for illegal immigrants in California was more than $648 million. At the same time, the California Association of Public Hospitals notes that California’s public hospitals face a $600 million a year budget deficit.


So when we have a constant drumbeat of "health care costs too much," why do we have an Oregon hospital, Providence Newberg, encouraging the people who are bankrupting our health care providers to visit them?

Why should the illegal aliens feel welcome when the rest of us are paying for their care in our higher premiums, higher doctor bills, and more waiting time?

And that doesn't even address the fact that this is America dammit. Let's celebrate the 4th of July because that's our independance. We are not Mexico. Our former president's are not facing arrest for massacres.

Do we celebrate Independence Day for Latvia? How about Kenya? What makes Mexico special?

I'll tell you. Certain people and groups feel that they are promoting "diversity" by creating a more illegal alien-friendly environment.

When people ask me what we should do to stop the lawbreakers who violate America's soverienty I always start with the fact that we must make our country and state less hospitable, less friendly, and less encouraging to the illegals. What we have here is the exact opposite.

Ready for a true conservative?

Want to see what the state of Oregon can do under Republican leadership? Want to elect a Republican who wasn't a Democrat? (Mannix) Want to elect a Republican who doesn't act like a Democrat? (Saxton)

Then it's time for mainstream conservative Jason Atkinson. And I don't mean "mainstream" in the sense that the Fishwrapper uses to describe a "Republican" who thinks that abortion is a choice, taxes are good for the economy, and illegal aliens deserve in-state tuition.

I mean mainstream as in Atkinson believes in what you and I believe in. A fiscally responsible government, pulic safety, and a bussiness friendly environment.

Gullyborg has blogrolled an Atkinson for Governor Network of which I am a proud member. See his site if you would like to participate and support the candidate who can move our state in the right direction.

Happy, homeless, subsidized and stoned

a day in the life Homeless in Eugene
On July 15, Emerald Photo Editor Tim Bobosky spent the day with Greg Sakradse, a 16-year-old, homeless member of the Eugene community.

While attending the Connecticut Friends School, Greg went to anti-war rallies as field trips.

Around this same time, Greg started smoking marijuana.

When giving reasons for dropping out of high school, Greg said that none of his friends attended high school.

In Ashland, Greg said he partied, stayed up all night and was drunk a lot. His parents would yell at him, prompting Greg to leave for days on end. Both of Greg’s parents are ER doctors.

Greg met his girlfriend Tehlor, 18, while living in Ashland. Tehlor later attended the University to study journalism but dropped out after losing her financial aid.
Why she "lost" her aid must be a superfluos detail. Maybe she lost it in the couch cushions?

Greg’s goal, after getting a place to live, is to start a production company and host electronic music events and parties.

“There is an okay rave scene, but it needs better drum and bass. Too much house and trance.”

The first step, he said, is to have an outdoor party September of this year, “with college students fresh back with their parents’ cash.”
Even his dream job depends on people depending on other people. How ironic.

During the summer, Greg and Tehlor eventually applied for food stamps; they each get $150 for food per month.

At the rest stop just north of Eugene on I-5, Greg said, “Much like a politician, I lie for money.” He then revealed his spanging sign that said: “Stranded! Out of gas and cash, Trying to get back to Ashland any thing helps.”

“We are living in a car, and we are happier than we have ever been,” Greg said. “We can take our money-making abilities anywhere we go, since it’s just holding up a sign.”

The homeless, drug using, liar is happier than ever. Right there is the problem. When our society allows people to choose homelessness as a viable alternative to a responsible and productive life we get this.

This is a 16 year old kid. Why should the taxpayers being helping him out when he chooses not to live at home because his parents won't let him get drunk and high? Why do his fellow citizens give him money that only helps to abdicate him of any responsibility?

But there is a good lesson here: Panhandlers are liars! Happy liars. Don't give them money because it will only make it worse.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Religion of Peace update

The Great Lie of Islam
Innocent Iraqis who were just looking for work were tricked into coming close to a car by a suicide bomber, and their reward from Islam was that they were murdered. In that car was a fellow Muslim. So not only has Islam lied about only killing in self defense, it has also lied about never killing another Muslim. The lies just keep piling up and Muslims just keep denying it all.

Great column. I for one, am tired of hearing that Islam is peaceful while at the same time bombs are killing civilians. I am also tired of hearing that these terrorists are not practicing "true Islam." What percentage of Muslims have to believe in/participate in these tactics to make it "true Islam?"

But nothing for la clinica COUNTY JAIL

For those of you who are unfortunate enough to live in Multnomah County and you are wondering why the same meth addict is able to steal your car every night of the week without spending any time in jail, don't accept the "we don't have enough money" excuse.

The adopted budget makes the following General Fund-paid restorations to the Health Department’s budget and services for FY 2005.

$500,000 to fully restore health care services at La Clinica de la Buena Salud for FY 2005.

Health Department (page 8)

But I'm sure that the other county clinics are serving Americans, our neighbors and friends, who really need some help.

Multnomah County Health Department

Patient Population Profile:
English second language: 92%

A whopping 92% of the clients at the county clinics don't speak English or speak it as a second language.

But the problem is ebay...

The fact that a few cold pills were sold on ebay was front page, above-the-fold news to the Fishwrapper. That's right, they are giving us all the facts on where Oregon's drug problem comes from.

Interestingly enough though, our drug enforcement administration says something different:

Hispanic traffickers are the most common sources of cocaine in Oregon...

Mexican black tar and brown heroin are the primary types of heroin distributed throughout Oregon, controlled by Hispanic poly-drug trafficking organizations. Heroin continues to be shipped from Mexico by a variety of methods...

Many of the Hispanic traffickers belong to extended Mexican families...

Mexican methamphetamine, which is either manufactured locally or obtained from sources in Mexico...

Mexican methamphetamine continues to flood the market...

Mexican Ketamine is also smuggled into the state...

Mexican grown marijuana is transported using existing heroin and methamphetamine distribution routes and methods...

Funny, the DEA doesn't seem to worried about ebay. The common theme seems to be that drugs come from Mexico.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Report: criminals under-represented on bench

A new diversity report reveals that while many defendants are "criminals," the judges presiding over their trials are "law-abiding" citizens.

"It just goes to show that historical inequalities haven't changed much in the last few decades," says a new taxpayer funded task force. The task force, created by the Supervisor of diversity and equality for minorities, has been studying the alarming rate of convictions of people accused of crimes.

"Criminals are disproportionaly locked up when you compare their incarceration rate to that of the general public," said Juan Garcia, a senior member of the task force and recently paroled felon. "Juries are looking at the crimes rather than the troubled childhood of the defendant."

The task force has recommended that newly appointed judges also be current or former inmates in our criminal justice system. "The constitution clearly says that defendants should be given a trial by their peers, that means a drug dealing rapist should have a like-minded person presiding over their trial."

"Dude, you got a hit?" asked one judge recently appointed after the task force report came out. "It's like, I see my old homies on trial, and like, I just, like, tell that prosecutor to shut up, you know what I'm saying?"

The state of Oregon knows what he's saying, they have since created an Oregon Criminal Lawyers Association to promote criminal candidates for judicial appointements. Miguel Sachez of the association says "criminals really are discriminated against as a group when it comes to judicial positions, if we are to be a truly diverse and tolerant society we just can't let this go on."

*The above was a parody of this story*
Seeking equality for all
Joseph Ochoa and Marco Hernandez are two of the newer faces of justice in Oregon.

They represent the progress that minorities have made in the 11 years since a task force issued a landmark report on racial and ethnic problems in Oregon's judicial system.

The Oregon Supreme Court Task Force on Racial/Ethnic Issues in the Judicial System reported in May 1994 that minorities fared very poorly in the state court system.

Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans continue to be locked up in greater numbers than their shares of Oregon's population.

Rather than ask the question: Are blacks, hispanics and native Americans commiting crimes in greater number than their shares of Oregon's population the media and government assume that racism must be the only factor involved.

So now we have an affirmative action plan for judges. If I was judge Ochoa or judge Hernandez I would be embarrassed to think that I got where I was just because of the color of my skin rather than the content of my character and abilities as a lawyer.

And for all you idiots who are going to accuse me of comparing minorites to criminals in my parody, I will use the compelling argument that Ellen Goodmen used today to refute a comment by the CWA: "Say what?"


Why are 16 State Government agencies assisting Illegal Aliens?
This is against Federal Immigration Law! (Title 8, sec. 1324 (a))
When: Saturday-September 24th, 2005 @ 10 a.m.
Where: Independence (15 min. W of Salem)
Location: Henry Hill Elementary School-750 s. 5th St.

Off Main St. - W. on G St. – S. on 5th

Mexican Consulate will be selling their Matricula Consular card to 200 invited guests at OUR Public School. This unreliable Photo ID is accepted by the State of Oregon as proof of residency to qualify for ANY Services provided by us TAXPAYERS!

Rick Hickey#503-569-4960
Oregonians For Immigration Reform

New but not improved

The Fishwrapper has changed it's look. (again) They also want to stop being called "liberal." They prefer the term "progressive."

Friday, September 16, 2005

Living next to a whorehouse

Tijuana Officials Aim To Improve Prostitutes' Health
TIJUANA, Mexico -- Government officials in Tijuana admit they can't clean out the hookers, so they're trying to clean them up.

Brothel owners will be required to change the sheets and cover furniture in plastic or rubber.

Just like I would not allow children who come from a household that has no boundaries to have unfettered access to my house and to mingle with my children, America shouldn't let Mexico send it's citizens (and their values) to our country unregulated.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Thursday night rant

In what is becoming a loose tradition, it's time for my Thursday night jumble of thoughts.

Let's start with the article Police raid marijuana fields near Vale.

"Authorities arrested five men, with more arrests expected, Bentz said. They were turned over to immigration and customs officials, police said."
Hmmm, what kind of people get turned over to immigration and customs? GASP! Illegal aliens!

"...the estimated value of the seized marijuana is about $6 million."
Vicente Fox is going to miss that money...

The article right under that one was, ironically, GOP chairman woos Latino leaders.

"Mehlman said Latinos are supporting the Republican Party in growing numbers because they share the party's values. He said the Bush administration is pressing forward with policies to increase Latino ownership of homes and small businesses as well as education opportunities for everyone."
Thanks goodness at least the education opportunities are "for everyone." Apparently we have to work on home ownership by race though.

What happened to Republicans being the colorblind party? Why can't we just appeal to conservatives? Why do we need to appeal to Hispanic conservatives, black conservatives, white conservatives, etc? If we all share the same values then the color of our skin is inconsequential.

I came home from work yesterday to find a guy shampooing my carpet. Apparently in an effort to convince people they need $800 vacuums the folks at Kirby decided to do a "free cleaning" promotion.

Anyways, I told the guy he was free to clean as much as he wanted but I wasn't buying his vacuum. He called in "the closer" who hit the same brick wall. (I DON'T HAVE $800 for a vacuum)

He noticed my "For a Goldshmidt free Oregon, VOTE REPUBLICAN" sticker that I have on my wall and he asked if I was a Republican. Then he asked "what are you." (in a reference to my race)

When I replied that I was American he said "but what are you, you know, like I'm black." I told him that I was an American and so is he. He then insisted that he was "African" and "from Africa." I asked if he was born in Africa and he said no and I told him that I simply see both of us as Americans.

Then he told me that his partner, the original salesman, was Russian. I asked that guy if he was a Russian citizen and he said no. I asked if he was an American citizen and he said yes so I told him that makes him an American, not a Russian.

After the continued discussion the guy who self-identifed as "African" said that I was a "thoughful" guy and my "outlook" may in fact be a good one. He followed up with it was "suprising coming from a Republican."

My point? The Republican Party needs to simply stop talking about race other than to say that we are all Americans. (except the illegal aliens)

I think that if we made our point that we are in fact a melting pot and should be identified as simply the wonderful brew we all make together, the American people would respond favorably to that. We could at least attempt to set the agenda in that direction.

Currently the Republican strategy on "race" seems to be the same one that the Democrats have with the notable exception that we don't constantly accuse our political opponents of wanting to "bring back slavery" and "kill black people."

Let's not emulate the liberals "multi-cultural" agenda and instead celebrate American culture.

Next up: A couple wrote a letter to the editor of the SpringfieldNews to cancell their subscription because the paper started carrying a column by Lars Larson. Lars' column is run on Friday's and you might consider contacting this paper and telling them that you appreciate them publishing a column by a true conservative.

Or, if you are a girl trapped inside a man's body you could whine about the "lack of sensitivity to the real sensibilities of Springfield citizens" like the letter writer does... In his defense though, maybe his ovaries were hurting.

OK, I changed my mind, let's follow the liberals idea of multi-culturalism and respecting other countries beliefs. We can start with this one...

If any of you haven't read Dinesh D' Souza's book Letters to a Young Conservative, I would highly suggest it. He makes the suggestion that conservatives should make outrageous statements to put the debate on a more level platform with liberal hysteria. One of my personal favorites it to tell people that "I'm not sure who made the mistake of letting women vote..." or "The one thing I do agree with the terrorists on is women's rights."

You can always tell who the femminists are because they think that your serious and get flustered in the way that only a hysterical woman can. Hahahahahahahaha.

OK, I can't seem to find many websites that don't mention the now infamous "Bush bathroom note." If I was in charge I would have simply stood up and pee'd on the floor of the UN... but that's just me.

Well, time to end this rant. Tommorow is a big day of fulfilling the Republican agenda of making the rich be richer, (at the expense of the poor) bringing back slavery, (at least for the blacks that we don't kill with natural disasters) helping Halliburton destroy the planet, be cruel to animals, bash gays, control the media, (tin foil hat is too tight...) and kill people for oil. Yep, big day...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A day for degenerates to celebrate

Judge: Pledge unconstitutional
A federal judge in Sacramento, Calif., ruled the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools is unconstitutional.

The pledge's reference to one nation "under God" violates school children's right to be "free from a coercive requirement to affirm God," said U.S. District Judge Lawrence Karlton.

It's hard to find groups or individuals who will publicly celebrate this decision other than American's United for Seperation of Church and State. The ACLU doesn't even have a celebratory news item on their site yet.

I think that demonstrates how out of the mainstream and unpopular this decision is. It also shows us how important these Supreme Court nominees are.

Go to to sign a petition.

Time to make a difference

Campaign donations top $1 million in 2006 governor's race
Foreshadowing a spendy 2006 Oregon governor's race, the contenders in both major parties already have raised more than $1 million, with Republican challenger Ron Saxton banking the most campaign money of anyone at this early stage.

It's time to put our money where our mouth is. Let's face it, in politics, money talks. While I am impressed with Jason Atkinson's dedication to the grassroots, it will still take financial backing to get him elected.

Do we want a RINO like Saxton to represent us in the general election just because he raised the most money? I don't.

Atkinson's website (just days away) will have a feature to contribute money online but until then you can send checks to:

Atkinson for Governor
P.O. Box 1965
Wilsonville, OR 97070

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

They just come here to work hard...

It's time for another round of, say it like Wheel of Fortune, "How many illegal aliens are in our Jails?" clap clap clap clap! That's right folks. I'm Alejandro Trebek and I'm your host for tonights show. Our contestants are encourage by the Bush administration and the state of Oregon to violate our immigration laws and labor laws but they have all decided to go for the bonus points.

I'll buy a vowel Alejandro: U

I'd like to solve the puzzle: Drug dealing, raping, child neglecting, drunk driving, illegal aliens are ruining our state!

YYYEEEESSSSS. We have a winner!

Again, these are just the illegals who INS bothered to put a "hold" on while they are in custody. This is not all the illegal alien criminals in the Marion County Jail.

A drug dealing child neglecter. Tell him what he's won Vanna: a brand new Oregon drivers license!!! Yeeeahhhh. clap clap clap

Selling drugs by a school! What's he going home with Vanna? Free lunches for his kids even during summer!!! clap clap clap

Wow, this contestant solved so many puzzles I'm not sure I even know what all the acronyms are. Let's see, hit and run, kidnapping, assault, he strangled someone, menacing, harrassment, and much much more!

Sold drugs to a minor and then sexually abused him/her! Custodial interference so it might even be a family member. Oh, and a "failure to appear" which means the genuises who run our court system let this piece of shit out pending his trial. What's he won Vanna? The ability to flee to Mexico rather than face charges! clap clap clap

This guy has a serious drinking and driving problem. I'm not sure if the assualt charges stem from the same incident but tell him what he's won: A poster size Teddy Kennedy "I didn't do it" plaque! clap clap clap

The Fishwrapper is worried about meth but only when white guys sell it. That means that Saulo here has won: A free pass from the media! clap clap clap

He burglized then assaulted a cop. What's he won Vanna? If there is any justice it was 10,000 volts from a tazer! clap clap clap

Carlos is a "jack of all trades." Assault, DUII, harrassment, theft, it's all been done.

This is a very special contestanst as the INS actually arrested him. Nice to know they are doing something. Stole a car, had some drugs. He wins the "I got the INS off their butts award."

Who knows what this means: CON SX MIN (PROB VIOL)???
I think it has to do with having sex with a minor but I'm not positive. Ready for my "hateful" stereotype of the night? Mexicans like the younger girls, statuatory rape is very common for them.

A sodomizer. How nice. What's he win Vanna? A cell with Bubba! clap clap clap

Violated his restraing order! He wins an opportunity to sit on a portland school board!

This contestant violated his parole. He should win a one-way ticket back to Mexico! clap clap clap

5 counts of aggravated murder. Oh, and he didn't register as a sex offender. He wins free health care courtesy of the state of Oregon!

Steals cars, robs people. Felipe wins a brand new ODL to drive those stolen cars! clap clap clap

Drugs and ID theft? That's not a problem is it? What's he won Vanna? A brand new TV bought with your credit! clap clap clap

Burlary, felon in possession of a firearm, theft. Jose has won coverage on the Oregon Helath Plan! clap clap clap

DUII, drugs, lied to the cops, what he won Vanna? A matriclua card to make it easier to lie about his true identity! clap clap clap

Hit and run, assault, tresspassing. What does he win Vanna? A new weapon that he can use "unathorized" just like he has been charge for! clap clap clap

How many times did Juan fail to appear? Once, twice, three times? Nope, four times this guy skipped court. He wins a free trip to Mexico to avoid prosecution! clap clap clap

That ends todays Wheel of Illegal aliens show. All contestants flew "coyote" airlines when crossing our border.

Note: I treat this as a laughing matter but seriously, these people rape our kids, sell drugs to our kids, kill our kids while driving drunk, and much much more. What's it going to take to stop this?

Also, I no longer use the blogger spell check as it has eaten several of my posts. My wife will probably correct my spelling tommorow.

Online matricula consular cards: $69.95

Hat tip: Rick of OFIR for the info!
This site is dedicated to helping the 8 million Hispanics now in America living in fear of deportation.

This is what we need from you to get the process started.

#1 We need a set of passport photos

#2 we need your ht..wt...dob..eye color.

#3 Also return address to send you your Matricula Consular

Processing Cost $69.95.

Website mission statement:
Our mission is very simple. We are creating a grass roots organization to fight for the rights of Hispanic immigrants in the United States. We will not tolerate families divided by borders and outdated and ethnocentric laws anymore. By processing the Matricula Consulate ID we will be allowing the Hispanics living in the United States access to the services they are due for the work they have done to support all of America.

The state of Oregon allows people to use ID that you can buy off the internet as official idenfication for getting a drivers license.

But thank goodness we don't live in an age of terrorism or ID theft concerns...

How come no one describes Mexico's immigration laws (they don't allow immigrants from their southern neighbors) as "ethnocentric?" And what "services" are these illegal aliens due for their illegal work? They get the basics: police, water, fire, etc. Oh, they must be talking about the Oregon Health Plan, food, housing, etc.

Monday, September 12, 2005

No wonder they hate the free market

Radio station can't sell any ad for Air America
A California radio station is pleading for advertisers to sponsor the liberal programming of the Air America shows it broadcasts, while noting the conservative Rush Limbaugh show is virtually sold out on its sister station.

"For liberal programming to continue ... you need to support it," said an ad by KOMY station owner Michael Zwerling, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

In the spirit of helping I think that we should make suggestions for products and services that would cater to the demographic that listens (all three of those people) to Air America.

Things they could advertise for:

#1 A new bong

#2 "Art" supplies, such as rusty metal that they can "sculpt" into junk that cities will pay to put on the sidewalk

#3 A solar powered car

#4 Eye wash, for those times when the riot police decide that tear gas is the only way to respond to your protests

#5 A box of "missing" ballots to be found at later elections

#6 "I'm a victim" T-shirts

#7 One of those fancy "protest stands" to be set up downtown

#8 A book that tells all the uses of the phrase "military/industrial complex"

#9 A burqua, for when they allow the terrorists to win

#10 Someone else's money to spend on what they think is best

I needed that laugh

The funniest thing I have read in a long time:
It used to be a crime to export some Western states potatoes to Mexico. Officials south of the border said they feared pests would come across in the shipments.

Mexico is worried about us exporting pests across the border? Maybe they should look in the mirror!

I say we send them our potatoes, force them to educate the small spuds in their public schools, learn to speak potatoe language, respect the potatoe culture, and act as if enforcing the law is "anti-potatoe."

Source story

Perhaps we could claim that Iraq is "just about sex"

Impeachment Oregon Style
Two of Oregon's most prominent citizens, Jim Weaver and Frank Stahl, drew parallels between Richard Nixon and George Bush when they discussed impeachment at a public program in Eugene in June 2005.

The program was sponsored by the Pacifica Forum of the University of Oregon. It followed the release of the Downing Street Memo of British intelligence, which described an agreement between Bush and England's Prime Minister Tony Blair to lie about existing information to justify their intent to invade Iraq.

Prof. Stahl said he shares Weaver's views on impeachment because "imperial ambitions of the Bush Administration must be stopped." Also of concern to him was how the University of Oregon's scientific research is being dominated by military grants from the Pentagon.

"My research has led me to accept the view that what we face today is national collusion of a Military-Industrial-University Complex. Sadly, I now recognize my university is acting as a member of that Complex.

I'm not sure but when "two of Oregon's most prominent citizens" sound like they are contributors at I don't think that anyone is going to take them seriously.

It's also interesting that they recognize that "violation of the public trust [is] impeachable." Isn't that what they wanted to impeach Clinton for?

Other than bumper stickers claiming "Bush lied, kids died," there is no consensus among reasonable people that Bush "lied" about Iraq. However, it is indisputable that Clinton perjured himself and lied to the American public. Was our U of O professor calling for Clinton's impeachment?

Of course, this is all coming from where they have this on their front page:
Katrina, a natural disaster caused by American negligence; Iraq, a human disaster caused by American connivance; both were predictable, preventable, avoidable, but we as a society chose otherwise in the name of indifference, vengeance, fear, and greed.

Don't you hate it when hurricanes are "caused by American negligence?" Especially when they are "preventable."

Sunday, September 11, 2005

If you build it... they will... ride the bus?

Oregon's own field of dreams. ODOT has a scoring matrix (this is different than the matrix the jails use to release drug addicts back into your neighborhood) to determine whether a project should move forward or not.

Some select items:

Access to Alternative Modes of Transportation and Reduced Reliance on Single-Occupant Auto goal scores can be up to 11% of project score

Does the project benefit the Public Transit System? 2 points.

Project increases alternative mode options for transportation system users. 2 points are awarded for each of the following modes that are included in the project scope, to a maximum of 7 points: bike lanes, sidewalks, park and ride facilities, bus stops Wow, 7 points! That's more than this one:

Does the project enhance a designated truck/freight route? 3 points. That's right, the method that businesses use to transport their goods to and from locations is a measly point higher than the Public Transit System which is used to trasport drug addicts from one flop house to another and 4 points less if you throw in bike lanes and sidewalks! Actually, since they are seperate line items you could combine the 2 points for the public transit with the 7 points for the the public transit and bike paths for a total of 9.

Does the project encourage mixed use, energy-efficient development designed to encourage walking, biking and transit use (where transit is available)? 1.5 points for social engineering.

And how do we rate as lowly citizens?
Property owners and affected parties have been notified, an opportunity to comment was provided, and comment was recorded. 1 point.

Good luck finding a parking spot...